John Doe

FOX (ended 2003)
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  • The series is about the life of John Doe, a mysterious man who rises from the primordial waters of an isolated island, possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world, yet having no memory of who -- or even what -- he is. Doe quickly finds his way to Seattle, where he befriends the police and uses his special gift to help them solve "impossible" crimes each week, while continuing his unending quest to uncover who he is and where he came from. Despite his considerable charm, Doe is an emotional island unto himself. Want to know the population of Peru in 1853? How many blue cars there are in the state of Washington? Or better yet, predict which horse will win every race at the track based on knowing all the variables? Doe has all the answers. But what is he like? Family man or loner? Hero or villain? What is truly in his soul? Doe doesn't have a clue. In his search to unlock the key to his past, He may be a government agent, an extra-terrestrial or perhaps just a regular John Doe with a bout of amnesia. Whatever secrets his past holds, Doe is now the man who knows everything -- a gift that will forever change his destiny.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 21

    The Rising

    Aired 4/25/03

  • S 1 : Ep 20

    Remote Control

    Aired 4/18/03

  • S 1 : Ep 19

    Shock to the System

    Aired 4/4/03

  • S 1 : Ep 18

    Save As...John Doe

    Aired 3/28/03

  • S 1 : Ep 17

    Doe or Die

    Aired 3/21/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Forsythe


  • John Marshall Jones

    Frank Hayes

  • Dominic Purcell

    John Doe

  • Jayne Brook

    Lt. Jamie Avery

  • Sprague Grayden

    Karen Kawalski

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  • Quotes (141)

    • John: You in charge of the Jenny Nichols kidnapping? Frank: Maybe. Who are you? John: The guy who's gonna help you find her.

    • John: There are 342,204 inactive social security numbers allocated to dead or missing persons. So, I had my pick of names.

    • Jenny Nichols: Daddy says you're the mystery man here to fly me home. John Doe: I guess I am the mystery man.

    • John: So what am I? Escaped mental patient? Alien that sees in black and white? Government lobotomy experiment? What else was I to think? For a guy who had all the answers, I didn't have the ones that mattered the most.

    • John: Did I mention that I know everything, from the exact ingredients in a box of Apple Jacks to the mating rituals of a Quagis Zebra, and everything in-between.

    • John: Alas, there’s one sure thing in this life – the fact that there are no sure things.

    • John: (playing the piano) It's one thing to know the notes, it's another to feel them. Like they know you. Like something from before, piercing through. A memory. A beginning. A place to start. My Funny Valentine by Rodgers and Hart. Had I played it in a high school piano recital? Something I danced to at a college formal? No idea.

    • Digger: The name’s Digger. Don’t ask. John: The name’s John. Don’t ask. Digger: Cool.

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    Notes (47)

    • Music: 1) "We Luv U" - Grand Theft Audio (Doe drives), 2) " My Funny Valentine (played on piano), 3) "Mondo 77" - Looper (When Buying apartment), 4) "Trouble" - Coldplay (End of episode)

    • Grace Zabriskie is credited but has no dialogue and only appears for about 30 seconds.

    • Music: 1) "How Near How Far" - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead (Doe at the Bar), 2) "Behind Blue Eyes" - The Who (Doe plays on piano), 3) "The Recluse" - Magnet (Doe talks to the girl by the water), 4) "For You" - Duncan Sheik (Doe at Bar), 5) "More Than Us" - Travis (Doe contemplates his life), 6) "Thinking About Tomorrow" - Beth Orton (Doe looks at Newspaper articles)

    • Music: 1) "Hip Hop Hooray" - Jason Darling (Doe at the bar), 2) "Say It Loud" - Sanctus Real (Karen and Doe at the bar), 3) "Official Chemical" - Dub Pistols (Doe speed dating at the bar), 4) "Breath In" - Frou Frou (Doe and Karen at the bar), 5) "Leave You Far Behind" - Lunatic Calm (Hanglider Chase), 6) "Brown Eyes" - Red House Painters (Doe at Hospital), 7) "Keep Close" - South (Doe on a date)

