Joan of Arcadia

The Fire and the Wood

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 10/3/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Joan enrolls in advanced-placement chemistry, after God asks her to stop being an underachiever; Will ruffles feathers during an arson investigation.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joe Mantegna

    Will Girardi

  • Michael Welch

    Luke Girardi

  • Mary Steenburgen

    Helen Girardi

  • Amber Tamblyn

    Joan Girardi

  • Jason Ritter

    Kevin Girardi

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  • It was just awesome

    By krazy4crack, Oct 30, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (24)

    • Helen: Good, you're awake. Kevin: Half awake anyway. The other half is still sound asleep. (starts poking at his legs) Wake up, you lazy bastards. It's morning.

    • (Joan and Luke see Adam on the ground behind a garbage truck) Joan: Who's the reject? Luke: Adam Rove. Huge stoner. Hey, maybe he'll be your friend! Joan: What is he doing? Luke: Looking for lost brain cells?

    • God: Just because I speak doesn't mean anyone has to listen. Joan: Really? God: Yeah. Free Will is actually one of my better innovations. I give suggestions, not assignments. Joan: I feel a suggestion coming on. God: Stop squandering the potential I gave you... Stop underachieving... Have some pride... Joan: Wait. In what? In school? God: School's a start, yeah. Stand back (starts streetcleaner). Joan: Pride? What happened to humility? God: Humility isn't actually humility, unless you're good enough at something to be humble.

    • (Joan hands Adam his school bag, where inside are metal pieces he uses for his art) Adam: (to Joan, referring to the art piece in front of him) Thanks for bringing these things back for the...thing.

    • Will: (after meeting Adam and Grace) These are Joan's new friends? A person of mysterious gender and space boy?

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    Notes (6)

    • Several times in this episode, Kevin pulls up to the drive-thru window of a Foster's Old Fashion Freeze restaurant. The show is supposed to take place in the town of Arcadia, Maryland. In fact, the only state that has Foster Freeze restaurants is California, so it is obvious that this scene was filmed on location in California.

    • This episode marks the first appearances of D.A. Gabe Fellowes (John Getz), Roy Roebuck (Derek Morgan) and Miss Lischak (Elaine Hendrix) on the series.

    • This episode marks the first appearances of Christopher Marquette (Adam Rove) and Becky Wahlstrom (Grace Polk) on the series. They would both appear in every subsequent episode and become cast members during the second season.

    • Erik Palladino is now listed as "Special Guest Star."

    • New Gods: Sweeper Driver God, Linesman God, TV Anchorman God, and Little Girl God

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    Trivia (3)

    • Adam tells Grace and Joan that the chemical equation for cellulose (twigs) is C6 H12 O6 but that is the chemical equation for sugar. Adam was close for cellulose, it's a polymer made up of glucose (sugar) molecules. The right molecular formula is (C6H10O5)n.

    • God's plan as he explains it doesn't make sense. Will met Adam as he got home from his party. Then Will went to bed and Roebuck shows up with his report a few hours later that same night. But God says his plan was that Will would be nice with Adam's father the night janitor because their kids were friends, which would lead to Roebuck's brother-in-law who would encourage Roebuck to get the report to Will. How did all that happen between when Will got home and met Adam, and a few hours later when Roebuck showed up? Seems like at least a day would have gone by for all that to happen, and it didn't.

    • In this episode Grace and Adam appear to not know much about each other, but we later find out they have been best friends since pre-school.

    Allusions (3)

    • TV Movie The movie that is on TV when Joan is trying to find God through it, in the beginning of the episode, is 1939 Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, starring Jimmy Stewart and Claude Raines.

    • Adam: Cha, fo shizzle, my nizzle.
      Adam's unusual quote is from an unusual speech pattern created by Snoop Dogg, one of the premiere music rappers of the time. It was popularized on his MTV show, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. It's also pretty bad form for a white guy to use the term "nizzle", it being a variant on the "N" word. White people are supposed to use bizzle or sizzle (brother or sister) instead.

    • Grace: And Rain Man's back to underpants. Grace is comparing Adam to Dustin Hoffman's autistic character, Raymond Babbitt, in the movie Rain Man.

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