His Visit: Day Two

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  • 8.5

    Please people - give this show the patience (and credit) it deserves!

    By gbvfan13, Jun 20, 2007

    This episode was a little weaker than the first one, but still, the show itself (and the magnificent characters and dialogue) easily make it highly addicting. I will admit that most people I recommend this show to always tell me, 'Wait a minute! The show's commercials all deal with a levitating Man? Where the hell is that in this episode?' Now, I can see there point in a way, but everything will be revealed in good time.

    Besides Ed O'Neil as Bill stealing the show, which he does with every single screen time he gets, this episode revolves around a severe injury to Shaun. He was competing in a surfing competition when during the closing minutes he suffered a massive head injury. This brings Butchie, John, Cass, Linc, Bill, Cissy and Mitch together at the hospital, where the prognosis for Shaun is not good - a Doctor tells Mitch and Cissy that, for all intents and purposes, Shaun is brain dead. And then the final scene arrives, which is wonderful and stunning. Bill goes to see Shaun alone, with the same bird from the first episode. The bird 'kisses' Shaun on the lips, and suddenly, Shaun's eyes open brightly. The episode ends with Bill proclaiming (and all of us agreeing), 'Jesus, Mary and Joseph.'moreless

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  • 10

    Love this show! loved this episode! we get to know more about the characters backgrounds, specialy alittle more about John!

    By Jeric-Ho, Jun 19, 2007

    Another good episode! not as good as Day One though in my opinion, but i liked it as we get to know more about the characters and the strange goings on in the Yost family, and their friends!

    We actually find out that John is from Cincinnati, well he has made us believe he is, as we can't really tell as of yet what is wrong with the guy, so he may have been lying as he usually just replies to questions by asking the same queston back which is strange!, i liked the way the Bill's Bird seems to have returned the favour to Shaun by bringing him back to life, as Shaun did for the bird in Day One. that was anice touch, just shows more of the strange events that are taking place, John also seemed to get angry when Butchie got punched and guy confronted him, which seemed like his inside anger caused an earth quake, which at the same time brough Shaun to breaking his neck as he was getting ready for a large wave from the quake and he failed, leading to his broken neck.

    Good episode again, looking forward to the second part of Day Two next week!moreless

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  • 8.0

    Improvement from the pilot but still getting there!

    By JPPT1974, Jun 19, 2007

    I see a big improvement from the first show of

    The series but hopefully it will keep on improving as

    It has a lot of potential at it. We see Butchie screwing

    Up his life with drugs and being a dead beat dad. As well as John telling everybody he is from, you guess it, Cincinnati. You had to feel indeed for Shaun breaking his neck. And how much he needed his dad to be there.

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