Lovers and Other Strangers

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  • Jack: I'd rather have a huge lunch and then try on bathing suits under flourescent lights at Bloomingdales standing in the same dressing room as Elle MacPherson.

  • Dr. Zane: It is a privilege to be there for someone when they die. You might have helped him more than you know.

  • Audrey: Barto, if you quit, there's gonna be a whole list of people you didn't save.

  • Audrey: Most guys are peacocks when it comes to their... feathers.

  • Jack: They can see me or the photos, but we can't be in same place at the same time. You know what I mean? Jill: So it'd be like Batman and Bruce Wayne. Jack: Exactly.

  • Jill: Need any help taking your clothes off?

  • Jack: The interviews are over so you can all go home... and eat something!

  • Jack: You already know where everything is. Just, y'know, proceed as usual. Jill: I love it when you talk dirty.

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