The Armageddon Gang

Season 7, Ep 5, Aired 10/11/73
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  • Episode Description
  • A scientist disappears, sparking fears at the Gregory Institute, a research center where he works that he might have defected. Suspicious at the nature of the evidence and concerned for a wife clearly devoted to her missing husband, the Chief investigates further, and finds that another of the scientists at the center is developing some very dangerous technology indeed.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joseph Campanella

    Curtis Whitney

  • Don Galloway

    Detective Sergeant Ed Brown

  • Harold Gould

    Martin Geller

  • Don Mitchell

    Mark Sanger

  • Ramon Bieri

    Frank Clausen

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (2)

    • Commissioner: No fingerprints, no sign of a struggle.
      Dr. Martin Geller: Then where is he? You don't just abandon a car in the middle of the city and disappear.
      Ironside: Some people do just that, Dr. Geller, for a variety of reasons.
      Dr. Martin Geller: Not one of my people. Commissioner, I want action on this. Look, gentlemen, Brandon is a top man, a walking encyclopedia of electronics information, including the classified kind. Now when a man like that is missing, well... well, you see the institute sells more than just brains, it sells security, without that I... well, you understand.
      Ironside: We understand very well, Dr. Geller, or this would be purely a precinct matter.

    • Whitney: (to Clausen after *Hobart* Red Alert Go *SAC 4A* is launched) Now comes the tough part. After the code checks out they send another request for another verification.
      Ironside: And you've got to cancel out before it reaches SAC and send the verification through yourself.
      Geller: Curtis, what are you doing?
      Clausen: (aiming a gun at them) Just keep going, Doctor. A man like you can't quit until he has his final proof. (Computer screen: *SAC Sector 4A* Verification Request - Verification Red Alert _ Launch Code (1) 111 (2) 222 (4) 444 (6) 666 (8) 888 (10) 10 10 10 (12) 12 12 12 (14) 14 14 14 (16) 16 16 16)
      Ironside: Better hurry, Dr. Whitney, speed is what counts, right? At first, Dr. Whitney, it didn't compute. Why did Brandon want out of his study, why put him out of circulation? After all, everything was the way it had always been.
      Whitney: But it wasn't.
      Ironside: No, you were different. You and that hidden ball you asked Brandon to develop. The technique was clean and perfect. You could block electronic messages of all kinds, not just television. Now, let's say a man wants control of the doomsday button, You tie in your own computer while pretending to do a study of the missile base. You send out a firing order. When the base requests a verification from SAC, you intercept it and cancel it out with your bouncing ball.
      Whitney: No, there's more to it than that.
      Ironside: But I've got the basics.

    Notes (2)

    • French title: Qui A Trahi?

    • Vocals by Carol Carmichael, song by Marty Paich.

    Trivia (1)

    • Military film footage of fighter jets and missile launches used and Fort Bragg footage.

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