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  • Iron Chef is an innovative cooking competition from Japan. Originally produced by Fuji TV, Iron Chef combined the excitement of a one on one sports competition with gourmet cooking. The title Iron Chef comes from the original Japanese title, Ironmen of Cooking.This innovative game show was always popular in its native Japan, but it found international success when the Food Network bought the series and began airing English dubbed episodes. It became a cult c as viewers were treated to exotic ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. No expense was spared. Chefs seemed to have almost limitless supplies of the most exotic and expensive gourmet ingredients.The competition is hosted by Chairman Kaga, an over-the-top master of ceremonies. He introduced a "secret ingredient" that the challenger and the chosen Iron Chef had to incorporate into every dish. Originally, the program was 30 minutes long, but it was soon expanded to an hour format. Each chef presented his/her dishes to a panel of 3-4 judges who rated the dishes to crown a winner. All of the competitions occurred in a specially designed "kitchen stadium". The New York Times once described Iron Chef as "kamikaze cooking". Iron Chefs and their competitors became celebrities in their own right. Storylines developed between groups determined to defeat the Iron Chefs. The show was so successful in English speaking countries that several spin-offs, specials, and updated versions were produced. On May 5, 2008, Fine Living, a sibling channel of Food Network owner Scripps Howard, began airing the show under the title of Iron Chef Japan, as not to confuse it with Food's Iron Chef America spin off series. They also assigned new production codes and replaced the old music with something different.moreless

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  • S 8 : Ep 8

    Morimoto R.A.W.


  • S 8 : Ep 7

    Iron Chef USA: Holiday Showdown


  • S 8 : Ep 6

    Iron Chef USA: Showdown in Las Vegas


  • S 8 : Ep 5

    France Showdown Special - Sakai VS Ganiel (Lobster)

    Aired 4/12/96

  • S 8 : Ep 4

    France Showdown Special - Nakamura VS Lublans (Salmon)

    Aired 4/5/96

  • Cast & Crew
  • Masaharu Morimoto

    Current Iron Chef Japanese

  • Kaga Takeshi

    Chairman Kaga

  • Michiba Rokusaburo

    Iron Chef Japanese (Retired)

  • Chen Kenichi

    Current Iron Chef Chinese

  • Hiroyuki Sakai

    Current Iron Chef French

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  • Quotes (12)

    • Ota (quoting Morimoto): Dining is entertainment.

    • Chairman Kaga: Two young and eager virtuosos of Italian cuisine. For these men, I have chosen a green vegetable that symbolizes spring in Italy.

    • Mitsuro Harada: (translated) I'm not doing this just for a show; I'm going to win.

    • Kaga: (Translation via on screen subtitles) Today's challenger is called the sorcerer of seafood. But will he be able to work his magic on shellfish he has never before seen? It has the texture of a scallop, the taste of an abalone. We unveil the ingredient! Today's theme is PEN SHELL!

    • (the Iron Chef fries Foi Gras) Fukui Kenji This'll really blow up your diet. (Everyone laughs) Ok, we're supposed to suspend our calorie count for the Iron Chef, agreed? Hattori Yukio: OK.

    • Ota quoting Chen: Tired! Don't be ridiculous, of course, I'm tired! But, I can't think about that right now, I'm trying to keep the adrenaline flowing.

    • Ota: (quoting Sakai) How many times do I have to tell you guys that I don't like slimy things?

    • Kenji Fukui: And our commentator, who does his tasting on the sly, Dr. Yukio Hattori. Doc? Hattori: (Holding up a spoon) Always a pleasure. Fukui: Now I usually join Doc for that out-of-camera view tasting, but today for the first time I'll be on the tasting panel. Other Commentators Oh! Fukui That means for the first time I didn't eat the usual box lunch the crew gets! (Everyone laughs)

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    Notes (135)

    • The Fine Living Network's alternative production number for this episode is FLIRN-101.

    • Because the secret ingredient are Red Sea Bream Snappers, this episode is sometimes referred to as "Battle: Sea Bream."

