The Long Road (1)

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 3/3/02
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  • The wanderer Jeremiah comes to the market community Clairfield, looking to barter for supplies and maybe get a lead on the whereabouts of the Valhalla Sector. The place is run by the beautiful Theo, a woman obsessed with getting her hands on as much knowledge and technology as possible. When her guards discover a well-maintained, fueled car hidden nearby, she is sure the owner can lead her to the jackpot. Pity those who should get in the way.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • J. Michael Straczynski

  • Russell Mulcahy

  • Stein Myhrstad

  • Tricia Helfer


  • Alex Zahara


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  • Now beginning a new run on the CW at Noon Pacific Saturdays. Total of 35 episodes will complete by end of Winter 2009 if this run stays steady.

    By FutureMedia, Jun 28, 2008

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    • Simon: Listen, I saw what you did out there. It was very cool. There's not many people that stand up to Theo like that. Well, not many people still living, anyway. Why'd you do it? Jeremiah: I guess the same reason anybody does anything. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Simon: Well, that puts you in a minority. See, most people, they tend to do the most convenient thing. The right thing? Well, that's a little harder to do.

    • Jeremiah: Thunder Mountain. That was NORAD's name for this place. Kurdy: NORAD? Jeremiah: North American Aerospace Defense. They built it deep inside the mountain. In the event of a nuclear attack, it'd be safe. My dad said if the end of the world ever came, this place would survive.

    • Jeremiah: This place that Theo calls the End of the World, does it go by any other names? Simon: Yeah, it does, but I'm not gonna... Jeremiah: Is one of them Valhalla Sector?! Simon: No. How do do you know the name of Valhalla Sector?

    • Jeremiah: I'm looking for someplace. Theo: Well, hey. (laughs) Aren't we all? What place? Jeremiah: Valhalla Sector. Theo: Valhalla? (laughs) Now, the only Valhalla I ever heard of was in a book. Some kind of a afterlife, heaven, something like that, but not a real place. What's that, some-some kind of a town or somethin'? Jeremiah: I don't know. Just some place I heard my dad mentioned he, uh... Some place he needed to go. Theo: Your dad is dead, Jeremiah. Everybody's dad is dead. Jeremiah: I know. Just, uh, seemed really important to him and, uh, kinda wanna know how the story ends, you know? It's like a door in my head. I can't shut it until I find it. Theo: What do you know about the End of the World? Jeremiah: (laughs) I got over it. Theo: No, the End of the World. That's a place where all the stuff of the old world still works. They got electricity, guns, all the food you can eat.

    • Jeremiah: You know, my dad always said that, uh, other people's problems are everybody's problems, otherwise it all falls apart. Kurdy: Well, I don't mean to alarm you or anything but it already has fallen apart.

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    Notes (8)

    • The series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    • Robert Wisden (Jeremiah's father) would later appear on Battlestar Galactica in the episode Colonial Day.

    • Kandyse McClure (Elizabeth) and Tricia Helfer (Sarah) would later appear together on Battlestar Galactica as "Dee" Dualla and Number Six respectively.

    • Many of the recurring and later main stars are introduced in this episode. Luke Perry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Kandyse McClure, Peter Stebbings, Kim Hawthorne, Byron Lawson, Robert Wisden, and Alex Zahara.

    • There is no proper intro to this episode, no specifications of who is a part of the main cast. Listed at the start are: Luke Perry Malcolm Jamal-Warner Peter Stebbings Tricia Helfer Kim Hawthorne Daniel Gillies Curtis Benchdholt Byron Lawson Kandyse McClure Robert Wisden Teryl Rothery

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