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  • 7.5

    Well, I like it!

    By Romano338, Nov 30, 2013

    I know this show isn't always well rated, I know some people didn't liked it, but I did! It's a funny show, not the greatest, but you spend good times watching it!

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    Wish the show was still on!

    By Hellothere3571, Jun 18, 2013

    I've never really been into blogs or writing reviews but when I finished watching all the episodes of Joey recently, I so sad and disappointed that the show was canceled that I started searching for answers on why anyone would be crazy enough to do that. The show was amazing!!! There were so many moments I couldn't stop laughing out loud! The characters grew on you quickly and I loved how Joey's character developed so subtly and went from somewhat of a silly character on Friends to one that was pretty irresistible. He was still silly but witty and a little romantic and just plain old lovable. Even the writers on Friends couldn't develop Joey's character that way. Towards the end when the whole thing with Rachel happened, I don't know if it was just me, but it was odd and difficult to believe. And this is coming from a HUGEEE Friends fan. I, too, miss the show dearly and was hoping to get a little more from the rest of the group when I started watching the first few episodes of Joey but it didn't take long for me to appreciate the show for what it was. And that slight continued hope of seeing Rachel and Ross or Monica and Chandler, etc. appear just added to the charm of the show. Compared to what's on tv now, I would say it would easily rank on the same level as Big Bang, Two and a Half Men (with Ashton and before), and How I Met Your Mother (aside from this last almost below mediocre season) and definitely miles ahead of shows like Rules of Engagement and Mike & Molly. Anyway, what a bummer! Oh and Matthew Perry's Go On is pretty awesome if any of you are still looking for those familiar faces! [Cougar Town just didn't cut it for me, maybe a part of it is because Courteney Cox looks so different now (not being mean just thought she was beautiful without the changes) that I don't feel like she's as familiar of a face but, regardless, the writing is just blaaa].moreless

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  • 9.0

    If Only We Had Known

    By HowieBoyd, Aug 04, 2012

    Friends fan from episode 1. I have to say that when Joey Premiered, I was fired up. I just kept thinking about how they could work special guest stars into the shows through the years and keep us abreast of everything that was going on in the other friends lives. I liked Joey but was having a hard time adjusting to the other characters. By the time season 1 ended, they had jelled and it was an excellent show. The writing was smart, LeBlanc was fantastic and his supporting actors really came into their own. Too bad too many people dissed it thinking it was going to be the same rehash of Friends. Probably people like me that thought they would sprinkle a few guest appearances in there. And then it was gone. If it had made it through season 2 with the 8 million average viewers from season 1 then it would have been fine and we likely would have gotten the surprise visit from Ross and Rachel episode and the Joey and Michael go to visit Monica and Chandler episode and the Phoebe Stays for a week episode and then the ratings would have soared and the storylines would have opened up a little because they would have no fear of cancellation. It is just too bad. I have spent the last couple weeks watching the season 1 and season 2 episodes and it is fantastic. Many hard laughs and I for one am sad that it didn't get a fair shake.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A completely under appreciated show. If you liked Friends, and Joey in particular, then this show is for you.

    By WWSista, Oct 10, 2011

    This show was COMPLETELY underappreciated in its time. The show started strong, but too many people were looking for it to be exactly like Friends. By its very nature, it could not be. When the show finally found its middle ground, it had a solid 8 million viewers, give or take from week to week. But the Powers That Be weren't satisfied with this, expecting it to have been higher. When they pulled the show from the line up for retooling, it was off the air for a long time. It lost momentum, and when it came back it was too late. The show had been fatally wounded. It then averaged 4 million, was pulled from the line up again, and then sank to 2 million. The show was cancelled, and that was that. Out of sight, out of mind was never more true.

    Joey was filled with solid laughs, and anyone who liked Joey would find that Matt LeBlanc continued to breathe the EXACT likeness into the character. As the show progressed into the first season, the characters grew more and more and really started to soar. After that, even despite the removal from airing, it just got better each episode. Some of the best episodes, during the last half of the second season, were involving the character Jimmy played by Adam Goldberg. These episodes never aired in America.

    Bottom line, there are a lot of naysayers out there. But there are also plenty who liked the show, and plenty more who liked Joey and would like it but didn't watch because people said it sucked. If you were a Friends fan, and particularly a Joey fan, give this show a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.moreless

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  • 6.5

    This show was not given a chance to develop.

    By jigsawfan, Oct 03, 2011

    I'm disappointed in the viewers who did not allow this spin-off to continue and become developed. Granted the first season was not that good with an exception of a few episodes. But the second season far exceeded season 1 in quality and humor.

    Joey is my favorite Friends character and i was excited to see him live on in his own show. I watched every episode when they aired and stuck it out even when it was just meh.

    But in season 2 I noticed from the premiere episode that it was going to be a funnier and just better show, and it was. But by then the bulk of viewers had abandoned it.

