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  • 8.0

    Jericho has a heart after all. She has a name.

    By sosoCraig, Jan 06, 2008

    Due to shrinking resources Mayor Gray has to make a hard decision about the refugees in town. It's painfully obvious that the town won't survive the winter if they keep them. This really upsets Roger the most who takes matters into his own hands and accidently shoots the Mayor. Then decides to hold him hostage. Mrs. Green gets the town to take a refugee into each of their homes to keep from putting them on the road. Instead Roger gets put on the road. Where does Hawkins find Sara's connection? But in Nebraska (my home state figures!) and he's still searching to find who set him up. But maybe the FBI knows...moreless

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  • 8.8

    Gray decides that Jericho can no longer support the refugees.

    By expatriot, Oct 16, 2007

    In a time of dwinling resources, the mayor reluctantly decides that Jericho can no longer support the refugees an they will have to leave.

    Roger, who led them there, is deeply upset and takes the mayor hostage and accidently shoots him. Mrs green manages to convince the town people to 'adopt' the refugees and they get to stay, but Roger has to leave. Emily wants to go with him, but Roger doesn't let her. Jakes suggests to Roger to go look for Stanley and Eric.

    Hawkins' cover is likely blown as a news report on the radio mentions the FBU badges of other people involved in the bombings, just like the badge Hawkins used to convince Gray about himself...moreless

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  • 9.2


    By cavanagh15, Sep 06, 2007

    I like the way this show was a way of taking a story that had no impact in the last episode and give it a beginning, a middle, and an end in the episode in which it brings it up. Hawkins storyline is really the only one that has been going on since the beginning, all of the problems in Jericho come and go as the episodes move along. This time around it was Roger shooting the mayor that lasted for the entire episode. I liked the suspense in this episode, mainly the transistioning camera when one of the refugees broke into the old mayors home and was chasing his wife, as the camera switched back and forth between the two scenes.

    Hawkins storyline still prooves to be one of the best storylines to date, continuing to move foward in its own way in this episode with him identifying the big boss of the entire operation. I think next episode looks to be a big explosion between Hawkins and Jericho, with what we just heard on the radio which has exposed Hawkins for what he really is.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Not the best, but at the same yime not the worst. Deals with the issue of banishing 'outsiders' because of diminishing resources.

    By thodavie, Apr 12, 2007

    First off, the storyline with Hawkins is getting more irksome every episode, It contributes nothing to the setting of posr apocalyptic survival, I think it represents a clumsy attempt at 'Lost' style mystery. Ditch it or tone it down.

    It was rather nice to see Roger driven out of town though. I was waiting for Anderson to step up and enforce some sort of martial law. That didn't happen, but getting rid of the refugees was a header in the right direction.

    This was the type of episode that doesn't hurt, but doesn't really advance the whole seitgeist of the show. I don't want to see another one of this type (or quality level) for the next episode. We'll have to wait until around mid May to find out about renewal for next year; and things have got to be a lot better than this. I would have given it an 8/10 if Hawkins was not featured so prominently in this one, an 8.5 if Skylar/Dale weren't there, and a 10 if Roger was publicly executed.


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  • 10

    great episode

    By sfviewer, Apr 11, 2007

    The refugees and the whole town of Jericho learn that the marines that visited them recently were fake. The refugees asks Gray to be allowed in town for the rest of the winter. But Gray refuses to let them stay because of scarce resources. The leader of the refugees Roger gets desperate and threatens the life of Gray, he accidentally shoots Gray and holds him hostage. Hawkins find Sarah's contacts in Nebraska. Stuff happens in this episode, it's a good episode, it's fast paced, a lot faster than the previous episodes. This episode makes me yearn for more Jericho, I can't wait for the next episode.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Excellent mix of action and character development.

