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  • 8.7

    More trouble for Jericho...

    By sosoCraig, Jan 13, 2008

    Jake is worried when Eric doesn't return with the rest who went to New Bern. It seems that something is amiss at New Bern so Jake enlists Hawkins to go with him to find out. What they find is a factory that now is a mortar making factory with the intent on raiding Jericho. The reason for the attack on Jericho? Anderson has been spilling lies about Jericho hoarding food and supplies amongst other lies to incite an angry mob into a frenzy attack. Jake finds Eric alright. In jail, where he lands when he gets himself in trouble which is his second favorite thing to do. Now Hawkins must defend Jericho.moreless

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  • 9.2

    When Eric doesn't return from New Bern, Jake and Hawkins go exploring.

    By expatriot, Oct 17, 2007

    Superb episode.

    When the men helping to build wind turbines in New Bern are returned early, but Eric isn't with them, Jake and Hawkins go exploring and discover that the mayor of New Bern is planning a war against Jericho and he's telling lies to the population in order to gain support.

    He using a factory to make ammunition and when Eric and Heather found out, Eric was imprisoned and Heather was killed.

    This was a real thriller of an episode with the main storyline as detailed above increasing the tension again and again.

    A minor storyline showed that Gail and Johnston have difference ways to dealing with April's death, Eric's absence and with Mary.

    Skylar tries to be emancipated so she is free to do with the salt mine as she pleases. Mayor Gray doesn't agree with that.moreless

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  • 9.0


    By cavanagh15, Sep 06, 2007

    I mean...the episode was good but I dont think its as great as everyone makes it out to be. Just because the episode excels in a couple of scenes doesnt make it the best of the season. You have to look at all of the aspects of an episode before you give it a rating, not disregard the filler scenes and only grade the good ones. Jake/Hawkins scenes were a 10, but the rest of the episode was a little under par.

    I thought Dale/Sklars part of the episode was the most boring I have ever seen there storyline. I have been one of the ones that has liked their storyline since the start and I was dissapointed by the lame storyline that they came up with them with Grey in this episode.

    I also didnt like any of the scenes with Johnston and Mary, I thought they were all pretty boring and filler. Couple of things that might have gotten then attention of a viewer who likes Mary/Eric, but other then that nothing really there.

    Ending? Obviosuly pretty cool as it looks like we have the story arch for the remaining episodes. But not the top 5 episodes of the season as the rating makes it out to be.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Marvelous episode!

    By J_critic, May 09, 2007

    Bonnie (signing): Thank you.

    Stanley: For what?

    Bonnie: Letting Sean stay.

    Stanley: You're welcome.

    Bonnie: And for not calling him an idiot, even when he is one.

    Stanley: Okay, if you know that...

    Mimi (clears throat): Sorry, just a little frog in my throat. Don't let me interrupt your nice sibling bonding moment. That's what it is, right?

    Bonnie (continues signing): Sean can be an idiot, but he can also be really great. All guys are like that, you have to put up with the "idiot" get to the "great" stuff.

    Stanley (chuckles): Yeah? And where did you come by that little pearl of wisdom?

    (Bonnie points at Mimi)

    Mimi: What'd she say about me?

    Oh what would i do without these awesome "family" moments!moreless

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  • 10

    great episode

    By sfviewer, Apr 27, 2007

    Stanley and the other guys come home to Jericho earlier than expected. When Eric doesn't come back with them, Jake starts to worry and asks Hawkins for help in finding him. Jake and Hawkins head off to New Bern in search of Eric. When they get there, they are greeted by gun wielding citizens. The leader of the town Constantino tells them that Ravenwood passed through New Bern and terrorized everyone. One of New Bern's citizens tell Jake and Hawkins something that they're not aware of. This episode shows a mystery that gives the show another dimension, we're now in a totally different territory. This episode was well made.moreless

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  • 9.4

    It's about time wars started. The town seemed too isolated from the consequences of the bombs.

    By psyconn, Apr 22, 2007

    I just loved this episode. Can't wait to see how the conflict evolves. War is one of my favourite themes and I must say they did it right. All the reasons for it are there. Mainly the resource strain and greed. It seems that mayor Anderson thinks too much about himself and too little about others, not to say that he starts bending the law and that's why people will take justice into their own hands. On the other hand people in New Bern are hungry and have a factory which was transformed so it can produce mortars. All they need is a pretext to raid Jericho as the plan is already made. There are all the ingredients needed for a bloodbath and it will be hard to avoid it as things have already been set in motion. It's time to see how good is Hawkins was trained because this kind of situations should not be strange to CIA.

