The Rising

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Quotes (2)

  • Sam: This isn't normal procedure. John: Like you said – nothing about me is normal.

  • Sam: We're more on top of things these days. Lucas: You're not even on top of your wife at night, Scout.

Notes (4)

  • A major spoiler: A year after the series was canceled, the show's creators revealed that John Doe's abilities came from the fact that John died in a boating accident (which is where he got his scar) and met God. According to the show's mythology, when you die you are blessed with all of God's knowledge.

  • Stella gets mentioned even though Rekha Sharma does not appear.

  • "Stocking Cap" has now been played by three different actors - David Richmond-Peck (in "Idaho" and "Ashes to Ashes"), Keith Martin Gordey (in "Remote Control" and most of this episode), and William Forsythe.

  • We find out "Yellow Teeth"'s real name - Sadina Tokla and assorted aliases.

Trivia (19)

  • In the last episode the noise that shattered the interview room's window and broke the light fitting did not break the glasses on the table as John gave the prisoner a drink of water using one of them. They were still on the table.

  • Was the agent really undercover at the cannery long enough to get a case of bursitis? It's established that Phoenix moved shop every few days. seems that if he were working undercover, he'd be among the bald men in suits - not a cannery worker. How would working as a cannery worker undercover let you get close to a bunch of guys in suits running remote-viewer operations and making sure they weren't seen?

  • In one scene, Doe has green in one hand. In the next, his left hand has painted a blue mark on the canvas.

  • There is no way Doe could have built a pyramid that perfect with his bare hands. And it would be stuck to the table when he was done. It is also shown as being way too light in his hands.

  • Wouldn't Doe have felt the heat from the hot stone?

  • Sound gets louder, not higher in pitch, with increased decibels.

  • The sound was loud enough that even those protected by a pane of glass (which shattered) had to cover their ears. Trenchcoat's eardrums would have burst and bled. He certainly wouldn't have been able to communicate normally immediately afterward. John and Sam don't seem to find his resistance unusual.

  • Eyes dilate as an emotional response to what is being said. Wouldn't a deaf person have the same response from reading lips?

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