    By SoylentYellow, Apr 09, 2007

    The focus of this episode was on the attempt by Gray Anderson to force the refugees Roger brought to Jericho to leave town as supplies of food and medicine dwindled. Roger felt a deep sense of responsibility for the refugees as some of them died on the way there and he promised them Jericho was the sort of town that wouldnt turn its back on them. The tear gas use to end the refugee standoff alluded to the botched FBI raid at Waco. Gray Andersons character, after Roger accidentally shot him, added some depth as he appeared deeply conflicted about his decision to eject the refugees, yet willing to risk bleeding to death rather than reconsider his decision. After the deputy/sniper failed to shoot Roger as Jake stormed in, Anderson finally agreed to allow them to stay after people of Jericho, at the urging of Mrs. Green, volunteered to take the refugees in an share their supplies as well as empty houses of people caught outside of Jericho when the bombs went off. But Roger had to agree to go into exile, as Jonah Prowse had done before him in Vox Populi. What would you do in a similar situation if you were Roger? Mayor Anderson? Meanwhile, Dale (with Skylars help) once again took matters into his own hands to collect for products bought from his store but not paid for - instead of consulting with law enforcement. Dales reckless actions will end up getting him into serious trouble. ..... ... .... .... ..... The Hawkins subplot was rather revealing as he went to the meeting place in Nebraska, pretending to be Sarah, to see who the people were who wanted to buy his bomb from Sarah. He took the photos he gathered and began assembling a "Board-O-Clues"; to figure who is ultimately behind the bomb plot. He labeled a bald guy with a walking stick as "Boss?". It appears even Hawkins doesnt know the whole story behind the bombings. Jake and Johnston brought out the radio the fake Marines left behind and began listening to a Kansas radio broadcast that revealed the bombers gained confidence of local authorities, gained access to military bases and research facilities - and had nearly perfect fake FBI credentials (camera cut to a picture of Hawkins with his FBI badge next to him). The announcer said authorities in New York had not released identities of the captured bombers; so NYC is still intact. The announcer, whom someone recognized as a familiar voice, said "Take care of each other, Kansas". Reminded me of the creepy radio message at the end of "The Day After".

    The haunting "Mad World" song playing in the background added atmosphere to the final moments of the episode; it gave me the feeling ominous and interesting events will occur in the last 5 episodes of Season 1. Overall, it was a very stong engaging episode and excellent setup for next weeks Hawkins centric episode, which I am really looking forward to.moreless

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  • 8.4

    Hurray Roger has gone, might Hawnkins be next?

    By stonerose, Apr 07, 2007

    Hurray roger has gone, now if we just can get rid of dale then i think Jericho will be perfect. I never really liked the character of roger, for me he just didnt sit right in with all the other characters. As for the character of dale, his new bad bad turn around has just annoyed me and i think his character has run its ground, going off to see what what dale is up to slows down the main story and doesnt give any tension or anything to the programme. Other than that i thought this episode was another good installment, watching hawkins fit the pieces together of his own conspiracy is brilliant viewing. Another fantastic ending aswell in this episode, i think every episode has had a great ending with brilliant music and memorable scenes.moreless

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  • 10

    worth watching

    By fourza, Apr 07, 2007

    poooor roger why'd he have to go i really liked him.. he was only trying to help.. its always the good people that end up leaving.. he hasn't even been there that long to begin with emily should've left with him and gray that idiot got what he deserved.. i wonder when heather stanly and the rest of the clan are coming back ..they sure make the show to the ever decietful hawkings.. is he really a terrorist or is he just working undercover for the government which seems to exist no more.. i hope its the latter for his family's sakemoreless

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  • 9.4

    Bit of a tearjerker this week as the town is split between keeping the refugees or making them leave Jericho.

    By Ol1vertwist, Apr 07, 2007

    Food supplies are drastically running out and Mayor Gray needs to do something about it. The decision is made to send the refugees on there way but some of the town members and of course the refugees themselves are not happy about it.

    Roger confronts Gray and they get into a fight, Gray gets shot and an irate Roger holds him hostage until some arrangement is made. Mrs Greene comes to the recuse and asks all the towns people if they can take any of the refugees in. There is a very touching moment where the townspeople are putting up there hands accepting that the refugees can stay at their houses. They even give up the empty houses in Jericho to the refugees and share their food rations with them.

    Gray has his gun wound treated and Roger is banished from Jericho, Emily does not go with him despite wanting to. Jake tells him to go and find Eric, Stanley and Heather.

    Hawkins plays the Badies who want the Package. He ends up placing a tracker on their vehicle so he knows where they are.

    At the end the townsfolk get a radio message saying there are terrorists in New York carrying fake FBI badges. One of the Cops remembers that Hawkins had an FBI badge.

    Has Hawkins been rumbled?moreless

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  • 9.1

    A nice little episode and different from the rest.

    By D-LinkUK, Apr 06, 2007

    Gray decides to kick out the refugees from Jericho because they don’t have the food to keep them and Roger go’s mad, starts a hostage situ and is later banished from the town, Hawkins is on the trail of the people who set him up and want his bomb back

    Jericho is a funny series and not in the comical sense, each week we learn something new about someone or something but always left with a perplexed sensation, What if! Who was he/she! What is she/he doing! And this episode was no different, yes we are learning more things about Hawkins and Jake but to be honest Jericho seems to revolve more around them and other players are being left by the way side.

    It‘s a great series but I hope we don’t get a Lost type TV show where 3 or 4 seasons down the line we are no wiser as to why and what.moreless

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