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    This show was good once...

    By Haven1, Sep 28, 2014

    I remember how much I liked this show when it came out, I don't know, maybe the first 10 episodes? Anyhow, man it's gotten really boring, really fast. Just has no direction or something... Somethings missing.

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    In Treatment looks at the life of a therapist and his patients capturing the emotion and pathos using a tight well written script, one-set format and highly skilled actors to deliver a superlative nightly performance. Brilliant.

    By NikkiW_York, Aug 25, 2010

    Gabriel Byrne sits well in the therapist's chair as he dissects each of his patient's foibles and problems in a well cast, well written drama that holds the viewer wanting to know more about not only the players but also the process.

    It has helped me a great deal to appreciate the rigours of therapy and embrace some of the concepts. The power of the simple one-set format makes for compelling viewing and this is only achieved by the quality actors chosen for each role.

    In the Monday-Thursday cycle, Paul is us, asking the questions we ourselves want to ask and then we see him on Friday express his true feelings and reveal how much of himself is shown in the patient sessions when he himself is subject to the same process.

    The limitations of the tight office set mean that we are forever discovering more about Paul, his family and his patients and can compare his office to the sterile and almost mordant surroundings of Gina's rooms as if Paul has arrived to the morgue for dissection and analysis.

    I was surprised at how Paul finally reacted to his children in Ep31 , expressing irrational and hypocritical indignation to his daughter about her mother/his wife's behaviour, yet with his older son throwing himself on his sword regarding his own behaviour toward Laura. The subtlety of writing caught well how the naivety and innocence of the young, Paul's son and daughter, can reinterpret their view of reality in a different way to the older parents.

    This is a series you just cannot put down and one I sincerely hope will have many future series. The quality of each episode is so much better than anything that normally comes from America and I am pleased that this was scheduled by HBO and not NBC, ABC or Fox since it would have been cancelled without it breathing its first breath.

    As a UK resident we are spoiled by the quality of drama and yet this series sparkles with creativity and must-see-again drive that should ensure anyone who watches at least five episodes will be hooked. Yes, perhaps a TIVO type series, but one you can recommend to others and get personal emotional "take home pay" for the way people interact. Thank you HBO.moreless

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  • 7.9

    About 7 years ago I asked myself what is wrong with television. I thought it was the central focus on action rather than characters, and I was partially right.

    By alexd88, Apr 13, 2010

    I thought that the ideal TV series would be a series about characters that are not idealised, enlarged, or spiced up through action scenes, props, and fancy special effects. "In Treatment" is that series.

    Through this series I have discovered another dimension of character development, the vision of the subconscious mind it presents, that makes a whole bunch of other tv shows suddenly look 1-sided.

    When Paul explores why his patients feel the need to fight in a war, to have wild sex, or to act in an egoistic way, I am floored each time by how this process exceeds any addiction to sex, violence, and heroism so often leading modern television.

    "In Treatment" is groundbreaking in more than one way. I did find myself bored during about 2 episodes out of the 43 in season 1 - but I suspect that was due to me not expecting such a raw and uncompromisingly unique experience that this series allowed. I am concerned about Season 2 living up to the expectations that this season has set. I hope it will, and if it does, then "In Treatment" deserves an even higher score.moreless

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    A wonderful, highly interesting show with a quality that is unusual in television today. I hope we get to see a third season soon, as there isn't anything like it anywhere, and the show has loyal, devoted fans who would love to see more.

    By Lyta_499, Oct 14, 2009

    I started watching this show due to my interest in psychology and the great actors who were in it: Gabriel Byrne, Diane Whiest, Embeth Davitz, Melissa George. About 5 to 6 episodes into it I realized it was nothing like the television I was used to. The stage where the events take place is Paul's office, the camera switches between the patient and the therapist in a representation of a therapy session that is not only realistic, but almost real. The session is delivered to us in its full extent, while the events themselves are not the external, active incidents which occur in the patient's life but the impact these have on the patient's psyche. The emotional reactions, the hidden complexes, the changes and transformations the patient goes through, these are the real excitements in this show. Isn't it true for all of us? It's not what happens to us in itself that bears the importance, but the way we interpret it and the way we react to it. Paul plays an active part in provoking these changes in his patients. In fact he's a very good therapist! One that doesn't adopt a cold, detached attitude towards the person sitting opposite him, but gets involved and cares about what happens to them. On the other hand he doesn't tell them what they want to hear, nor does he indulge their reluctance to really face the problem. He forces them into it while at the same time he is sensitive to their needs and their ability to deal with it, estimating expertly the degree to which he should direct them into their problems.

