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  • 9.5

    does anyone know if I can get all 13 episodes of In Justice. I really liked that show, and I have seen like 8 of the episodes but I didnt see the first 3 episodes, or the last 2, Im missing those 5 and would really like to see them if its at all

    By bigrob72001, Aug 25, 2010

    awesome show, I really enjoyed it! I wish they hadnt cancelled it, thats very sad, now im looking for the episodes Im missing!! So if anyone could help me, id be very happy to be get those from them, so please if anyone has the episodes i dont, I would be very greatful. Conte, and Swain are awesome, and their little pawns, ie, John, Brianna, and Sonya are really good at solving these mysteries, and getting the innocent out of prison, outside of the pulic burning episode, but it does show that sometimes innocent people dont get out, and thats pretty sad!moreless

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  • 10

    Great show about how corrupt the justice system can be. And about law firms(and the lawyers who work for them) really do it in the name of justice. How over worked and under paid they are and thank God there are lawyers who do this.

    By glama3, Feb 18, 2008

    All of a sudden it gets yanked. No one says it's not returning, no explanation, just bye. Ditto "Close To Home" that aired on Friday nights. That show was terrific. People don't have time to sit down and complain and with all the cable channels they just switch to other shows. Years ago the consumer got what they wanted. When Cagney and Lacy was pulled, so many people wrote to the network it was put back on the air and went on to win Emmy's and I believe ran for five years. I can understand the show Conviction. It was just another Law and Order spin off, but now where is Cane???moreless

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  • 6.9

    Not the best execution, but interesting.

    By da_dunker, Apr 30, 2007

    This is an enjoyable show that raises some interesting questions not typically considered by primetime TV.

    It has been well established that the legal system often convicts innocent people. This show dramatizes the complexity of how that happens. We might even get some ideas about how to make things better! Insights are good things.... There are definite comedic points in the interplay of the ex-cop team leader and the politico head of the project, the team leader and the women.

    At times, the forensic examinations reveal really interesting tidbits that are very clever.

    It is fun to watch this show, and given some more time, the characterizations will get better. Good stuff to be aware of.


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  • 10

    It is the best TV Series I have watched in the last months. The main idea of the series is quite appealing, focusing something new and in a refreshing way.

    By maria_manuela, Feb 19, 2007

    It is the best TV Series I have watched in the last months. The main idea of the series is quite appealing, focusing something new and in a refreshing way. I do have some concerns regarding the people that may have been unjustly judged and are incarcerated and I was pleased to watch a series that focus on that. I also would like to emphasize that this TV Series is an example of good work, good taste and commonsense without the unnecessary violence that we have been watching over the years.

    Keep up with the good working!moreless

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  • 8.4

    I don't understand!!!

    By palopes, Dec 04, 2006

    I know that there are diferent tastes, I know that everyone is not obligated to like what I like. But, sometimes I don't understand american audience and/or american networks.

    Why do some shows have great sucess on Europe and are completly "axed" on the states? Is it because every network has this shows at the same time?

    For example: In Europe "Commander In Cheif" & "In Justice" have good enough audiences. And shows like "Dancing with stars" & "Angel" are completly abominated.

    This is was a good show, you may not like some of the actors but Conti, Brianna are good actors and the plot and the originality of the show was really good. I don't like Law & Order too mutch but I understand why they have sucess. I can't understand why this shows don't!moreless

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    The show is about a group of people engaged in defending innocent people charged with a crime.

    By faye26, Dec 03, 2006

    The show is the only decent and suspenseful show I have watched so far. The characters are real people and yet you wish there are more people like them in real life. Taking the show off the air made me feel I have been cheated. These are lawyers and would be lawyers willing to spare their time to bring about justice. While watching the show I wish practicing real life lawyers are watching the show to make them realize that this is what the practice of law is all about. It is not all about money. It is very obvious the show was abruptly taken off the air. The big question is \"Why?\". Please bring this show back.moreless

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  • 9.3

    Great show!

    By Random862, Oct 31, 2006

    I\'m disappointed with the network for not bringing this show back! It was the only worthwhile show on Fridays that I watched and I enjoyed the stories very much. The basis behind the show was to help those that the Justice System failed, and that was original given the fact that all other legal or crime dramas focus on the current and investigations surrounding recent crimes that have not yet been tried. \"In Justice\" gave a unique spin on that and because the case was cold and \"wrapped up\", the paths they had to take to find the evidence made the show more interesting. A real shame :(moreless

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  • 10

    Bring It Back!

    By girlfrydee, Oct 17, 2006

    I am so, so, so very sick of the networks cancelling shows before they even get a chance!!!!! I am afraid to like anything anymore for fear of it getting cancelled!!!!! In Justice was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! The cast was outstanding (other then Kyle MacLachlan, who thankfully wasn't a major part of the show). Jason O'Mara as Conti ... wow! And the supporting cast was a dream I thought. Please, please, please bring this show back!!! I looked so forward to seeing this show each week. Please give it another chance!moreless

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  • 9.0

    They need to bring this show back!!!

    By Mars4ever, Oct 05, 2006

    I liked this show very much. It was about this group that helped wrongly convictied people get out of jail. I found it very touching and sad at some times. The one where they couldn't get the man out or off of death row made me cry. Especially when he was pictureing a happy place when he was getting injected. Very moving stuff!!!!

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