Inspector Morse

Death Is Now My Neighbour

Season 7, Ep 6, Aired 11/19/97
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  • Episode Description
  • A young woman is shot dead through her kitchen window one morning, and an anonymous valentine seems to be a clue to the killer's identity. Morse interviews the neighbours, including Geoffrey Owens, an aggressive journalist, and Adele Cecil, a music teacher - he is very taken with Adele and hopes she has nothing to do with the killing. Then, at the same time of day the next morning, Geoffrey Owens is also shot and killed, and Morse and Lewis deduce that the two murders are connected to a bitterly fought contest taking place at Lonsdale College, Oxford. The current Master of Lonsdale, the malicious Sir Clixby Bream, is retiring, and two of his dons, Denis Cornford and Julian Storrs, are vying for the Master's job, with their wives active behind the scenes.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Grout

    Chief Superintendent Strange

  • John Thaw

    Chief Inspector Morse

  • Kevin Whately

    Detective Sergeant Lewis

  • Julian Mitchell

  • Charles Beeson

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • A brilliant episode. Its all there: sex and politics on and off the university campus, a great cast, excellent characters, and a few extras that make this one of the best.

    By relaineau, Oct 12, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (1)

    • Adele Cecil: This anagram, "around Eve" - I've tried and I've tried, but all I can come up with is "Endeavour". And no-one's called Endeavour. Surely? Morse: I told you, my mother was a Quaker. And Quakers sometimes call their children names like Hope and Patience. My father was obsessed with Captain Cook, and his ship was called Endeavour. Why aren't you both laughing? Lewis: You poor sod. Adele Cecil: I'm not calling you Endeavour. Lewis: Call him Sir. He likes that. Adele Cecil: Oh, no. No, I'll stick to Morse, like everyone else. Morse: Cheers.

    Notes (4)

    • This episode is based on Colin Dexter's book Death is Now My Neighbour (1996).

    • Like Twilight of the Gods, this was planned to be the last Morse episode, but two more specials were later made.

    • Death Is Now My Neighbour is rated 12 in both the UK and Ireland.

    • In this episode, Morse at long last reveals his first name - Endeavour.

    Trivia (1)

    • A close up on Geoffrey Owens' computer screen reveals three spelling mistakes in the article he is writing - cliams (claims), benifits (benefits) and icluding (including).

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