His Visit: Day Two Continued

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  • Cissy: Did you build that half-pipe? Butchie:No, mom. You did. Cissy: (Screaming and crying)And what you did was blow smoke in the phone! Yeah ma, be right there ma, sorry I couldn't help ma! I didn't even tell Shaunie you were coming over because I knew what the odds were. Where's my dad grams, where's my dad? Now you want him to break his neck.

  • Barry: Do you hear the dead man singing within, gentlemen? Ramon: I'm..half deaf from the leaf-blower. Barry: No, attorney Dickstein? Dickstein: Uh, surfer's ear. Existosis of the ear canal. Barry: I, alone, then am favoured by the jovially croaking post-coital falsetto winsomely caricaturing Debbie Boone? Barry: (singing softly)..you give me strength..to carry on.. (Reaches in and quickly slams the door to room 24) Ramon: (to Dickstein) Maybe we should get him some pea soup..

  • Dr. Smith: So how is Shaun? Cissy: Breaking my balls to let him skate. Dr. Smith: Well, I take that as a good sign.

  • (Bill is looking out the Yost's family window at the mass of people) Bill: Gawkers. Press. Candle Freaks. We're on the precipice of a cluster fuck. I'm thinking I'll go out and thin it out. Cissy: I'd appreciate it. Bill: (Reluctantly) Happy to do it.

  • Shaun: So, was I dead? Dr. Smith: You were pretty banged up when they brought you in, Shaun. Obviously you're fine. But if I had any doubts, I'd restrict your activities. Shaun: Did you think I was going to die? Dr. Smith: No, sir. No I did not.

  • John: I'd like to bone you, Kai. Kai: You are one smooth-talking city dude.

  • John: The end is near. Linc: I know. You told me.

  • (A large crowd has gathered to watch Shaun skateboard in his backyard) Kai: What's going on, John? John See God, Kai.

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Notes (2)

  • This episode's running time is 48 minutes.

  • This episode was rated TVMA for adult language and adult content.