Johnny and the Sprites

Disney Channel (ended 2008)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Johnny Helps Mother Nature / The Sprites Grow a Rainbow

    Aired 4/19/08

  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Johnny's Troll Trouble / Basil the Dogsitter

    Aired 4/5/08

  • S 3 : Ep 11

    Johnny and the Sprites Shrink / Johnny's Gotta Dance

    Aired 3/29/08

  • S 3 : Ep 10

    The Sprites Save Grotto's Grove / Seymour's New Home

    Aired 3/22/08

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    Johnny's Not Invited / Basil and the Beanstalk

    Aired 3/15/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Tartaglia

    Johnny, Miss Moldystew (Short Segments Only), Sage (Full Series Only)

  • Carmen Osbahr

    Lily (Full Series Only)

  • Natalie Venetia Belcon

    Gwen (Full Series Only)

  • Jennifer Barnhart

    Featured Puppeteer

  • Heather Asch

    Root (Full Series Only)

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Johnny and the Sprites guide at! Johnny came to live in a house in the woods to work on his music in peace, but found the woods to be populated by fairy-like creatures known as Sprites. Johnny and the Sprites sing and dance together every episode. The second season of the full series has come to an end on Playhouse Disney. This new season features both Johnny and his friend Gwen visiting Grotto's Grove. It also features new sets, some new elements for the series, and new magical abilities for the Sprites. As of late 2008, Johnny and the Sprites can no longer be seen on Playhouse Disney in the United States. Check listings in other markets. You can also catch the series on a single DVD release, Meet the Sprites! Johnny and the Sprites originally featured Ginger and Basil, two Sprites with very different talents. Ginger is a very athletic girl and Basil isn't much for sports, but he has many other talents. Also joining Johnny and the Sprites is Seymour the mole who lives in Johnny's garden. In each episode, Johnny helps one or both of these sprites with concepts such as taking turns and being patient. Each episode also features an original song written and composed by Broadway musicians. Johnny and the Sprites began as a five minute mini-show airing weekdays on Playhouse Disney. The full version premiered in January 2007 and aired every Saturday on Playhouse Disney The new edition featured new characters, new sets, and more complex plots. The full version also featured three new Sprites. Lily is a Mexican water Sprite. She is outspoken and sometimes lapses into Spanish when overexcited. Root is an earth Sprite. He is rather shy, but very good at growing plants. He is somewhat younger than the other Sprites. He affectionately refers to Johnny as "Nonny." Sage is a wise old Sprite. Though he often takes long naps and is sometimes forgetful, he is the smartest Sprite anyone knows and gives very good advice.Also joining is Gwen, a spirited woman who loves to try new things. She often assists Johnny around the house and with other projects. Watch also for special guest characters, as well as the fuzzies, a group of small, furry friends. Show Theme [Johnny] I came to live In this house in the woods To work on my music on my own But somehow I feel it's a magical place And somehow I feel I'm not alone I was just Johnny till I walked through that door But I'm not just Johnny anymore! I'm Johnny [Johnny and the Sprites] And the Sprites! [Johnny] Did you see one? Johnny [Johnny and the Sprites] And the Sprites! [Johnny] Could you be one? [Johnny and the Sprites] Johnny and the Sprites! [Sage --- Continuation in Full Series Only] Nobody else sees us, it's true [Ginger] There's only Johnny, and now there's you [Sprites] So if you should roll to Grotto's Grove Come join in a song, you can sing it too With you know who! [Johnny] Johnny [Sprites] And the Sprites! [Johnny] Sing along now... [Sprites] And the Sprites! [Johnny] That's our song now [All] Johnny and the Sprites! In the third season, the verse about only Johnny and us seeing the Sprites is replaced with a new verse, as follows: [Johnny and Ginger] Ginger and [Johnny and Basil] Basil [Johnny and Lily] Lily and [Johnny and Root] Root [Johnny] Sprites can be shy [Ginger, Basil, Lily and Root] But we're friendly [Root] And cute!moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (366)

    • Johnny: (performing "Make Someone Laugh") You can even invade a friend's personal space / When you wanna make someone laugh.

    • Johnny: Brilliant. I am a genius. This is the best birdhouse ever! (It falls apart.) This is the worst birdhouse ever. I'm good at lunch. I'll go have lunch.

    • Johnny: (singing) Now I know that you can dance. Backup Singers: Dance! Johnny: Speak in French like you're from France. Basil: Omelette de fromage. Johnny: Read a book and plant a flower garden too!

    • Johnny: (singing "There's Nobody Quite Like You") So, tell me now how do you feel about your outward appeal? Ginger: My antennae may be curly but they make me look girly! Lily: Curly and loving it, that's the stuff Johnny: You're a heck of a Sprite, can't say it enough!

    • Johnny: You know what? To use a Sprite word, your antennae are spofulous. Ginger: Hey, my antennae are spofulous!

    • Ginger: (singing "Nobody Quite Like You") Don't tell me I'm unique, that's absurd. Johnny: But you're one-of-a-kind, I give you my word. There's nobody quite like you.

    • Ginger: (regarding her antennae) I have an idea. I'll hide them. That way, nobody will know they are on my head.

