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  • 9.4

    Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho.

    By Ethiras, Sep 18, 2010

    Maybe in the 5 top episodes of Jericho. It's clear that now the series will go to another level with conspiracy and trying to find the bomb. Good season finale with promises for next season.

    The only bad thing is that Jericho lost one of its greatest characters and that's a clue that it will move on further than just "trying to survive against other cities".

    Now with the military in charge, no one can harm Jericho and next season will have the series finale. That's my opinion even though I believe that they should have available some extra budget. They can sell very well next season.moreless

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  • 9.4

    My personal favorite...

    By broekzak, Aug 06, 2010

    Of all the episodes of Jericho that I have watched, I'd have to rank Why We Fight as one of my favorites, mainly because of how the previous episodes lead the way to the conclusion of a good season.

    Some of the things that I really enjoyed about the episode were how Jack and some of the other members of his family were remembering a happier time in their lives when they were flashing back to Eric's wedding to April while preparing to fight their war with New Bern. It was during one of their flashbacks that I also enjoyed hearing the peanut story Jake's grandfather told Stanley before the wedding started when they were sitting in the bar.

    One scene that I thought was priceless was when Stanley and Bonnie brought Mimi to visit their parents' graves. While it was kind of somber the way he was telling them that it might be a while before they come back to visit their graves, I thought Stanley's description of Mimi when he introduced her to them to be priceless.

    After the war started, I thought it was pretty comical the way Johnston reacted to finding out about Hawkins' satellite computer by saying he was about to bomb the town that had the closest Costco. It was also neat the way Hawkins was willing to help Jericho after being found by the bad guys.

    With that said, there were also a few parts that I didn't like: such as Johnston dying and the way New Bern was bringing in so many reinforcements that Jericho was more outnumbered than before. Another part that I didn't like was when Constantino told Jake that Jericho should give up the next wave of attacks while expressing his condolences about what happened to Johnston. Jake's response of "Nuts" to him was absolutely priceless.

    Despite Johnston's death in this episode, Why We Fight is one of my favorite episodes.moreless

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  • 10

    This was the best episode of the first season

    By PikerPeat, Apr 17, 2010

    I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy that this is renewed for another 7 episodes. I have absolutely no doubt with the tremendous fan support that this will go for several more years. This episode introduced the Government officials who set off the Nukes as now coming to find the last bomb.

    In the process, they will support Jericho, but this opens a whole new avenue of how Jericho will interact with the Government which will be fascinating. It may be a way for surrounding towns to bond back together against the Govt.

    There is also the leadership issues with conflicts among many key characters. Superb cliff-hanger episode.

    I love this show.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Good episode, but falls short compared to the last few.

    By PabloExobar, Jan 19, 2008

    Ever since Jericho came back from it's midseason hiatus it's been throwing more and more intense episodes at the viewers than the entire first half of the season altogether. The show's soap aspect has been reduced to minimum, and in the last couple of episodes the action became an important element of the show.

    It was also great to finally learn about Hawkins. Once his character's motivations were revealed, his character didn't feel all 2 dimensional anymore, like in most early episodes where you knew he's up to something mysterious, but he's been over-mystified: after the 50th mysterious laptop-browsing it just became dull and laughable. But, as I said, it was great to finally learn more about him.

    The problem is, this finale feels more like a finale of the first half of the season rather than the second half.

    The stage was set for an explosive and adrelain pumping finale, but instead the show goes off on an emotional stage. Which isn't bad... unless there's a gigantic build up like here.

    The first mistake the writers did in this episode was keeping Heather alive. It's not that I dislike her, but I thought her death was a really good shocker. A cold and sudden shocker. This show could use more of that. But revealing she's alive... well, okay. But why now? It felt really out of place. In fact most of her scenes were out of place, expect maybe for the last one.

    Another mistake was the flashbacks. It's a very common things nowadays to have flashbacks in season or series finales. And oh, I do love flashbacks... when they add depth or help understanding the storyline. But in this case, they were way too long, and way too "deconcecrated". Most of the flashbacks didn't add anything to the story.

    So if we remove the useless flashbacks and useless Heather scenes, we get around 25 minutes out of the full 40. Almost half of the episode's a filler, and nothing helps that. Even though the non filler part is alot of fun.

    The fight between New Bern and Jericho isn't as spectacular as you might expect. In my opinion there were more explosive stand offs in the last 2 episodes. However, Johnston's death was really well done, even if I could say that it was useless. It didn't add to the story but it definitely set up some future plot threads and motivation for certain characters. And it was, of course, pretty touching. Well done. To make it more emotional, the flashbacks helped, although as I previously said, only a very little.

    What really disappointed me was Hawkins' storyline. Almost nothing new happened, and the whole him getting tracked down was lame. It was very unrealistic... it's a shame, because the show tends to try to be as realistic as possible. Now it all seems a bit negative. But it's not bad at all. In fact it's good. It's just not as great as the last few episodes.moreless

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  • 8.3

    Why we fight...to survive!

