Jeopardy (2002)

BBC (ended 2004)
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  • S 3 : Ep 14

    Episode 40

    Aired 9/2/04

  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Episode 39

    Aired 8/31/04

  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Episode 38

    Aired 8/26/04

  • S 3 : Ep 11

    Episode 37

    Aired 8/24/04

  • S 3 : Ep 10

    Episode 36

    Aired 8/17/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tammy MacIntosh

    Melissa - Park Ranger (Season 1)

  • Kari Corbett

    Sarah (Season1 and recuring episodes)

  • Peta Sergeant

    Professor Sharpe (Season 3)

  • Steve Vidler

    Gerry Simmons (Season1 and recuring episodes)

  • James Pearson (II)

    Simon Tudor

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  • show Description
  • Jeopardy is about a group of eight kids from Falkirk, Scotland and their teacher who go to Australia in search on Aliens, but things don't quite accordingly to plan. In Series One, the group go to Australia to look for aliens, where things get out off control. The kids find themselves alone, discovering that the park ranger and their teacher have suddenly disappeared. When they all finally get back together the kids and their teacher all vanish which leads us into Series Two in which they are finally rescued. However, David and Sarah are now missing, and Gerry (the teacher) is kept at a hospital. So the rest of the group go all around Australia to look for David and Sarah. When they find the missing duo, they all then find themselves back in Falkirk, Scotland, and invisible to everybody but themselves and David and Sarah, and that they have missed six weeks, so they go back to Australia to find out what happened to them.Once back in Australia they begin to vanish, one by one.Picture above is of David, played by Gordon McCorkellmoreless

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    • Gerry: [Piece to camera] Hello, I'm Gerry Simons, a form teacher at the West Falkirk Academy, and founder of the school's UFO club. These people with me are all winners. They put their name in a draw last week to go on the club's annual trip, and this year, it's a very special trip. It's to find... Simon: Spacemen! Chrissie: Aliens! Lucy: Martians! Gerry: Extra terrestial activity, in Australia! [Group cheers] Gerry: Quiet, quiet, right now read this very carefully because this is the reason that we're going to Australia. A local family, the O'Donals, recently experienced a possible UFO encounter whilst hiking in the outback. Leon:UFO's, wicked or what! Simon: [Reading from sheet] They were driving along a trail in the bush when suddenly everything began to shake and the jeep was lifted into the air! David: And they saw this giant silver triangle pulling them towards it. Gerry: Correct. Sarah: Then the next second they were on the ground again in a clearing in the bush about 30 miles from the trail. Chrissie: How did that happen? Gerry: That's not all, there's no road in or out, so no one can explain how they got there. Harry: Excuse me, that's where we're going? Gerry: The Paramundi Canyon, there have been six UFO encounters in the same area, and that's where we'll set up camp, right in the middle. Chrissie: Camp? Err, Sir excuse me is that as in tents? Gerry: Erm, now we'll be using all of our usual monitering equipment but we'll also be recording our minute-to-minute experiences with these. [Gerry distributes five Sony DV Cameras amongst the team] Sarah: Yeah, if the boys give us a chance. Gerry: Now look, I've borrowed these from the film club so be careful. We'll each get a turn, we'll each make a video diary, recording our experiences, and we'll show them to the school like a documentry when we get back. So, before you go, take one of these - a breifing pack, and, err, an equipment list, OK, and go, film everything! [Group cheers]

    • Simon: Stop the train!

    • Lucy: Please come with us, Mr. Simmons. Gerry: I'll be fine. I'll see you in Falkirk.

    • Lucy: (To Harry) You're not mad. We're all being manipulated.

    Notes (17)

    • While getting ready for their trip we learn a number of things: Firstly, Shona told her parents that the trip is for Georgraphy, as she does not believe she would have been allowed to go on a UFO hunt. Secondly, Chrissie is going so she can be with Simon. Finally, Harry suffers from epilepsy and is taking medication. However, he has not had a fit for over two years, so decides to leave his medication behind.

    • The anti-venom was one of the medical supplies Chrissie took out before they left for the bush.

    • During the Summer 2006 CBBC repeat run this episode was not shown. Instead, episode 3 of series 2 (Episode 15) was broadcast - quite clearly a mistake.

    • We learn that Joe robbed a bank ten years earlier and was sent to prison for it. We also learn that he has only just been released.

    • This is the end of Series One.

    • David (Gordon McCorkell) and Sarah (Kari Corbett) are no longer regular cast members. However, they will still appear in various episodes.

    • It is learnt that Gerry remembers the encounter, but the others can't.

    • It is learnt that the group have missed a day.

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    Trivia (3)

    • As mentioned in the notes, Shona told her parents that this was a Geography trip. However, when the group is being waved off by their parents, they are all wearing bright yellow T-shirts printed with "West Fulkirk UFO Club" - you would think that Shona's Mother (who was present) would notice...

    • In 2002, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awarded Series One of Jeopardy "Best Children's Drama". The programme was also awarded the "Best New Drama", and was recommended for all teenagers.

    • The anti-venom was one of the medical supplies Chrissie took out of Shonas' bag, and replaced it with shampoo and conditioner, before heading to their campsite.

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  • Jeopardy is a great showed created by the BBC which may be its downfall. This brillant creation was stuck to the ABC Childrens programing in what could have possibly filled a nice time slot on other channels. NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ON DVD

    By luckyliam10, Jan 01, 2009

  • This is the best drama show ever. I love it. Not only is it film where I lived, but because it's so dramatic and it's wicked :D I always used to watch this when I was a kid, but then it stopped broadcasting. Now its back on. I'm so excited right now.

    By Deziiah, Oct 04, 2008

  • group looks for aliens

    By Atomius1, Apr 17, 2008

  • Jeopardy is definitely underappreciated. It's spectacular! For a kid's show, it is spectacular!

    By mattpitt1991, Jul 15, 2006

  • It's all about the angles

    By ChilliboyLionel, Jul 22, 2006