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Quotes (49)

  • Moz: Jenny, all I can do you is blow. Jenny: Ooh, you mean coke? Do us a gramme, then! Moz: No, b'low [below]! Hash and weed! That's it; that's all I sell; that's all I do.

  • Moz: If it ain't got a picture of big Liz on it, I don't wanna know.

  • Moz: Rule-o uno - no cash, no hash.

  • Nicki: I'm all wet. Errrgh, Moz - I'm sittin' on noodles. Moz: It's alright - I've finished wiv 'em.

  • Jenny: Can you get any E? LSD? MDMA? Moz: Stop chuckin' letters at me - I'm not Carol Vorderman am I?

  • China: But the age difference is so great... Moz: Yeah, innit! China: When I'm 70, you'll be dead Moz: When you're 30, I'll be dead

  • Moz: Are you wearing Nicki's perfume? PC: Nah, it's these new scented uniforms.

  • Moz: Now look, I'm trying to run a business here. If a tinker runs out of pots and pans, he's just a mad bloke with bells on his feet!

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Notes (20)

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 14-Jan/23:30, 16-Jan/23:30, 17-Jan/23:00, 18-Jan/02:25

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 21-Jan/23:30, 23-Jan/23:30, 24-Jan/23:00, 25-Jan/02:25

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 28-Jan/23:30, 30-Jan/23:30, 31-Jan/23:00, 01-Feb/02:25

  • This episode is showing 5 minutes earlier than normal, at 22:25 on 25th Feb.

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 02-Feb/23:30, 06-Feb/23:30, 07-Feb/23:00, 08-Feb/02:25

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 09-Feb/03:30, 11-Feb/23:35, 13-Feb/23:30, 14-Feb/23:00

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 16-Feb/03:35, 19-Feb/00:10, 20-Feb/23:00, 21-Feb/23:00

  • Repeat showings (during first run, all on BBC-3): 23-Feb/02:35, 25-Feb/23:25, 27-Feb/23:30, 28-Feb/23:00

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Trivia (4)

  • The record Moz is about to put on the right-hand deck when Colin knocks at the door, gets put on the floor. Later on in the episode, its re-appeared on the shelf behind the rat, and gets broken as Moz shoots at it. Does Moz seem the kind of person to pick up his records off the floor?

  • When Stemroach's gang are rejoicing at Cartoon Heads revival, the song being played at the time is "They Are" by Githead, from the album Profile.

  • The Art Git T-shirt Brain was seen wearing in this episode was a Githead T-shirt. Their song, "They Are", was played in season two episode, "The Boss".

  • The music played during Nicki's party was "Rhinohead" by Von Südenfed. "Happy Birthday Girl" by Spearmint was also played.

Allusions (3)

  • Moz: Quote me happy! This is a reference to the Norwich Union Car Insurance adverts, in which various people on telephones ask if the person on the other end will "Quote them happy". However, instead of getting cheap car insurance, Moz is hoping to get a dead body removed from his house.

  • Moz's Brother: (Singing) I've got the key, I've the secret. This is a reference to the song, The Key, The Secret sung by Urban Cookie Collective in 1996.

  • Moz: (to Jason and Lee) Blimey, it's Chav and Dave! Chas and Dave are a Cockney pop rock duo, see here. Chav is a derogatory term used to indicate a lower-class youth particularly associated with stupidity and poor taste in clothing.