    • Sage: Ginger, you know, my good friend Fennel had curly antennae too. He used them to catch wheatleberries and he was magnificent and so are you.

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    Notes (32)

    • Louise Gikow wrote the teleplay for the first story and Peggy Sarlin wrote the teleplay for the second. Both stories were directed by Richard A. Fernandes.

    • In this and future episodes, Natalie Venetia Belcon receives a "Featuring as" credit for her role on the program as Gwen. Tartaglia receives a "Starring as" credit, while all other cast members are featured under "Also starring."

    • Root, the Earth Sprite, puts in a brief appearance in this episode. He is seen talking to Sage in "Ginger's Antenna Dilemma." However, Root is not seen in any major capacity until the first story of the full series' second episode, "Root's Dadoots."

    • Premiere of the full-series version of Johnny and the Sprites, following on the popular series of five 5-minute short segments that premiered in 2005. Full series now takes place in an expanded set, featuring several new characters --- Lily the water Sprite, Root the earth Sprite, the wise Sprite known as the Sage, and Johnny's friend Gwen, an African-American woman who in this episode brings Johnny a package, though she has many other jobs as well. Miss Moldystew, Johnny's cranky neighbor in the original short segments, is no longer present. Story title, teleplay and director credits are now shown at the beginning of each story. The closing credits state that the program is "Based on a series of short films written by John Tartaglia & Jill R. Gluckson & Louise Gikow & Michael Schupbach & Daryl Watson."

    • Following the premiere of this series, Playhouse Disney aired one of its first-ever promo spots for the new CGI-animated series My Friends Tigger and Pooh. This return to the Hundred Acre Wood features familiar friends, but also two new characters --- a little girl named Darby and her dog Buster.

    • "Root's Dadoots" features the first appearance of Root, the earth Sprite, in any major capacity. Root had been seen the premiere episode of the program, but only briefly.

    • Billy Aronson wrote the teleplay for the first story and Richard A. Fernandes was the director. Chris Nee wrote the teleplay for the second story and Hugh Martin was the director.

    • Rick Gitelson wrote the teleplay for the first story and Richard A. Fernandes served as the director. Billy Aronson wrote the teleplay for the second story and it was directed by Hugh Martin.

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    Trivia (27)

    • This episode features a total of four songs. "I Just Can't Get Enough" was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the song-writing duo known as Pasek and Paul. Both "Muddle in the Puddle" and "Nobody Quite Like You" were written by Mark Hollman. Gary Adler and Phoebe Kreutz served as the writers for the song "Heads Up."

    • This episode features two original songs not previously heard. "What a Surprise" was written by Gary Adler. "Nospotalotacus" was written by Gary Adler and Phoebe Kreutz.

    • Leslie Carrera-Rudolph's arm can briefly be seen under Ginger in the scene in "Spritesgiving!" where she talks to Johnny about the chores they have to do for Spritegiving.

    • This episode featured two original songs --- "It All Adds Up to My Sister" and "A Fungus Among Us." The first song was written and composed by Gary Adler. The second was written and composed by Michael Patrick Walker.

    • This episode features two original songs --- "How it Works" and "All You Have to Do is Ask." Gary Adler and Phoebe Kreutz wrote and composed the first song, while Billy and Bobby Lopez handled the job on the second.

    • This episode features two original songs --- "Stop and Listen" and "Aloha." Ryan Cunningham and Joshua Salzman wrote and composed the first song, while Zina Goldrich and Marcy Heisler handled the second.

    • This episode features two original songs --- "Git Along Little Sprites" and "Through the Portal." The first was written and composed by Michael Patrick Walker and the second by David Kirshenbaum.

    • This episode features two original songs --- "Feelin' Grovey" and "Seymour the Sleuth." The first was written and composed by Michael Patrick Walker and the second by Laurence O'Keefe.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Lily: I am so excited. It's Johnny's birthday and here is -- oh! -- Johnny! Lily riffs off the introduction traditionally used for Johnny Carson, the former host of NBC's The Tonight Show, and the host with which the program is most associated.

    • Yolanda: Excuse me. I'm Yolanda Ivanna. And I do what I wanna. The naming of this character may be a play on the name of Ivana Trump, who was at one time married to famous business-man Donald Trump.

    • Lily: Bojingles, Bojangles, go up the stairs, left foot, right foot, dancing pair. As Lily casts a magic spell on Johnny's dancing shoes to aid his dancing, she uses the word "Bojangles." This was the nickname of Bill Robinson, a dancer born in the 1800s, as well as the only known name of a legendary dancer whose feats were immortalized in song titled "Mr. Bojangles."

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Bring shows like this back to disney jr!

    By CristinaMccan, Apr 09, 2012

  • Thank you, Disney, for making it up to us Broadway buffs! This show is great and not JUST for the kiddies.

    By jasobres, Feb 10, 2007

  • JATS are awesome!

    By Kelsica2, Feb 08, 2007

  • A wonderful original musical show for kids,catchy intro that I can't stop humming.Characters are engaging and smart while sending a positive message to the younger viewers.

    By cliff602007, Feb 05, 2007

  • By WeaselMaiden, Dec 27, 2006

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