James Bond, Jr.

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Quotes (82)

  • Jaws: One day I'll get that Bond kid!

  • James Bond Jr.: Don't worry, Tracy, I'm not that crazy.

  • Jaws: Well, well, Bond, I see you've booked passage on S.C.U.M. airlines. James Bond Jr: Frankly I don't find the stewardess very attractive.

  • IQ: What's that? (Bond's car touches down and skids into the nearest parking space) Gordo: Whoa! It's an Aston Martin DB5! IQ: But it was flying. (Young Bond steps out the car) Mr. Mitchell: I believe it's the new student, Mr. Millbanks. Millbanks: Ah, yes. Mr...? James Bond Jr.: Bond, James Bond Jr.

  • S.C.U.M. Lord: (Watches the Aston Martin fall) Goodbye, Young Bond.

  • Tracy: Ooo, don't you have some sort of gadget to move those rocks? IQ: I always give all my inventions to James. Do you think I just walk around with dynamite in my pa... (cuts himself off when he finds the grenade James dropped in his trouser pocket)

  • Chameleon: We're going to the Pentagon, we're I'm going to steal the R.A.T.S. body armour prototype, S.C.U.M. will pay me millions for it!

  • (The Chameleon disgused as an old lady pushes Bond and Shelly out the window) Chameleon: I'm terrible sorry. Bond: Please give us a hand! Chameleon: Why of course. (Claps) A wonderful proformance, the most touching death-scene I've ever witnessed. Shelly: She's crazy. Chameleon: (Old lady's voice) No not crazy- (His real voice) -Just determind to keep the two of you out of my hair (Face morphs back) Enjoy the view! (Laughs)

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Notes (24)

  • The John Vincent novel adaption to this episode is called A View to a Thrill.

  • Q later builds the same remote control device into Bond's BMW 750iL and BMW Z8. R puts the same device in Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish.

  • As stated in the 1967 James Bond Jr novel, Young Bond is the son of Captain David Bond-- 007's brother.

  • Goldfinger and Oddjob both first appeared in the third 007 movie. In that film, Goldfinger was plotting to brake into Fort Knox with a giant laser, his plan was to set of an Atomic Bomb (Provided to him by the Chinese) in the heart of Fort Knox. Cue economic choas and a sudden increase in the value of Goldfinger's gold reserves. The plan failed, thanx largely to 007. Now it seems Goldfinger is back and still obsessed with pure gold.

  • Hmmm, it would appear that Oddjob and Goldfinger didn't die in the film, despite Oddjob getting zapped full of electricity and Goldfinger getting sucked out of a plane.

  • The first episode in this series not to feature any characters from the movies.

  • John Vincent's novelisation renamed this episode Sandblast!.

  • The Q-Remote IQ designs in this episode is later given to 007 by R in the video game James Bond 007 in... Agent Under Fire

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Trivia (59)

  • The Aston Martin has no licence plate.

  • The DB5's gear shift switches position between shots.

  • At one point during the fight with Jaws, the Aston Martin is drawn as a four door sedan rather than a two door sportscar.

  • How did Tracy know Jaws' name?

  • How did James Bond Jr know about the EMP generator? S.C.U.M. Lord did not reveal his plan.

  • It takes the same amount of time for 007 to retrieve the Aston Martin's remains, have them shipped back to MI-6, have Q rebuild the car and deliver the new Aston Martin Super back to Warfeild as it does for his newphew to get back to school?

  • Bond's horse is named "Moneypenny" after M's secretary.

  • Q has taught his grandson well, in this episode IQ provides James Bond Jr with a watch that fires climbing rope, a gold-detector disguised as a video camera and grenades disguised as batteries. Do bring them back in pristine order, Young Bond.

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Allusions (9)

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    The R.A.T.S. body armour looks like the ED-209 from the RoboCop movies.

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    0:07 seconds was the same amount of time left before Goldfinger's bomb went off.

  • James Bond Jr: I believe we've got a very pressing engagment. This same line is spoken by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger.

  • The title is a direct allusion to the Bond movie Live And Let Die.

  • The Prince's pendent is called the "Golden Eye", which is the name of both Ian Fleming's beach house in Jamaica and the 17th Bond film.

  • The X-11 robot looks like The Terminator.

  • In this episode Ms. Fortune and Snuffer try to drown Young Bond in a swimming pool, this is exactly how Plenty O'Toole was killed off in the Bond movie Diamonds are Forever.

  • The UFO is an idea that was formerly used in the 1967 Bond film spoof Casino Royale.

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