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Quotes (41)

  • Bam Margera: I want you punch me in the head one second prior to take-off so it softens the blow.

  • Johnny Knoxville: Hi,I'm Johnny Knoxville welcome to Jackass.

  • Steve-O: I'm gonna swallow this goldfish, and puke him back into the bowl.

  • Chris Pontius: That man was the best damn roller skater that ever lived, maybe in the whole town.

  • Rick Kosick: Give me a break, I've been having a bad day, okay? First I get electrocuted, now I get sprayed by a skunk.

  • Johnny Knoxville: Do sumo wrestlers get alot of chicks?

  • Johnny Knoxville: Why did you hafta put it in cold, wet water??

  • Bam Margera: Do you really think he's gonna say "Hey that might be an amplifier under there"? He's probably gonna think its a piece of furniture.

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Notes (31)

  • The song featured in the stunt Johnny Coxville is "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters.

  • Some of the stunts shown in this episode, like the shopping carts, first appeared in the movie Haggard.

  • The song playing during the shopping carts scene is done by a band called CKY and the song is called 96 QUITE BITTER Beings.

  • The Song Bam played in Heavy Metal Wake up was "Razorblade Kiss by Him"(The Guitar solo near the middle of the song)

  • The stunt Noisy Yoga, was on VH1's special, "Top 100 Greatest Reality Show Moments".

  • This episode was dedicated as follows: "In memory of" Jacob Ramirez (1989 - 2001)

  • Even though Tom Moore wasn't credited in this episode, he featured in it more than once.

  • For the last part of the journey, Johnny knoxville left Pontius and Steve-O and decided to travel with Rich Warren and Loony.

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Trivia (7)

  • Ehren McGehey hurt his arm and it started shaking.

  • Raab Himself gets a dislocated shoulder.

  • In this episode we learn that Johnny Knoxville has a sperm count of 1.

  • The map of southern England shown on screen near the end is very inaccurate.(Note Southampton is around 50 miles west of where it should be and its spelt wrong)

  • When they are travelling through Sweden and we see the map, the font they used have problems with scandinavian letters, so they show "Gtebor g" (should be Göteborg, international name is Gothenburg though...)"Malm^" (should be Malmö) and "/land" (should be Öland)

  • There weren't hardly any goofs or nitpicks apart form the fact that its hard to believe that Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the crew didn't crash once on there journey through the busy roads of Europe.

  • When The Japanese fortune teller says, "Nihongo o wakarimasu ka?" to Chris Pontius and Chris just nods and sits down. The fortune teller had just asked him, "Do you understand Japanese?"

Allusions (1)

  • Johnny Knoxville: Nothin went right on this one. This was like the Metallic Bread Suit Johnny is referring to Season 1's Bread Suit, in which Johnny covered himself in slices of bread to attract birds. It didn't work.