Gwen Meets the Sprites / A Biddow for Root

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Quotes (22)

  • Johnny: Even though Root's biddow isn't exactly how it was, even though it's just a tiny piece of Root's biddow, he still loves it. So try and be careful with other people's stuff. They'll thank you for it, just like Root, because... Root: (singing) It's my biddow.

  • Basil: (singing) I stopped counting sheep / 'Cause the rock helped me sleep / A pillow that was truly hardcore.

  • Lily: (singing) Here's a great biddow, it used to be mine / No second-rate, this is top of the line / And we know you love your old one a lot, but even so... Root: No, no, no, no, no, not my biddow!

  • Lily: I was sort of cleaning Root's biddow and the whole thing fell apart.

  • Root: More dust here! Oh, you tired? Sorry, Nonny. Johnny: It's okay, Root.

  • Lily: Fedy, fidy, fody, fiddow. Let's make Root another biddow. Ta-da! Now, that's beautiful! Ha ha ha. I hope Root likes it.d

  • Lily: Oh, dear. Oh, I'd better use some really strong magic spells to get Root's biddow clean.

  • Johnny: Root's jumping all over the place with his pillow. Root: Biddow. Johnny: Right, "biddow." You see, Root calls his pillow his "biddow."

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Notes (1)

  • This episode marks the beginning of the third season, with a bigger (and slightly changed) opening sequence.

Trivia (2)

  • A new feature is added to the closing credits, an end-tag. Basil and Johnny host a game called "Basil Says" while the credits play in a fully readable format at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, Johnny now reads the title displays out loud, and summarizes the event and lesson at the end of each story.

  • Johnny and the Sprites all had various "biddows" of their own they kept when they were very young. Johnny's was a baby hat. Lily had a toy jellyfish. Ginger's was a pillow somewhat similar to Root's and Basil's was a moss-covered rock.