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  • MTV takes you to the Jersey Shore to meet eight young adults living in a summer share in some of the most popular vacation spots. Angelina, Jenni "JWOWW," Mike "The Situation," Nicole "Snookie," DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi "Sweetheart," and Vinny live together for a summer in Seaside Heights and we watch them go through work, love, friendship, drama and hookups.

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  • S 6 : Ep 14


    Aired 12/21/12

  • S 6 : Ep 13

    The Icing on the Cake

    Aired 12/20/12

  • S 6 : Ep 12

    Raining Men & Meatballs

    Aired 12/13/12

  • S 6 : Ep 11


    Aired 12/6/12

  • S 6 : Ep 10

    Shore Shower

    Aired 11/29/12

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  • Nicole Polizzi


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  • Paul DelVecchio


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    • Pauly D: I was born and raised a guido. It's just a lifestyle; it's being Italian, it's representing, family, friends, tanning, gel, everything.

    • Jenni "J-WOWW": I am like a praying mantis; after I have sex with a guy I will rip their heads off.

    • Snooki: When I woke up I was like what did I do last night? Like, what did I do? I f--ked up...story of my life.

    • Angelina: How do you go in a f--king jacuzzi with a thong and a bra? Wear a thong bikini, that's a little bit more classier if you're gonna wear anything at all, ya know what I mean?

    • Ronnie: Get ready to party, get out there, get filthy, creepy, and weird.

    • Angelina: I am the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, baby.

    • Ronnie: You just take your shirt off and they come to you, it's like a fly comes to s--t.

    • Vinny: Guys with the blow-outs and the fake tans, and guys that wear lip gloss and makeup, those aren't guidos, those are retards.

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    • Music featured in this episode: "Out of Control" by The Damn Automatics "Black Magic" by Mink "Desire" by The Skeptics "Girl In A Man's World" by Arden Kaywin "Easy Sell" by Another Cynthia "Elizabeth" by Dirty Little Secret "High Heels In The Sand" by Lucky Pineapple "Moonlight Spiderbite" by Lucky Pineapple "Miles of Grey" by Discover America "Through The Night" by Mark Leonard "Hey Abe Lincoln" by Dr. Pants "Donkey Kong" by Another Cynthia "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by The Blakes "Deadstock Rock" by End Roulette "Big Fake Love" by The Handcuffs "Loser" by The Damn Automatics

    • Music featured in this episode: "Whore" by Another Cynthia "Prom Song" by Automatic Music Explosion "Last Breath" by The Swear "The Pressure" by Nick Howard "Until You Are Safe" by Lee Hester "Basket" by The Blakes "Don't Make Me Wait" by Locksley "Underneath" by Ryan Calhoun "Madame Chung" by Mink "Wake" by Brightwood "Plan A" by Mark Leonard "Your Private War" by Atreyu "Untitled Finale" by Atreyu "Peggy Moffitt" by The Handcuffs "Let's Rock" by Automatic Music Explosion "Like That" by Candy Coated Chaos "Free" by Glycerin "Guns Guns Guns" by Dirty Little Secret "Hurt Can't Haunt Us" by Disappointed By Candy "Swan Song" by Brightwood "This Time by "Airship Rocketship "Steal It Back" by Bell "Shameful" by Atreyu "Our Sick Story" by Atreyu

    • Music featured in this episode: "It Won't Be For Long" by Locksley "Already Miss You" by Adam Mugavero

    • Music featured in this episode: "How Can I Stab Myself In The Ears" by Hawthorne Heights "Motionless" by Glycerin "Will Not Let You Down" by Mink "Mend Me" by Echo Revolution "Big Shot" by Atlantic Connection "Hot Chicks" by The DNC "Head Turns" by Another Cynthia "Electrocute" by Oh Darling "Arms Length" by Lee Hester "Blind Spot" by Glycerin "Light Sleeper" by Hawthorne Heights "This Is Who We Are" by Hawthorne Heights "Shameful" by Atreyu

    • Music featured in this episode: "Will Not Let You Down" by Mink "Pressure Pressure" by Mink "Wrap Your Streets" by Nick Howard "On The Outside Looking In" by Nick Howard "Num Num" by The DNC "What It Means To (Love)" by The Real You "Serenade" by Glycerin "Song For No One" by Miike Snow "Treat" by Candy Coated Chaos "Step Outside" by Lee Hester "Dance!" by Datarock "Don't Stop" by Coco B's

    • Music featured in this episode: "Look Into Each Other" by Mink "Say It Like You Mean It" by Rediscover "Birds and Bees" by Saundi Wilson "Heavyheads" by Two Guns "Long Way To Go" by Lights Resolve "Shuttered Off Christine" by The Swear "Tilt" by Mark Leonard

    • This episode is in 5 parts: 1. I don't need no family meetings 2. Out of the woodwork 3. There were some creepers 4. Atlantic city 5. Sloppy seconds

    • Music featured in this episode: "Fireworks Explode" by Theft "Donkey Kong" by Another Cynthia "Whore" by Another Cynthia "Pistol Grip" by The Blakes "Hell To Sell" by The Audition "Mr. Slayte" by Flyntsones "D.T.F." by Menya "Long Way To Go" by Lights Resolve "Grid Red" by Mark Leonard "Modern Man" by The Franks "Catch A Thief" by Heavy Young Heathens "Procrastinator's Fight Song" by Shout Out Out Outs "Inspiration Competition" by Shout Out Out Outs "Culture War" by Airship Rocketship "2 Hearts" by 2 Girlz "Norway" by Fighter Pilot "Strangers Waiting" by Glycerin

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    Trivia (4)

    • The song Vinny fist-pumps to in his room is called "Money Shot" by Yannis Kamarinos.

    • When J-Woww and Ronnie are talking in their room during the first scene there are roses on the dresser. In the next scene J-Woww's boyfriend shows up and gives her the roses.

    • Although previews had shown Snooki being punched, the show aired with the exclusion of the actual punch. Instead, the screen went black when she was hit, hence the episode's title, "Fade to Black." The episode ended with a message against violence towards women.

    • Music: "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" by Motion City Soundtrack Off their 2010 release 'My Dinosaur Life,' heard at the very end of the episode.

    Allusions (2)

    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1974)

      When Snooki is upset after seeing her ex-boyfriend, Vinny turns to her and says, "Cheer up, Charlie".
      'Cheer Up, Charlie' is a song from the 1974 movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sung to protagonist Charlie Bucket by his mother when he cannot find a Golden Ticket and is saddened by it.

    • Rocky Mike: it's like Rocky vs. Apollo. Rocky doesn't have a chance right now. The Situation is referring to the plot of the 1976 movie "Rocky," in which the title character spars in a boxing match against another man named Apollo Creed and loses.

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    By sumoneelse3950, Feb 24, 2014

  • a show satan himself would despise

    By dantecallingh, Oct 03, 2013

  • What a cheap show. It`s pathetic

    By Raven77, Oct 21, 2013

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    By MRJ12744, Jul 22, 2013

  • You either love it or you hate it!

    By christopherpa26, Jun 08, 2013