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    Seasons 1-7 were great

    By JieshengLi, May 04, 2015

    Full of action and legal cases plus there was Skates! After Skates left, the stories turned awful. But truthful, almost all the characters are great. Even Bud Roberts is better than Ellie Bishop on NCIS.

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    A Coin Toss

    By Bjh355440, Sep 17, 2014

    OK, I been waiting for ten years. What is the outcome of the coin toss. Just give closure with a two hour movie and we will let Mac and Harm finish growing old in our TV minds.

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    incredible show!

    By Jerold, May 18, 2013

    I would have to say that JAG is one of the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life! Everyone who watch this show will gain more knowledge on what really a military life is. I would also like to praise the whole actors/actresses and the rest of the staffs of/behind this show because every episode is very awesome! I really do miss watching this show and never catch the re-runs that's why I have to find a way to be able to see the whole episodes once again. I saw this TV series being sold at . I read first on some reviews of this seller before I placed my order coz you can't trust easily in terms of purchasing from an online store. Well, based on the positive feedbacks from this site, I decided to place an order. Shipping took a week, and when the package arrived, I was surprised because it's what exactly what I'm expecting to receive. Good quality and when I checked each discs, it's all playable. Now, I can watch this show again not just only once but whenever I wanted it to. JAG is a one great entertaining show, that no one will ever regret watching it.moreless

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    Please put the reruns back on

    By kimberlycarri1, Apr 08, 2013

    I wish they would put it back on tv, I miss it check for every week.

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    JAG come back!!!!

    By JessicaTaylor19, Oct 22, 2012

    why on earth did they not continue this series they could have easily carried on a fair bit more!!! they say that this show was about JAG and it follows the career of RABB so why doesnt it continue till RABB becomes a JAG!!! isnt that what was meant to happen, dont get why they cut it 10 seasons short and it was only getting better!!!! very confused! everyone for bringing back the series with all the same actors!!!!!!

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    By LindaBeeksDil, Sep 28, 2012

    Totally loved this show! Disappointed in the last episode, we as fans deserved the big military wedding for the stars of the show!!!!!!!!! HUGE FAN! Need more!

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    By aurora1, Sep 12, 2012

    Decided to see what the show was all about on the CLOO FAREWELL MARATHON!

    I was disappointed! I spent time in the service and saw the UCMJ in action. This show does not point out how UNFAIR the UCMJ can be! I was never hurt by the UCMJ, but saw some soldiers "railroaded" into oblivion! I am not much for FICTION shows, especially shows that don't base themselves on some modicum of reality.

    By the responses on the internet, I can't believe how many people were overcome and treated the show with reality!

    Read somewhere that BELL is involved with scientology --- that wipes her out of my thoughts! I had a personal experience with scientology and saw how brainwashed a person can get!

    FANS, continue to enjoy. I'll flip the channel!moreless

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    Excellent Show JAG.

    By petenv, Sep 07, 2012

    I have all ten seasons of Jag on DVD. I enyjoy watching them.


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    Why Only 10?

    By Jemma494, May 06, 2012

    JAG was and still is a super show. It was a shame it only got one season on a terrestrial channel in Britain and then it went to a subscription channel, ending up only on FX. People missed a great show cause of lousy TV networks.

    Watched them all on DVD and this show deserved better, as did its lead actor, David James Elliott. After 10 seasons, I recall reading an article in TV Guide about David being 'booted' out since he was too 'old' to continue. Well after ten years of practically carrying the show, that was unfair. (I now the rest of the cast was good too) but it felt like such a comment signalled the death knell since it never came back. Though the rest of the cast were. The season 10 DVD even had a farewell to David.

    Anyway this show had everything and just as NCIS continues in the same strong way and doesn't mete out such negativity towards cast members.

    Could have watched this show forever, within reason, oh forget reason!moreless

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