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    Wow… what a start to the series.

    By wan_ching, Sep 28, 2008

    I have decided to rent the dvd out. And wow… did I love this episode a lot. Interesting character they bought in. Jake has a secret… and I want to find out what it is. And who is Hawkins. Very interesting. Great use of sign language… hope they show more of Bonnie. Caring brother too.

    The bus scene with Jake and Heather was great, in an emergency Heather was still able to keep calm, which I can be like her (I'm a preschool teacher here in New Zealand). How Jake didn't panic under another situation with the Stacy in the bus, that was really well done.

    I love Jake relationship with his mother, love how they get along, and Jake seem to still have a love interest in Emily, I do hope he will be Heather instead. But we see.

    Great first episode, nice introducing new characters, can't wait to watch more of this season, and I hope I will get to see second season…

    I can't believe this show has ended… so far I have watched 6 episode, and I love them… well… another series for me to buy and savour every moment of it.moreless

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  • 9.7

    What a good idea for a show.

    By coutterhill, Aug 24, 2008

    I've been living without cable for almost 3 years now, so all my television comes from the web. I stumbled upon this show and decided to check it out. From jump street I was hooked. I've watched 5 episodes today alone! This is a great idea for a show and it asks all kinds of questions along the way. Where was Jake? Who is Mr. Hawkins really? What is really going on?? It's so exciting and scary at the same time thinking that this could really be a possibility of happening. I love seeing Skeet Ulrich in something interesting. I only remember him from like 3 movies. I look forward to watching all of these episodes, I'm just sorry I'm only watching it now and it's cancelled. boo.moreless

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  • 8.9

    This episode was really a great way to introduce someone to Jericho. I mean the thrill is just awesome.

    By chippu, Jul 11, 2008

    So like is said all and all this is a great first episode. So the episode started with with Jake going to meet his parents. And after his dad refused to give money to him which his Grandfather gave he left. So he left and while he was on the heading out of Jericho he also sees the mushroom cloud in the sky, then all of a sudden BAM someone on the other side of the road hits him. On the other side the towns school bus is missing and Jake's father is trying to plan it out. And Gray is all over his but trying to make peoples confidence in Johnston go away. Then Jake saves the School bus. Dale's mother calls and her tragic death is recorded on tape. Serif sees a prison bus and he gets killed. At the end Emily finds something while going out of the city.moreless

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    This episode is superb in terms of what would happen if a nuclear attack happened in the US!

    By blaster097, May 31, 2008

    Amazing episode i cant stop watching it! I watch it over and over again its that good. Its extremely accurate, showing what would/could happen in the case of a nuclear attack on the US. fights over gas, power going out. Compared to other people who made nuclear attack movies and shows, their work pales in comparison to this show/episode alone. amazing CGI work for the mushroom cloud (five times in appearence. Very catchy theme song, dramatic music that fits the show EXACTLY. The way the music is placed is amazing and it fits whats happening that very minute. The title is incredible with the morse code beeps. cool show and i keep watching this episode almost every day!moreless

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  • 9.7

    An excellent intro for a fascinating series. The prodigal son returns home just before a nuclear explosion destroys Denver.

    By whiteraven2005, Mar 12, 2008

    A fascinating and disturbing concept for a tv series and the writers do a fantastic job building this world and populating Jericho with it's townsfolk. Each episode deals with a different crisis facing the town and how the town must learn to stand together… or die.

    Skeet Ulrich is perfectly cast as Jake – the black sheep but shares the family traits: strength, courage, leadership and charisma. The Green family effectively run Jericho and though Jake left under a cloud, it's clear that his five years away have changed him into someone his family can be proud of. This show has something I love in a series: a close, loving (but never mushy) family. It's not easy to establish an intense complex family relationship in one episode, but the writers do a great job. I hope they build these relationships, I have a thing for brothers so I'd like to see Jake and Eric become close.

    I could easily go on about the fantastic casting of the others but that would take pages, suffice it to say this is an impressive line-up. Next we have the fascinating Robert Hawkins – he and Jake are destined to be allies, they'll make a very effective team. Knowing far too much about the explosions and having gotten his family out just in time, he also possesses a truly remarkable ability to think ahead and improvise, which Jake also does, and it's clear that had Hawkins not been there, things would have gone far worse than they did.