    Offcourse this episode is not all about war. In fact there isn't any shot fired, but this is what interested me as I really wanted to see how the winter crysis will be solved.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Saving the best till last.

    By D-LinkUK, Apr 22, 2007

    The writers have put in place a new threat to Jericho, a neighbouring town called New Bern who seem hell bent on attacking Jericho after supposedly sending Ravenwood to there town to attack them, so now they want payback. This all came to light after Eric doe’s not return with the other men from New Bern after making the wind turbines so Jake along with his new accomplice Hawkins go and find out where he is, after being turned away by the New Bern’s mayor and sheriff, knowing Eric’s in trouble they decide to do a bit of snooping and find a munitions factory, Jake is captured and placed in prison where he finds his brother, he also learns that Jericho is in trouble and Heather is dead.

    As we reach towards the end of this fascinating and exciting series Jericho is building up for a thrilling and cliffhanging seasonal finale.moreless

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  • 9.4

    Question about Episode 19 - i hope someone can help

    By pinkas99, Apr 21, 2007

    Is it me, or have I completley missed an episode in which they meet the people of New Burn. The episode where April dies.

    Can someone help on that. I just do not understand when did Eric & the men went to work there How did April die...I don't get it.

    I follow this show week by week. Please help if you can.


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  • 9.9


    By didinuta, Apr 21, 2007

    Damn it, how can he do that?! to destroy Jericho? It's good that Jack and Robert are working together, cause for sure they will stop this madness! I mean, Robert was prepared for this kind of situations.

    Not Jericho is the one who should prepare, constantino and New Bern should do that, because Jack will revenge Heather's deth! And not only ... but they will see after!

    And poor Mary, it's hard for Gail to accept her, but i think she will .. one day, they will become best friends. But for the moment, I understand her cold for Mary, but at less it's good that Green is trying to accept her and make his wife do that to, even is a little bit difficult.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Spectacular episode - good follow up to A.K.A with Hawkins and Jake teaming up. And.... Season 2 is a GO! "OohRah!"

    By SoylentYellow, Apr 21, 2007

    This episode is the set up for the story arc that will conclude Season 1 with a building conflict between Jericho and New Bern; and, according to Producers, the death of one of the town’s leaders. Who will it be?

    The Jericho men taken to New Bern are unexpectedly brought back early with 4 of the windmills they helped build --- but Eric is not among them. Russell, Heathers friend, says trouble is brewing because they think Jericho wont pay for the windmills with food and salt as agreed. The Crockett and Tubbs ("Miami Vice") of Jericho team up and head to New Bern to find out what happened to Eric and uncover the New Bern mystery. After a short visit to town they see the town hall all shot up and children who are very hungry. They are told they dont know where Eric is, so Hawkins and Jake get a tip to meet in a trailer park - they grab a deputy and Hawkins proceeds to do his Jack Bauer ("24") imitation to get answers; and explains to Jake it not actual torture that gets results, its the threat of torture. They are shocked to find that Constantino and his cronies are planning to conquer Jericho and divide up Jericho themselves like feudal lords. Jake manages to get himself caught by the guards while Hawkins escapes and makes plans to rescue Jake. Jake is put in a cell across from Eric and finds out that Heather discovered the factory was primarily being used to make bombs and mortars; and also reveals Heather is DEAD - or is she? Sheriff Constantino drags Jake and Eric before his people and tells them lies such as Jericho sending Ravenwood to attack them, hoarding food while the people of New Bern starve and sending Jake and Eric as spies. Hawkins lurks in the darkness waiting for the moment attempt a rescue. The visit to New Bern shows how desperate things have become in urban areas that cant grow their own food. You can survive without power, but not without food. One can only imagine what larger cities are going through with the food production and distribution networks in chaos.

    This episode sets up an action packed ending to Season 1 - The big news this week came from Jerichos producers with the news we have all been waiting for: Ask the Producers response to a Jericho Wiki viewers question about the final episode of Season 1 - "Episode most definitely not a series finale! In fact, by the time it’s over,you’ll have some great clues about where our story is headed in its second season." YES !!!!!moreless

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