    • Music: 1) "The Coming Night" - Anabret, 2) "Shinin'" - Brad, 3) "Roll It Up" - The Crystal Method

    • Music: Neil Halstead - "Hi-Lo And Inbetween" (final scene)

    • William Forsythe doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Music: 1) "Drag You Down" - Finger Eleven, 2) "High Hopes" - Neil Halstead, 3) "Here On In" - South

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    Trivia (145)

    • If he knows everything, why did John have to call everywhere to know who uses one specific washing machine? It would be likely that he would simply know where those machines are used.

    • John's final balance is $12,000. The bookie holds six stacks of twenty dollar bills (presumably 100 bills in each stack), but counts the stacks at "$800, $900, $1,000, $12,000." Until the final stack, the bookie is considerably off. His dialogue, in conjunction with the stacks, should have been, "$6,000, $8,000, $10,000, $12,000."

    • Helicopter scene: The closeup shows one person in the helicopter, but a distance shot shows two people.

    • At the start you can see that the island John is on is alone with no others around it, but when he falls off you can clearly see an island directly opposite. Does this just appear magically?

    • How long was Nichols hiding beneath the locker room? It appears that at least several hours have passed since the "kidnapping" - how long did he stay down there? There doesn't seem to be a great deal of police security around the place - why did he stick around so long?

    • Not exactly a goof, but why does John bother doing a crossword puzzle? He knows all the answers - what's the point? Jigsaw puzzles, for instance, there's a challenge of putting the pieces in the right order, but there's no challenge in filling in words you know and where you know they're supposed to go.

    • So...where did Nichols get the body from that he used to make it look like he died in the car crash? At the very least this makes him a bodysnatcher, and at worse it means that he killed someone else so he could fake his death, evade the charges filed against him, and leave his wife and daughter to face the music and pay his bills. And yet he's presented as a sympathetic character here.

    • So why does John swim away from the island? It's the only apparent land mass within miles. He might be confused, but it seems odd to start swimming away from the only apparent shelter.

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    Allusions (17)

    • Digger: Sounds a little Fatal Attraction to me. Referencing the 1987 movie which featured Glenn Close as a woman who becomes dangerously infatuated with a businessman played by Michael Douglas.

    • Frank: You're not the only one with a brain, Mr. Mensa. "Mensa" refers to Mensa International, an organization for people with high IQ, also called "The High IQ Society."

    • Frank Is that all you’ve got? Or is it time to call John Edward? Refencing proclaimed "speaker with the dead" John Edward, who either can channel the dead to communicate with their living friends and relatives, or uses a combination of centuries old hot- and cold-reading techniques to find out information about his victims and defrauds them. You decide. From 2000-2004 he produced and hosted a show documenting his daily/weekly channeling for studio audience members, Crossing Over With John Edward, and he remains active after its cancellation.

    • Frank: This Ollie North routine is getting real old, real fast, John. Refencing Oliver Laurence North, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marines, best known for his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair. During his testimony to Congress he remained silent or claimed ignorance.

    • Frank:: Hey, Quincy twins, want to catch me up here? To John and Nance cheerfully doing an autopsy, referencing the 1976-83 show Quincy M.E. with Jack Klugman.

    • Frank: Oh great. So we got the Cy Sperling of Sperm? Not just the founder, he's also a client? Cy Sperling was the president of "Hair Club for Men." His catch phrase was: "And, by the way, I'm not only the Hair Club president, but I'm also a client."

    • Frank: Looks like Little Man Tate is still following you around. Refers to a movie about a single parent bringing up a boy genius of a son, Fred.

    • Lenny: Supercalifragilistic. Lenny quotes a word created FOR the 1964 movie Mary Poppins by the Sherman brothers which doesn't appear in the original novels by P.L. Travers.

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