    • The Fine Living Network's alternative production number for this episode is FLIRN-102.

    • An alternative title to this episode is "Pasta Revolution".

    • The Fine Living Network's alternative production number for this episode is FLIRN-103.

    • The Fine Living Network's alternative production number for this episode is FLIRN-104.

    • This episode is also known as "Wedgewood".

    • The Fine Living Network's alternative production number for this episode is FLIRN-105.

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    Trivia (71)

    • Since this is Morimoto's first battle, it is also the debut of his costume and colors (silver and red).

    • Although Iron Chef Italian is in the opening, he is not one of the Iron Chefs who is presented for battle.

    • Both of the previous Japanese Iron Chefs are sitting in the royal box and are asked to comment on Morimoto's performance throughout the show.

    • Unlike most battles, the Iron Chef is predetermined before the battle begins. The challenger is not given the opportunity to "choose" an Iron Chef, instead it is announced that he will be facing Kobe. This sets up the battle of "the apprentices."

    • Although the announcers only label it cola, it is clear that Morimoto's "beverage of choice" during the battle is a 20 ounce bottle of Coca-Cola.

    • One of Morimoto's dishes had such a strong smell that the camera man filming it reacted with a grimace. The commentators were so amused by it, they pointed it out and showed footage of the face he made.

    • Guest Yoko Akino mentions that actor Robert Deniro co-owns Morimoto's New York restaurant.

    • There are three types of rice offered as a theme ingredient: California rice (from the U.S.) 20kg "Koshi-hikari" rice (Japan, considered the best in the country) 20kg Glutinous rice 20kg

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    Allusions (10)

    • Akimoto: I like unique stuff, like Puff Daddy and Chumbawumba. But you know what people remember is? Is Frank Sinatra—New York, New York, My Way—the classics. These dishes, they’re classics. Kaga: We haven’t tried the new Iron Chef’s dishes yet. Akimoto: Yes, well I hear he’s like Prince and that’s what I’m looking forward to. Puff Daddy refers to hip-hop mogul and trend setter Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs. Chumbawumba is the name of a one-hit wonder band. Their enormous hit was "Tub Thumping". Frank Sinatra is a legendary crooner/actor. He was a member of the 'Rat Pack'. Prince is a pop-rock musician with numerous hits. Perhaps, his biggest was the album Purple Rain, considered to be in the top 25 of influential albums (Billboard).

    • During Morimoto's introduction, Kaga says that he has many celebrity followers. Then, a picture is shown of Morimoto and American film star, Sylvester Stallone.

    • Yukio Hattori: Broccoli actually belongs to the cabbage family. Kenji Fukui: We are family. Kenji sings the first line from the 1979 Sister Sledge song of the same name.

    • Fukui Kenji: A rebel with a cause you might say. This is a play off the 1955 James Dean-Natalie Woods film, Rebel Without a Cause.

    • Ryugo Hashi: Iron Chef...G.I. Joe G.I. Joe was a popular toy soldier. The toy went on to be a popular cartoon and comic book series. G.I. Joe is also seen as an American icon.

    • Fukui Kenji: Always full of Forest Gump's momma said, "You never know what you're going to get" with Iron Chef Morimoto. Forest Gump was a 1994 award winning movie starring Tom Hanks as a mentally challenged man whose life was full of surprises.

    • Fukui Kenji: Where's the Mishima Beef? This refers to a famous 80's ad campaign for Wendy's fast food hamburgers. Elderly actress, Clara Peller, would stare at competitor's burgers and ask, "Where's the beef?" The saying quickly caught on and became a marketing sensation.

    • Ohta quoting Morimoto: Okadason was a little hard on me when I first debuted, so basically I'm seeking revenge. I hear that Okadason goes to the Challenger's restaurant quite often, so I'm gonna target him. "And, make him an offer he can't refuse." "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" is an iconic line from the 1972 classic mobster movie The Godfather. Ohta even changes his voice to do an impression of Marlon Brando saying the line.

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