    At the same time Paul has a messed up emotional and family life of his own, since his father, who was also a therapist, abandoned his mother when he was a child for one of his patients. The fact has colored Paul's life as well as his attitude towards his profession. He doesn't want to repeat his father's irresponsible decision. Laura, a charming and troubled patient of his, complicates things when she states she is in love with him. His marriage is crumbling due to his wife, Kate, feeling utterly neglected. The interesting thing is that we learn all this through the sessions and some furtive moments before and after them, that take place in Paul's house. Instead of force-feeding the information to us, the show gradually lets us form our own impression of the facts, and draw our own conclusions from them. Not unlike how therapy works actually. I think the strongest characteristic of this show is the way it is presented, direct, immediate and real, allowing the viewer to fully participate in the process as if it were their own therapy session. Gabriel Byrne portrays Paul wonderfully, and that goes for all the other actors as well, everyone does their best to create realistic characters we can empathize with and understand. It's more real and relevant than anything I've seen in television for years, and I honestly don't understand why it stopped. Fingers crossed for a next season!moreless

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    Troubled people come to see their therapist every week. We follow each person's personal story. The therapist and characters remain the same throughout the series.

    By AnnMc2323, Apr 05, 2008

    Superb character studies, good tight scripts, excellent casting. You bond with everyone on the show and want to know what is going to happen to them. Extremely intelligent, sophisticated and engrossing show. Anyone who thinks this show is boring (I read a professional review that said this) has never seen a psychotherapist and spilled their guts trying to resolve very real and painful problems in their lives. This show is very realistic even if it is a drama. I would not recommend it for anyone under 18. Subject matter can be a little heavy and might be too intense for teens or younger.moreless

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  • 8.5

    pauls [Gabriel bryne] rich charismatic persona that is

    the light of the show.I really like this show it is very relevant.

    By TVADDICTJEFF, Mar 23, 2008

    Gabriel Byrne does a magnificent job manipulating his character in so much different ways.It makes one feel like a fist class patient of his, in other words you feel like a first person viewer when observing this interesting show.I find that when helping a patient he is really helping himself and the reflection of his patients really magnifies his personal troubles which i find very relevant. I think is pauls [Gabriel bryne] rich charismatic persona that is

    the light of the show.I really like this show it is very relevant sometimes one who does not have treatment is more in need than others who are in treatment but their ego's hinder it.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A show that you may not like at first, but soon it becomes so interesting that you can not wait to watch the following episode.

    By Cenina, Mar 19, 2008

    "In treatment" is a special way to tell about everyday life. People with different personality, problems and points of view about the world around them are patients of a psychiatrist. Each episode is based on a session of one of these patients. One day of the week, one different patient. There is Laura on monday: after a long time of terapy she confesses to Paul (the psychiatrist) that she's in love with him, and in every session we find out something more about her, about her feelings and personality. But she's not just connected with Paul. In fact she meets Alex, tuesday patient, a marine pilot who has a strong point of view about pretty much everything, but at the same time a sweet and kind heart. Then there is Sophie, a teenager troubled with her trainer, who goes to Paul just for a consult after an accident she has had and decided instead to start the therapy, every wednesday a session. On thursday we can see the couple therapy of Jake and Amy: their marriage is definitely in a difficult moment, and arguments and fights always seem not to end. And finally, on friday, Paul and Gina. Even the psychiatrist needs his therapist, Gina, an old colleague now retired. And Paul can give vent to his anger: because he has problems with his wife who's unfaithful, and because he doesn't know well how to act with Laura, or with the other patients, trying to find a way to help them.

    Short episodes but very intense. It's like we are partecipating to the session: 20 minutes of talking, no flashbacks, no pauses, just the session, as it is in the reality. The show goes straight to the point, leaves you breathless at first, because the reality is just in front of you and you can not go out of the room. That's why you may not appreciate it after few minutes. But it's exactly the reason you want to see the next session, the next patient, because it's so real that you can almost touch the coach where they're sitting. Very well written and always unpredictable.moreless

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  • 9.8

    A niche-series that takes a certain breed to enjoy.

    By zach99998, Mar 09, 2008

    I think it would be fair for someone to dislike In Treatment. It certainly has a soap-opera feel and some of the plot devices seem contrived. But as someone who has a general distaste for soap operas, it may come as a surprise that I actually really enjoy this show. Coming from a psychologically-educated background, I appreciate the show from the perspective of the human psyche with emphasis on Freudian analysis. An episode is often only dialog between two people, with one person reciting perhaps 7-8 pages of script at a time. The performers do well to evoke empathy from the viewer, especially for being generally obscure actors. If this sounds immediately boring to you, it may be so. I was attracted by the appeal of psychoanalytic therapy before seeing an episode. My advice is that if you don't care for psychology, stay away, especially if you think two people talking for 25 minutes straight will be boring. However if you find fascinating the insights and "ah-ha!" moments that come as a result of weeks of character building, you'll find In Treatment a rewarding experience.moreless

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  • 9.5

    In Treatment

    By ko6qk, Mar 09, 2008

    At first I did not think I was going to like this show, but boy was I wrong. The format is great, with a different patient each night of the week, it keeps you coming back just to see what's going to happen from week to week. Gabriel Byrne does a fantastic job as Paul and the on going cast of character that come and go make his life very unique. It is a completely different perspective of a physcotherapist's life. HBO has done a wonderful job with the cinematography, even though most of it is shot in Paul's office. I recommend that you take a look at this realatily new show on HBO.moreless

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