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    A great show gone wrong

    By showcritic12, Jun 03, 2014

    The finale of season four and the clues to the new season of Ink Master "Rivals" are the culmination of an exceedingly obvious trend on the show; To manufacture explosive and petty drama at the cost of tattooing. This forced change was easily perceived throughout the season as the focus of each episode was conflict between cast members and not their actual skills as tattoo artists. Additionally, the show centered on the drama created from handing out skulls in a way that agrees with common sense from a competitive point of view. The three contestants were clearly anxious in the dismal final as they were presumably forced(by the producers) to talk about ridiculous drama from the season. The finale did not give the viewers any review of past tattoos from the season or a complete assessment of the contestants, which is what they desired. This show originally exposed viewers to the extremely difficult and interesting art of tattooing. The great potential of this competitive show has been lost to dim-witted manufactured drama. We fans are more intelligent and deserve better than the producers fetish with scripted conflict. I will not be watching season 5.moreless

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    Show is Fixed

    By patriciaodecki, May 24, 2014

    Really, really disappointed with this show. I'm an artist, and I know the judges don't know what they're talking about. They pick an artist and try to convince us in critiques that they're the best, then carry them through to the end (so they can make believe they know what good art is).

    It's completely fixed -- there is nothing left up to chance or viewer opinion, or even skill. The judges make every single decision, whether wrong or right, and when they favor an artist, that's who wins... Winners nominating an artist to eliminate, canvases nominating an artist to eliminate, America nominating an artist to win... It's all just distraction to make the choices seem more random or like the weight of power is more spread out than it is.

    It's not. If the audience votes for an artist to win, or a contestant votes for an artist to lose, the judges have the final say and therefore the ONLY say. Everything else is a distraction. Smoke and mirrors to cover up incompetence and power hunger.

    America voted Sausage was the best, but after constantly refusing to eliminate Scott (and trying to shove him down our throats as the best artist), the judges chose Scott as the winner. From the beginning it was obvious that he was their favorite, and with every decision lying in their hands; who goes, who stays, the audience vote is just a joke and to ignore their opinion is absolutely ridiculous and rude. He was never the best, but Sausage was. They can't fool us. The fact that America voted for Sausage and he still lost means they're not even trying to hide it. I knew that the show was fixed, but I knew if Scott won that there's no reason to even watch.moreless

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    this show has become total crap

    By kath13, May 22, 2014

    I think i am done with this show - it started out being about a great tattoo competition - and now its just another bitchy reality tv show, complete with cat fights and name calling. The judging is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!! I know aren't going to always agree - and i know judging is subjective - but come on - their should be some criteria! They don't judge based on what the challenge was half the time- sometimes they base it on past work - sometimes not??? - makes noooo sense at all. The guest judging is ridiculous, the team tattooing is ridiculous, and the finale on every season just keeps getting worse - cause it is sooo obvious it doesn't matter what happens - they already have a winner . why did scott win? in season one - they told tommy he didn't win because he had one bad critique during the show - sooo even though he was more well rounded and his finale pieces were the best - he still lost to shane - who only ever did black and grey ( even the judges said so) but yet shane still won?? - soo, why didn't sausage win - scott had bad review and sausage never had worse tattoo - so why did scott win - im glad the entire audience was booing - its a shame - it was a great idea - and could have been a great show!!!!moreless

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    WTF! The judges all need to be fired!

    By Studio55, May 22, 2014

    Sausage was the clear winner, his composition was well balanced, great line quality, good color choices, the proper far the better tattoo artist and the audience approved it! Scott did not do his best work on the last tattoo. If the winner is based on total scores, a running tally should be posted each week listing the artist's weekly and total points. Other wise the judging looks like bullshit! I won't watch the show anymore if the judging can not be objective, the audience understands the judges make a subjective critique, but the scores are a Charley Manson review!moreless

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    New Judges are needed!!

