Get Me to the Revolution on Time

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Quotes (7)

  • Noah: Kristoff hasn't been getting any outside help, but he may soon from an unexpected source.
    Alexander: The John Birch Society?
    Noah: Clever.

  • Alexander: Have you got a thing about, uh, ventilator shafts?
    Jasmin: Well everybody has their little quirks. That's mine.

  • Jasmin: Think of me as a silent partner.
    Alexander: Ordinarily I don't take partners.
    Jasmin: Ordinarily?
    Alexander: Ordinarily they're not as pretty as you are.

  • Phillips: You can't blame Mr. Shannon for that, General. Jasmin is one of the country's most beautiful points of interest.
    Kristoff: Yes, by all means. When I am successful, I may make her a national landmark.

  • Alexander: Then we take all the keys, pop the safe, and leave.
    Jasmin: You make it sound awfully easy.
    Alexander: Well, if it was hard, I wouldn't be in this business. I'm basically a horizontal guy.

  • Kristoff: I intend to kill the man who stole that key. I want everybody searched.
    Phillips: You're out of line. These men are committed to the agreement. They came her in good faith.
    Kristoff: If we had come here in good faith, we would not need a safe with six keys. Search them!

  • Alexander: I've only got one move left. I've got to search his daughter's room.
    Jasmin: I get Kristoff, you get Linda. Sounds like a very interesting night.
    Alexander: Yes, it does.