His Visit: Day Nine

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    While much is still left quite cryptic, you are presented with much more direct information that confirms theories and allows you to make your own conclusions.

    By RottenDMotoes, Sep 20, 2007

    Season and series finale! I'm relieved and not surprised in the least that this show was canceled. Although I must give HBO credit for letting the whole season air unlike some other network stations that pull shows even when they have un-aired episodes *cough* Fox * cough*. The only reason I kept watching this show is to see what exactly it is about. The previews promised answer and for the most part it did deliver.

    While much is still left quite cryptic, you are presented with much more direct information that confirms theories and allows you to make your own conclusions. As was known, this show has been about the healing of people's lives and building families. The episode opens up with Shawn and John arriving on surf boards witnessed by Butchie, Kai, and Cas. Those three are the ones who chose to have faith in John. When Shawn is questioned about where he was, he points up at the sky and says Cincinnati. He also has no real recollection about what happened and says he only remembers what "they" want him to say. Where was he exactly? We'll never know for sure but heaven or some other holy place is obvious conclusion. At the end of the episode, we finally see everyone come to terms with their situation and start on the road to recovery. The ending also has rather wild and potentially controversial implications of what the future seasons would have been about. All the strange events that happened in this show early on, like Mitch levitating, Shawn breaking his neck and fully recovering, and Kai "seeing god" appear to be all symbolic events that portray their role in this group of people. Mitch was losing touch with his family and feeling distant, Kai is the outside observer that kept the Yost family together, and Shawn is the focal point that connects everyone. And it was these unexplained odd events that got me to watch this show. Now that I have my answers, I'm uncertain what I think about series. While I can see what was trying to be done here, I feel it would have been served better with a more engaging environment. There was no sugar coating here for you to enjoy while it went about its philosophical journey. It was a bold move that did not pan out especially in a time where many people don't have the attention span to devote to such a heavy serial series. It's a heavy art piece that's well, wasted on me. -- DMo


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    John and Shaunie return and the family is reunited.

    By expatriot, Aug 19, 2007

    Well, John and Shaun return from overseas and the family is reunited. The opening sequence in particular was beautifully shot.

    This episode provides some answers to the questions posed in earlier episodes. It also leaves some questions unanswered for a possible second season, though I'm unsure as to how likely such a second season is.

    I especiallly loved Linc's speech and his attempts to make sense of John. I also welcomed the return of Zippy, if only in the last few minutes of the episode.

    I'm still confused about the exact importance of Cass' camera but I'm impressed wth how many storylines came up again and some were actually wrapped up.moreless

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    The End is Here...

    By boggs0547, Aug 13, 2007

    I thought this episode was both interesting and confusing in the normal John way. It starts by showing us that Shawn is safe and John is still as werid as ever. Then addressing some of the issues the characters have been dealing with all season. Bill finally makes it up those stairs, Cissy finally realizes she has to let Shawn go, Butchie becomes a father, Tina a mother, Linc admits to helping to destroy the Yost family, Mitch will surf again in public, and Freddy quits selling drugs. I think it was interesting to see how these people come to discover what they needed to do and how they went about doing it. I really enjoyed the dealership scene and plan on rewatching to see if I can figure out everything the dealer is talking about. There are still some parts I am confused on, for example why Kai is mother, but that is what I liked about this show as a whole... It wasn't straight forwarded or easy to understand but made you think. Very few shows today do that. I hope to see a second season!!moreless

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    The series finale shows us that no matter how wounded we are we can be healed, redeemed and reconnected with our fellow man and with our "Father"

    By lross34470, Aug 13, 2007

    I believe the reason why people liked this episode but "can't really say why", is because this episode spoke to our heart---not to our mind. This episode was about redemption and connection and love. In the opener we see Kai snuggling with Butchie. They have renewed their love from many years ago and Butchie is almost whole again. Meyer's girlfriend is performing oral sex--which surprises Meyer. Remember how cold and stand-offish her character was when it was first introduced? Well now she engages in an act of intimacy which she could never have done before--"a life changing event for Meyer"--as we later learn. Enter John and Sean. Not only is Sean OK---he is wonderful as he and John beautifully surf in tandem to the wonderful music by Bob Dylan. Link and Tina are also together in bed, as he gives a thumbs up that everything is OK. Butch reaches out to touch Sean's hair in another act of connection---he is becoming a father--and Sean smiles at Butchie acknowledging the connection. Sean and his mother share a hug--another redemption--another connection. Just as Butchie is becoming the father he never was, Tina is becoming the Mother she never was. Sean, who has shown no sense of self throughout the series asks Cissy (his Grandmother) for a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich---Instead of the tuna that she always makes him (and never asked him how he liked it to be made--as we found out in an earlier episode). Link begins to understand the word of the Father as conveyed to him through John. In an epiphany Link says to John "You use my words, and if I listen right I can hear your Father" Link , too is redeemed through this epiphany. Butchie is even able to reconnect with Tina and disniss his anger towards her. In another act of selfhood, Sean tells his grandparents (who also seem to have reached a reconnection of sorts) that he wishes to move out to live with his Dad and John. Sean realizes that his Dad (Butchie) is now almost healed thus the wish to re-establish the connection even more strongly. Sean is able to express his love to his grandparents and in a third act of selfhood states he is going to leave (jump over the fence) rather than just stay and watch them bicker as he had done in previous episodes.

    Meanwhile John bestows healing words upon Butchie as he openly ackowledges the effect that Cissy's molestation of Butchie had on Cissy. It forced her to become "the worst ball buster known to man --so no one would be around her and she wouldn't have to be afraid she would do something like that again --thats how ashamed of herself she was" This horrible act served to wound and estrange both Butchie AND Cissy. Butchie, having been wounded, hurt Barry who, in a vulnerable state ,was molested by Mr Rollins. To which John then adds--"we are all frail vessels". In other words we are all easily wounded and we all use poor judgement and we all can be forgiven and redeemed.

    Sean doesn't know where he went with John but he is alright with that. He knows he had fun, rode "good waves"--he has become very John-like in his discussion with Butchie. Buchie again connects with Sean by reaching out for his hand. Of course there are miracles throughout the episode. Mitch Yost continues to levitate. The man and woman at the restaurant are able to see what is unfolding through their computer although it is "technically impossible" we are told.

    Barry confides to Ramon that he was finally able to sleep through a night without the terrible self deprecating thoughts running through his head. Barry also, is healing. Freddie demonstrates his redemption/healing by easing himself out of the drug dealing business.

    Stinkweed which once tore the Yost family apart now helps to put them back together. As John says "Stinkweed lays down cover for my father".

    Even Bill, who is not at the Stinkweed parade ,talks to the love of his life---his long dead Lois. He laments her loss. and the loss of Skippy, and much to his amazement Skippy re-appears allowing Bill to be re-connected.

    At the fadeout, we see Kai finally surfing and having fun. Something we had not seen through the entire first season. Kai is finally able to lay down the heavy burden of being the glue to keep the Yost family together now that they are healing and becoming redeemed--so too is she redeemed and healed.moreless

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