Twilight of the Gods

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  • 8.7

    A good but not great plot with two threads interwoven, one about an opera singer and the other about a businessman.

    By relaineau, Oct 09, 2007

    First we meet opera singer Gwladys Probert and her entourage. The late Sheila Gish plays her as a suitably annoying prima donna whose murder is central to the plot. The scene in which a male member of the entourage attempts to pick up Lewis was atrocious and quite stereotyped for 1993. Oxford politics are out in the open again as a rich businessman offers to build a new college. Robert Hardy is good as Andrew Baydon, the nasty businessman. The part about his past was a bit of a stretch. A young Rachel Weisz as his daughter Arabella showed her talent which has developed ever since. Sir John Gielgud is brilliant as Lord Hinksey, the Chancellor. His sardonic humour is sorely missed. The surprise outcome was lame and there were perhaps too many characters between the entourage, Baydon and his family and the university. Superb acting, though, saved this episode.moreless

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