Noel's Gonna Fly

Season 4, Ep 5, Aired 10/15/70
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  • Episode Description
  • An aging accountant, weighed down by the responsibilities of his life, decides to break free from the grindstone and try for something different. He gets involved with an eighteen year old girl and a rock musician, he goes over the edge by almost drinking himself to death. After skipping his arraignment for public intoxication, the Chief makes it his personal crusade to get Noel back to recovery.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Raymond Burr

    Chief Robert T. Ironside

  • Richard Basehart

    Noel Seymour

  • Don Galloway

    Detective Sergeant Ed Brown

  • Tim Considine

    Ritchie Tower

  • Lorraine Gary

    Elaine Potter

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  • Quotes (1)

    • Noel: I point a gun at a man and it's a happening.
      Ironside: Marvelous to be like that, isn't it? Young, free, no responsibilities except to themselves.
      Noel: Hmmm, is it ever.
      Ironside: Is that what it was all about, Noel? Trying to be 21 again.
      Noel: Me? Don't be ridiculous. I guess maybe it was part of it.
      Ironside: What's the rest of it?
      Noel: No, you wouldn't understand.
      Ironside: My dream was to sail a small boat around the world. What's yours?
      Noel: You make it sound like a whim.
      Ironside: It's not. Whenever the pressures build inside and the world looks great on the outside, it's natural law. Even a rowboat looks glamorous, but what specifically do you plan to do?
      Noel: I don't know. Ever since I walked out, I've been trying to think, but I don't seem to come up with any answers. Maybe I'll travel a little, maybe visit the kids, they don't get home very much.
      Ironside: Good idea. While you're there, warn them not to fall into the same trap. You know, marriage, children, the daily grind.
      Noel: Why don't you just say it?
      Ironside: Hmm. All right. Somebody has to hold the world up, not everybody can. Them that can dies.
      Noel: Oh. And I can?
      Ironside: You have been. From what I hear, you're very good at it.
      Noel: Not anymore I'm not. This may sound selfish but from now on I look after me, exclusively.
      Ironside: Is that right?
      Noel: Yes. Everybody else can go hang.
      Ironside: You had fourteen thousand in your bank account, how come you only took out five?
      Noel: I couldn't leave Dorie with nothing, could I?
      Ironside: No you couldn't. (smiling)
      Noel: Oh. So I'm licked before I start.
      Ironside: Not by a long shot. Why don't you play in your home court? Make what changes you want to in your own life, not start a new one.
      Noel: Because it seems cleaner.
      Ironside: Does it? Does it really?
      Noel: No. No, but I'll tell you one thing, from now on no bridge every Tuesday and Thursday night.
      Ironside: I'm a cop, not a marriage counselor. Tell that to your wife.

    Notes (1)

    • French Title: L'Homme Presse.

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