    I really wish this show could have gone on for at least 5 years.


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  • 8.5

    Not a bad show at all!

    By crazyinluv, Aug 24, 2011

    I've recenetly started watching it, and in the begining I thought it was pretty pathetic (the sets were totally fake, Micheal and Gina looked like complete weirdos, and Alex seemed...well, idiotic.) But I'm glad I actually went on watching it because its totally worth it. You'll be sorely disappointed if you keep on drawing comparisons with Friends (lets just face it, no spin off could've been as good as the original), but if you want to watch this show just because you love Joey and think he deserved a proper closure like other characters, this is the show for you. The characters may seem out of place in the begining, but if you give them a shot, they totally grow on you. Joey is as adorable as ever (now that he has more screen space, its awesome coz he is just the same ol Joey), the guy playing Micheal has awesome body language and facial expressions, Gina is a great character, and Alex is pretty good (altough I'm not crazy about her character, she's not bad either). In the nutshell, the show is definately worth a watch if you're a friends fan. Plus this show has a Bobbie (read-Estelle like agent), who is a treat to watch. Just don't draw any comparisons and you might actually enjoy the show...........moreless

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    I was one of those FRIENDS-fans who under appreciated Joey so much. After having watched all FRIENDS episodes and loved each and everyone i started to watch Joey in the television.

    By Praisi, Jan 09, 2011

    I really didn't like it, i thought they should have picked another cast member or made another season of friends, but I think the reason I thought this, was cause i was still hung up on the other show. This last week i've used on watching all Joey episodes and I must admit this show is somewhat alot better than FRIENDS, if it had had a chance to become as long I'm sure It could be called WAY better. Problem is just that you sort a grew up with friends for those 10 years where it aired watching an episode of it almost everyweek for 10 years solid that means alot. Joey came right after and I, for one, was unhappy with the fact that it was now Joey and not Friends that ran. But now this past week where I watched all of Joey I can nothing but admit that Joey is better. A problem with Friends in my opinion is that there are many moments with pretty lame funnyness, or moments where you just feel the audience shouldn't be laughing as you are nowhere near that point, to be fair though there are many very funny moments in friends too where you can nothing but laugh the first time. But in Joey, there are soo many MUSTLAUGH sequences, it's just so great, I didnt really notice any lame laughs from audience as i did so many times in friends which i found anoying at times, plus, in Joey it doesn't just take a rewatch to stop laughing at something, it takes several. The only bad thing I can think of of Joey at this time is the fact that it was cancelled, and how they made alex and Joey as a couple in the 2 very last episodes of season 2, - This comes from me who was otherwise a very HUGE Friends fan. But anyways in my opinion it's: Joey > Friends. And you guys who think otherwise you should give Joey a chance with no prejudice.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Good show, but could have been way better...

    By seriesguy3998, Jul 16, 2009

    Joey Tribianni moves from New York to L.A to be a better actor.

    "Joey" focuses on the title character, Joey Tribianni, from other TV sitcom "Friends". Is a good show, funny and cool, but it could have been done much better. Being a spin-off from "Friends", a great show which I really like, I really expected it to be a really great show. But the show became less appreciated and people cmplained about whatever, that the show got cancelled. I think it should have continued, for at least another season, bt it didnt so people may think is bad. But is not, is good. But it really needed to improove.moreless

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  • 6.5

    it could be better

    just needed some fixing

    By natyshu95, Feb 23, 2009

    Everybody loved Joey. He was the retarded dependent one. This spin off was supposed to show that Matt LeBlanc was the one who was going to have the best start with Friends ending.

    it was funny, i can tell you that. but since it was Joey, it was supposed to be beyond funny. i had a lot of chuckles, but never a big huge laugh like i had on Friends.

    there were only some mistakes from the show

    Joey from Joey wasn't really Joey from Friends, he was a little bit too smart for him. I don't blame Matt LeBlanc for that, he is a wonderful actor and im sure that if the lines were better the show was going to be awesome

    He was also was too grown up. And the weird thing is that he is not supposed to be a good actor and i think that was the reason why he was still in New York not in Hollywoodmoreless

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  • 7.5

    An ok show off show off of FRIENDS!

    By vicky24c, Jan 08, 2009

    Joey is a spin off show; off of the highly successful TV show FRIENDS. I began to watch Joey, as I liked the character when he was on Friends, and thought that this show would be similar. Unfortunately I was wrong. This show is not half as good as Friends was. The only thing even similar to it is that Joey in this show.

    Apart from that there is nothing similar. Granted this show only lasted 2 seasons, and it is easy to see why. Lots of Friends fans tuned in to this show, hoping to replace Friends with this show, but sadly that did not happen. Overall an ok show to watch, but if you loved Friends, just keep watching their re-runs instead.moreless

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