His Visit: Day Two Continued

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  • 9.8

    This 2nd 'half' of this episode was almost the perfect 10!

    By gbvfan13, Jun 27, 2007

    It is a difficult task to post a review of this wonderful show after "jeric-ho" submits his review. If anyone hasn't somehow read his reviews thus far for this series, please do yourself the favor and look them over. He does a tremendous job.

    Well this was a fantastic episode in my opinion. Very high levels of character development, more scenes that could be classified as 'adventurous' or 'comedy.' Being that this was the continuation of the previous episode - we know Shaun was brain dead and had virtually know hope of surviving. That is, until Bill (Ed O'Neill, who only gets better and better with every episode) brings 'Zippy,' his bird, into the hospital and it kisses Shaun on the lips, which, as this episode begins, proves to be an instant cure-all for all of Shaun's very serious illnesses. The look of the Doctor's face once he sees how Shaun has progressed is one of extreme bewilderment. The rest of the episode focuses on Butchie's drug dealer(s) still hot on his tail, John 'boning' Kai (in the episodes most dramatic scene - and not for the reasons you'd expect), and Cissy and Mitch continuing their love-hate marriage.

    A really wonderful episode. As always, cannot wait until next week!moreless

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  • 8.9

    Give the show a chance!

    By JPPT1974, Jun 27, 2007

    Well the show is getting better and hope that it will stay on there like the Sopranos and Sex & the City did. Just needs to find the right audience. As we learn more about the family. John struggles to find his place in California. Cassie knows that Mitch is unaware of her connection with Linc. While a paranormal person invades the lives of the Yosts!

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