Badge of Honor

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Quotes (6)

  • Charlotte: I like you better these days. Conti: Really? (points upward) My haircut?

  • Solletti: Conti. Homicide. I heard of you. Went over to the dark side. Conti: Well, from the looks of it so did you.

  • Conti: According to the Pope, we're still married. Charlotte: According to the Pope we couldn't do half the things we did married.

  • Conti: So. Not that I don't love waffles, but... Charlotte: I don't want to bump into anyone we know. Conti: Really?

  • Conti: They have 68 types of waffles here. I'm seriously thinking about getting banana peanut butter. Charlotte: They don't have banana peanut butter. (Conti smiles and holds up the menu... Charlotte laughs) They do have banana peanut butter.

  • Charlotte: (to Conti, discussing Solletti) You know the only thing worse than being a cop in prison? Being an innocent cop in prison.

Notes (1)

  • The song in this episode was "Mist-Colored Mountains" aka "Brothers in Arms" by Dire Straits.

Allusions (1)

  • Solletti: I heard you went over to the dark side. This was a reference to the movie Star Wars.