    By sosoCraig, Jan 13, 2008

    Writers have a way of taking what we think is a certain and promptly tossing our certainties out the window. Who saw April's baby dying? Who saw April dying? Who would have thought Johnston would have died? He did. Jake is livid at his father's death and decides to wage a war against the man whom he thinks is personally responsible, the mayor of New Bern. Jericho now has to fight for it's very survival or lose its salt mine, its land and its farms. With all the weaponry out there among the masses, the guns and ammunition in Jericho's possession and mortars in New Bern's, the order is given and the fight to survive begins. And to think CBS saw no future for this show!moreless

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  • 9.7

    Holy moly

    By ootsdemons, Nov 25, 2007

    The real battle begins

    after the motars fail to convience jericho to surrender

    the new bern invasion starts.

    They begin to over run farms outside town

    and our "general" johnston reasons that the best place to make a stand is brads farm.

    Unfortunately they lack the man power even with all the rangers and the deputies.Dale however convinces the refugees to fight in return for a share of the farms when the dust settles.

    Hawkins uses his satelite link to feed info to the rangers about enemy movements.

    the battle begins as several trucks pulls up and dozen of heavily armed New Berners open fire.

    Jake manage to take out a heavy machine gun and calls up the tank for reenforcments.The new berners scatter.

    Unfortunately a train is heading to the farm with hundreds more troops and the enemy is gearing up for another attack.

    Hawkins rides out to help the rangers and take the tank to stop the train??Johnston dies and jake takes over refusing to surrender to constantino.

    The battle starts

    A brilliant episode ,the pay off for a year of tension and heartache for the people of jericho.

    I still cant belive johnston died

    I cant wait for constantino to get his.

    win, lose or draw

    next season ,cant wait

    it gonna be a right rave up i tell theemoreless

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  • 10

    Great way to end the season

    By gonzc900, Nov 16, 2007

    I liked this one very much. How the two towns went to war, it all started to build up after the second half of the season picked back up. Sad part was when johnston died and I fell Jake will slowly take over and run jericho. Gray Anderson doesnt do much. I fell Jake may become jericho's leader from the peoples voice. no vote, no election, the people want him to become mayor and that will but a huge key between jake, johnston, Erik as well as a few other important characters. what ever happens season 2 will be great. Hope its soon.moreless

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  • 9.5

    The war is on

    By expatriot, Oct 18, 2007

    What an ending and what an idiots were the people who originally cancelled this show.

    Truly amazing episode with tears and laughs, twists, flashbacks and war.

    Perhaps the flashbacks were a bit too long, but they were still very well-timed, aimed at increasing the tension of the episode.

    I was sooo afraid Jake was gonna mess up his speech at Eric's wedding, but fortunately, he didn't

    I was a firm believer in the Jake-Heather relationship, but I think I'm convinced now about Jake and Emily, nevertheless, I was pleased Heather was still alive in a big plot twist. Her being at a military camp of the US government was suprising too.

    Johnston dying was sooo sad, his two sons at this side, being proud of Jake especially made this very, very moving.

    The ending, what can I say. I can't find for new episodes!!moreless

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  • 9.8

    Why we fight was the best episode aswell as the season finale. The big shoot out at the end and the tank was just awsome!!!!!

    By armenti, Sep 14, 2007

    The final fight at the end of the episode was just amazing I loved the gun battle and when they brought out the tank that just made me even more happier. The sad part of this episode is that there father gets shot and dies leaving jake in charge and to be there leader to fight there enemy for survival and for there town/land. I liked hte entire season but I think this was the best episode, and how they ended the season was just pure genius. And I just can't wait for season 2 come in january, i can see this show going smoewhere and it will just get better that for sure.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By cavanagh15, Sep 07, 2007

    To tell you the truth - I thought that the flashbacks kind of made this episode a little less important for me. I think this episode had just as much potential to be the best epsiode of the series, but the flashbacks really took a lot of time out of the 42 minute finale. The 10 minutes we spent realizing the the family really had come full circle wasnt really needed - not in the finale anyway. I mean, dont get me wrong, I know WHY the flashback was put there, I just disagree with the decision to have it in the finale episode when the tensions are the highest and people are looking for a resolution.

    On the subject of the show being cancelled - Yea I would have sent some nuts too. The season doesnt close the chapter on the current story that have taken place over the past couple of episodes and the United States government coming to Jericho is a huge plot for what would be season 2. I couldnt tell you what I think Season 2 would be about, season 1 was about the initial reaction after the bombs went off. Thats why I was so hooked. They had about on average 1 problem an episode, which ranged from a lot of things. I dont know where they go from here.

    Overall, the finale was actually (according to my rankings) in the bottom ten epsiodes of the season. I just felt the flashback would have been more useful in another episode, and not the finale when everyone is looking forward to seeing the war. It slowed the pace of a fast and intense episode.moreless

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