    By LorriP64, May 22, 2014

    Been watching since episode 1 however THIS SEASON (4) has made me realize that its too much bull***

    To continue doing so!Previous reviews indicate Nunez treated Kyle the SAME WAY he treated Tartu Baby

    (whose tattoos were AWESOME BTW) when she was voted back. Mentioning Kyle BY NAME during an elimination when he wasn't even there was in SUCH POOR TASTE on his part!! maybe he has been out of the field too long and he should reaquaint himself on how much things have changed since he sold out!! SCOTT

    winning tonight was SUCH CRAP! His tattoo style is boring and his Master Canvas had way too much orange!!! Sausage or Matti SHOULD HAVE WON!! Scottdidn't deserve it in any way! He bullied his way through the competition and they rewarded him for it!!! Then again TOMMY of Tattoo Nightmares deserved to win and didn't!! Soooo happy he's doing well with his OWN SHOW!! What does THAT tell you!! Can't even remember the guys name who won that season but I KNOW TOMMY!! Shows gone downhill since! Adios InkMaster!!moreless

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    What Happened!?

    By mediamaing, May 11, 2014

    This show used to make sense. Now you've got Chris Nunez on some kind of ego trip!? I used to respect all of the judges, even when I disagreed. They're professionals after all. But Nunez has to go. He's intentionally going after people and he's so incredibly biased that I'm surprised he hasn't gotten his ass kicked. He's a cocky ass hole and in all seriousness, he's the reason this show is damn near unwatchable now. Huge shame.

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    I've lost all respect for this crappy show!

    By chrispyking, May 01, 2014

    Ink Master has turned to Ink Bastard. This show sucks! I HATE the judges and wouldn't let them tattoo me if they paid me the $100K to do it. The latest episode Season 4 Episode 10 was without a doubt the worst one to date. The whole "tag-team" aspect was very annoying and didn't prove anything. I didn't like Gentle Jay and it's fine that he went home, but the way they went about it was total CRAP!! Melissa's tattoo was horrible and she should have gone home too. Besides, that tattoo they had to COPY was so AWFUL. I agree with Jay's assessment that it was "a leopard puking out a If I had been one of those artists, I would have said no thanks, and left of my own accord.

    All that said, the artists are a bunch of losers this season too. I don't care which one of them wins. Only one of the artists I have even the slightest respect for is Sausage and he totally sold out. Scott is just a straight up A-Hole and a D-Bag and his tattoo style SUCKS. He must be blowing the judges off camera to get as far as he has. The rest are a bunch of wankers not worth mentioning.

    I will probably watch through to the season finale, but I have to say the Season 3 finale was so HORRIBLE. You could tell that Dave Navarro was unscripted and he just didn't have a clue as to what was really going on. And they had a stupid heavy metal soundtrack going on in the back ground that drowned out what people were saying. I think they need a major change to the whole style and cast for next season. They need ALL new judges and they need to take away that stupid high-pitch sound effect whenever there is controversy on the set. Best Ink is a much better show and they tend to have many more talented artists. Unless there are big changes for Season 5, I don't think I'll even bother watching any more.moreless

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    Judges are excellent but reveal their own hubris!

    By quintonmccurine, Mar 05, 2014

    I couldn't believe the bashing they gave Tatu Baby in season three. It prompted me to look up Nunez's dragons to see what the hell the difference was between hers and his. I was astounded at the lack of skill Nunez's dragons had. Tatu baby's shading may have been a tad lazy but I would still want hers over Nunez's discombobulated mess. Peck is an excellent traditional (sailor) style tattooer but don't go to him when you want something inventive and definitely don't let him put animals or portraits on you. Season 4 contains at least three artist whose skills far surpass the judges on every level.

    My theory on why this is: the show needs judges whose studios can benefit from tv exposure. The best artists are so busy they can't stop their studios for the sake of reality show. They make way more money being operators. Anyway, thats my two sense. All that being said the show is awesome. I love seeing people's work. And props to the human canvases, best part of the show.moreless

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    Ashley, SERIOUSLY?!

    By wvufan79, Mar 05, 2014

    She handled this competition like my 2 year old reacts to me turning off his favorite show before he is done watching. YOU ARE TATTOOING HUMAN CANVASES!!! There is no way you went into this thinking they were not going to critique your work. That's how they pick the storing from the weak. Go get some anxiety help! You are too wound up!

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    Judging is dumb

    By joshuaseidnitzer, Jan 10, 2014

    I like the show and just recently started watching and im already pissed at it not even done with the first season. I dont have a favorite person competing in season 3 but to let a man go home because he didnt have any tattoos is total bullshit. He was one of the few most consistent people on the show, and the other person who was consistently in the bottom got to stay another judges say one thing one week and bullshit someone else the other the week before jaime got canned you they sent someone home because he had the worse "report that same logic doesnt carry over after? I just started watching and im already like fuck this show. Im giving this a three because of the inconsistent judging...


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