NBC Cancels Ironside and Welcome to the Family

By Tim Surette

Oct 18, 2013

NBC has started preparing itself for the holidays with a nice round of bloody murder. The network has canceled new drama Ironside and new comedy Welcome to the Family before either of them even had a chance to spend Christmas with their families. Or Thanksgiving. Or Halloween. Or even National Nut Day

Ironside abandons the Wednesday-at-10pm slot, where it lasted three episodes. Blair Underwood starred in the remake of the late-'60s/early-'70s crime drama, as Robert Ironside, a tough detective confined to a wheelchair. It's hard to say what went wrong with this series; the numbers were simply dreadful, with the last two episodes barely squeaking past a 1.0 rating in the adult demo. 

In its place, NBC will air a plethora of repeats and specials, with Dateline and a Thanksgiving Saturday Night Live special taking over in November and Christmas specials taking over in December. 

On Thursdays, Welcome to the Family leaves behind a hole in the network's comedy block at 8:30pm, also after airing just three episodes. The sitcom followed a pair of families, one Hispanic and one white, who were forced to come together after their kids decided to get married following an unplanned pregnancy. The show was terrible, and the ratings were even worse, with the most recent episode notching a 0.8 in the adult demo. 

In its place, NBC will air a mixed bag of repeats and specials between now and the end of the year, including a repeat and an original of The Voice, a Saturday Night Live Halloween special, reality competition show The Sing Off, a new episode of Parks and Recreation, and good old American football! 

NBC's disastrous Thursdays are in even worse shape than you might think. Two weeks ago, NBC finished seventh on Thursday, behind CBS, the NFL Network, ABC, Fox, Univision, and TBS. But even still, that doesn't mean bad news for Sean Saves the World. The new comedy actually received an order for four more scripts today, according to Deadline. Meanwhile, The Michael J. Fox Show was ordered straight to series right from the beginning, so it's not going anywhere, and NBC is letting Parks and Recreation finish out this season at least. 

But with all this carnage, new life grows from its ashes. NBC has scheduled the fifth season of Community for Thursday, January 2 at 8pm (Parks and Recreation will move back to 8:30pm) and the debut of Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago P.D. on Wednesday, January 8 at 10pm.   

Below, you'll find an easier-to-read mini schedule of what to expect on NBC Wednesdays and Thursdays between now and the start of 2014. 

NBC Wednesdays at 10pm:

Oct. 30: Law & Order: SVU (encore of season premiere)

Nov. 6: Dateline (original)

Nov. 13: Dateline (original)

Nov. 20: Dateline (original)

Nov. 27: SNL Thanksgiving

Dec. 4: SNL Christmas (9pm-11pm)

Dec. 11: Kelly Clarkson Christmas Special

Dec. 18: Michael Buble Christmas Special

Jan. 8, 2014: Series premiere of Chicago P.D.

NBC Thursdays at 8pm:

Oct. 24: The Voice (encore)

Oct. 31: SNL Halloween

Nov. 7: The Voice (live)

Nov. 14: Parks and Recreation (back-to-back new episodes)

Nov. 21: Parks and Recreation (back-to-back new episodes)

Nov. 28: Sunday Night Football Thanksgiving game

Dec. 5: The Sound of Music (live telecast)

Dec. 12: The Sing-Off

Dec. 19: The Sing-Off

Jan. 2, 2014: Season 5 premiere of Community (back-to-back episodes)

Jan. 9, 2014: 100th episode of Parks and Recreation (8:30 p.m.)

Special braggadocious P.S.: I had both Ironside and Welcome to the Family on my Dead Pool list, so I'm okay with this news. 

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  • CBourque2025 Oct 22, 2013

    The pilot episode of Ironsides lost me about 20 minutes in. there was no need for flashbacks. I think they thought they were the next LOST but instead their ideas for a show were lost... They appeared to change the age and race of the lead from the original for no reason. I suspect a wheelchair bound officer today would retire, or at best get stuck behind a desk. Fighting against that was part of the old show as I recall. I think that would have been a better way to open the series than wandering around rooftops.

  • Writerpatrick Oct 21, 2013

    I get the impression that the only reason NBC broadcast Ironside was to have their own version of Hawaii 5-0.

  • 2wksnotice Oct 21, 2013

    When I watched the second episode of Ironside, I solved both mysteries before the big reveal. That's a bad sign since I never guess the endings of TV mysteries, and don't even try.

  • IanGolding Oct 21, 2013

    ironside was terrible..i stopped watching when he recognised a murder witness after having sex to a Britney song, because she was wearing a Christina Aguillera t-shirt when she went missing 8 years before and it wasn't even his case...it was all too clean and just boring..

  • andreweather Oct 21, 2013

    Ironside wasn't that bad, it was just bland, though I think they should have given a few more episodes to see if it could find it's feet, no pun intended.

  • DesertWolf Oct 21, 2013

    so sorry to hear that NBC canceled Ironside , but I am not sorry at all about welcome to the family, they should give it at lease a chance like a season then if the rating still down then they should cancel it

  • funnyl3unni Oct 20, 2013

    I lost faith in NBC a long time ago but what is going on with them lately?When they have gold they bury it so deep the viewers can't find it and thus it get canceled, and when they have sh*t they serve it up for dinner and don't cancel when they should. Regardless of quality, because NBC's terrible choices in pilots is another tangent for a different day, NBC would be doing leaps and bounds better if the execs knew how to schedule their lineup. It's ridiculous that I can look at what's being aired on other networks and know where their shows would better be served to draw not only higher ratings but in the target demos. I feel like all I've done this weekend in different communities is write about NBC's poor scheduling for good shows - it's tiresome and I wish someone there would get a clue.

  • TV-World Oct 20, 2013

    thanks for not watching! I have both of these shows in my dead pool five :D

  • KristinaGarci2 Oct 20, 2013

    I liked Ironside. But knowing what ratings it got, I don't blame NBC for canceling it. I blame the people who didn't bother to watch this awesome show.

  • Muderboy Oct 21, 2013

    You badly misspelled awful

  • NillaSweden83 Oct 20, 2013

    Naaaw! I liked Welcome to the family! I thought it exceeded my (low) expectations.

  • NillaSweden83 Oct 20, 2013

    Sean saves the world and Micheal J Fox show could have been dumped instead on account of them being ooooo sooooo boooooring

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