In Justice

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  • (leaving the priest's office) Conti: Eight months of pretending I'm an adulterer... That's great. Charlotte: Do you have the ballistics? Conti: Catholic guilt. You gotta love it.

  • Conti: You know, I can never tell if you're a cynical man trying to be sentimental or the other way around. Swain: (smirking) Does it matter?

  • Swain: You know what Kurt Vonnegut called an asterisk? A paragraph's rectum.

  • Swain: (to Jon and Sonya in a teasing manner) Whoa whoa whoa... Is it just me or is there a lot of sexual tension in here?

  • Andrew: I just can't get my head around Dad having an affair with Miss Debrizzi. Jane: (in agreement) I always thought she was a lesbian.

  • Charlotte: (to Conti after she ran the ballistics for him) Don't say anything sentimental or I'll think you mean it.

  • Charlotte: (to Conti and the defense attorney) Not to interrupt your tea party, gentlemen, but give us a chance to get them off the streets before you put them back on.

  • Conti: I'll be back. Swain: (smiling) Godspeed, Mystery Man.

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Notes (19)

  • The song playing when Jane and her brother were reunited was Ali's Waltz by Beth Orton

  • The scene in which Conti and Charlotte met with the priest regarding their annulment was cut from the original pilot.

  • Although this episode aired first, it was actually the third episode filmed, after the Pilot and Golden Boy. Both episodes contain some information regarding the characters and their relationships.

  • The song at the end of this episode was "Mercy Now" by Mary Gauthier.

  • This episode as well as every episode made will be based on actual cases worked on by the lawyers from the Innocence Project.

  • This episode introduces Marisol Nichols' character, Sonya Quintano. She comes to the National Justice Project seeking help to clear her brother and is offered a job to work for them by Swain and Conti.

  • The song in the final scene was "Nowhere Warm" by Kate Havnevik.

  • The song heard in this episode was "Colors" by Amos Lee.

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Trivia (6)

  • Goof: When agent Axelrod is arrested, the agents arresting him show their badges, which clearly show the words "Internal Affairs". There is, however, no such division of the FBI. The FBI equivalent of 'Internal Affairs' is the Office of Professional Responsibility.

  • Mick Jackson, the director of the In Justice pilot, has had a lot of luck with his pilots being sold to series. In 2003, he directed the pilot for The Handler for CBS. In 2004, he directed the pilot for NUMB3RS, which also became a midseason series for CBS.

  • Three of the main actors on the show, Marisol Nichols, Daniel Cosgrove and Constance Zimmer, all appeared on Beverly Hills 90210. Cosgrove was the only regular, and he played Matt Durning from 1998-2000. Zimmer played Millie in the episode Reunion in 1998. Nichols played Wendy Stevens, in the episode Ray of Hope in 1996.

  • When Sonya Quintano explains that her family ran out of money and couldn't pay lawyers to help her brother anymore, one of the team says, "So you went to law school," which she acknowledges. If she ran out of money to pay lawyers, where did she get the money to go to law school?

  • Conti called Donald Brooks' alibi witness "Kendra Brown" and her name was typed "Kendra Brown" on the statement, but the character's name was seen as "Kendra White" in the closing credits.

  • Blooper! When Conti goes to talk with the guy at the tennis courts, he says 1998 Amagosa escorts instead of 1996.

Allusions (3)

  • Conti: Come on, Jake, let's take AFIS for a little spin, huh? And see what rap sheet pops out. AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems) is an enhanced database of fingerprints of individuals who have had their fingerprints taken by law enforcement agencies.

  • Conti: We ran your name through Megan's List, Douglas... Megan's List is a listing of registered sex offenders, created after Megan’s Law, named after seven-year-old Megan Kanka, a New Jersey girl who was raped and killed in 1994 by a twice-convicted sexual offender who had moved in across the street from the Kankas without their knowledge. On May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed the federal “Megan’s Law,” which required the release of relevant information to protect the public from sexually violent offenders.

  • Solletti: I heard you went over to the dark side. This was a reference to the movie Star Wars.