Joey and the Book Club

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 9/30/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Joey joins Michael's book club to meet pretty women. Michael is crazy about a girl in the book club, who's only interested in Joey. Looking to get her work noticed, Gina bargains with Alex.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Matt LeBlanc

    Joey Tribbiani

  • Drea de Matteo

    Gina Tribbiani

  • Jennifer Coolidge

    Bobbie Morganstern

  • Paulo Costanzo

    Michael Tribbiani

  • Andrea Anders

    Alex Garrett

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Funny, great episode

    By Nick9781, Apr 14, 2007

  • A lot like Friends.

    By dohfull, Aug 28, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Gina: Who's the knock-out with the tiara? Alex: That's my sister Nancy. She was Queen of the Rose Parade. Gina: You're cute but maybe you shouldn't stand next to her in family pictures. Alex: Yeah. That's what my mom says.

    • Gina (to Joey,a bout Michael): He's in there with a girl and you're reading a book... What is this... Freaky Friday?

    • Michael: I can't go against the rules without a motion being passed. Joey: So I'll make a motion. Michael: You're not a member. There's an approval process. Joey: Well, I motion you suspend it on account of me being the sole payer of rent of the whole book club's headquarters. Michael: I second the motion. The motion's passed. I motion for a presidential exemption to the "no dating" rule. Michael: I second the motion. The motion's passed. Joey: I motion that you and me eat that entire ice cream cake right now. Michael: Motion denied! Joey: Mr. Chairman, you're out of order!

    • Joey: The love between two nerds is a rare and fragile thing.

    • Michael (about Jane): I love her so much! Joey: So ask her out! Michael: No, book club has a strict no dating rules. And I'm the president. She's my vice-president. The scandal would tear our administration apart.

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode marks the beginning of Bobbie's infatuation with Michael.

    Trivia (4)

    • Gina again references the hit show that Joey turned down. She is referring to Nurses from the Pilot episode. Joey instead took a role on a violent cop drama which ended up being cancelled while Nurses became an overnight hit.

    • Joey mentions that Michael had a Dorothy Hamill haircut in Gina's hairstyle portfolio. Dorothy Hamill was also one of the five people that Ross (from Friends) put on his list of five celebrities he was allowed to sleep with.

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: A hula dancer.

    • Goof: When Joey goes to his agent, we see her putting sugar in her drink and stirring it twice, and also the red stirrer keeps disappearing and reappearing from her drink.

    Allusions (8)

    • Gina and Alex talk about George Clooney when the premiere is about to start. George Clooney is a famous actor who played his breakout role on the hit medical drama ER. Since then he has gone on to star in a string of hit movies like Ocean's Eleven and its sequels. He also won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Syriana.

    • Alex comes by to ask if anyone has seen her People Magazine. People Magazine is a widely circulated weekly periodical that focuses on celebrity and human interest stories. It is owned by Time Inc. and is best known for the yearly Most Beautiful People list.

    • The book that the club read was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is a novel about five sisters in the Georgian period of England and the two men who turn their lives upside down. It has also been made into movies and television mini-series' numerous times.

    • Bobbie mockingly pretends to call Halle Berry when Joey asks her if she can get Gina a stylist job, and asks if Gina can do her hair for the Oscars. Halle Berry is an Oscar winning actress (for Monster's Ball) best known for her role as Storm in the X-Men trilogy and for being a Bond girl in Die Another Day. The Oscars are the biggest, and arguably most important, awards show for the film industry. Every year Oscars are given out to actors and actresses with the best performances, as well as directors and writers and many other categories. It is a star studded event, usually attended by all of the big name A-list stars.

    • When Joey is talking about Gina's hairstyle portfolio, he mentions that in one Michael has a Dorothy Hamill haircut. Dorothy Hamill is an Olympic Gold Medal winner and former world champion in ice skating. For awhile she was also known for her bowl haircut, which made the style popular.

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