    Others worth mentioning: there's funny farmboy Stanley and his delightful deaf sister Bonnie; scary sharp-tongued IRS lady Mimi; Jake's cheating brother Eric; Jake and Eric's formidable mother Gail; the boy's tough father Johnston… there are many to choose from…

    The entire sequence with the explosion was excellent, very disturbing. Jake shows impressive ingenuity and calm, saving the little girl's life and returning the bus to town. When things go bad, you see the best and worst in people and Jericho handled the crisis better than most, though for a while there it was close. People looting, fighting for gas – if Jake hadn't returned at that moment, there would have been violence. Just returning the children to their parents is the calmer needed and people are then willing to be more reasonable. The one person who is easy to immediately dislike is Gray – he's running for mayor so he should be thinking of the wellbeing of the town, not his political career. Instead of trying to help calm people down, he's stirring them up against Johnston. He's going to be a problem. Dale's news is released: it wasn't just Denver, Atlanta's gone too. As if there weren't enough immediate problems, there's prison escapees and the sheriff and some of his deputies are dead, which the town doesn't know yet. Johnston does the only thing he can do – sends everyone home and arranges to meet tomorrow.

    The pilot quickly and strongly establishes the main characters before the explosion occurs. The casting is top-notch and there are a lot of familiar faces here. Then there's the fast pace and exciting action. The pilot really sets a standard which the rest of the series maintains.moreless

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    An exciting premier!!

    By SweetPeaSurry, Feb 07, 2008

    I'm going to admit, I originally started watching this show solely to see Skeet Ulrich. (He is absolutely fine) However, I'm hooked already. Although the concept of nuclear war isn't new, the way they've laid out this show is an interesting take on it. I love the way they focus on a small close knit community in a small rural area. It's obvious those are going to be the people that survive a situation of the magnitude of a nuclear strike, therefor we have a loosely real situation. I really enjoyed the pilot, I thought it was well paced, well written, and definately gave us some adventure and excitement. Looking forward to next week. Well Done!!!moreless

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  • 8.1

    The Pilot of a new series is always make or break for a series. If the pilot is good then chances are you will continue watching the show.

    By kawadge, Jan 29, 2008

    The Pilot of a new series is always make or break for a series. If the pilot is good then chances are you will continue watching the show.

    I just finished the Pilot of Jericho and I found it quite intrigued, that it made me continue watching it. There just was a nuclear bomb in a place near Jericho, and it might not have been the only one.

    Is America under attack? Or was this a mistake or something gone wrong? Those are the questions that most people of Jericho are asking.

    Character building have been quite good so far. The characters I am finding most intriguing so far are those of Jake Green and Robert Hawkins.moreless

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  • 8.5

    What would, and could happen if a nucleur bomb would go off in a small town.

    By Shazzygj, Jan 27, 2008

    A small town (Jericho) , a guy returns (Skeet Ulrich) after 5 years with different stories for different people. He is asking his father for trust fund money which was bequeathed to him. His dad says no (his father is also the mayor) of Jericho. A bus with children, seemingly a reunion between good friends, a possible old girlfriend connection. Throw in a nucleur mushroom cloud, power down and a town starts to worry. No communication due to no power, bus full of school children not reported back, a town in panic. Throw that all in together with why the "prodigal son" came back and you have episode one of Jericho, the pilot. It is quite good and really makes you think.moreless

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  • 8.9

    A very different world awaits the Kansas town of Jericho.

    By sosoCraig, Jan 02, 2008

    I never realized there was a forum for this excellent show until I got hooked on another CBS show. Then I found out I could review the shows! Wow. In light that Jericho is coming back (thank be) next month I thought I would share my thoughts about this show.

    What grabbed my attention about this show was the mere fact that there could be such a catastophre that everything we take for granted could just disappear. The pilot did not over do things, made character introductions and started the weaving of a story that makes you sit with rapt attention awaiting the next episode. One of the best pilot's I've seen.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Jake returns to Jericho after 5 years.

    By expatriot, Oct 01, 2007

    Exciting pilot episode with lots happening. Jake tells different people differen stories about where he was during these years so we don't know what he actually did. However, somewhere along the line he learned how to do a tracheostomy and manages to save a young girl's life. WHen he drove into town with a schoolbus full of children, it seemed like, for the first time, his father was proud of him. Hopefully this will improve their relationship a bit.

    The sheriff seems to have found the wrong bus, not a schoolbus but a prison bus with murdered guards, presumably the killer is out there, somewhere, on the loose.

    Denver and Atlanta are hit, what about other cities... Next episode must be good.moreless

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