Johnny and the Sprites

Johnny's Sister Tina / Spritesgiving!

Season 2, Ep 3, Aired 1/20/07
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  • Episode Description
  • "Johnny's Sister Tina"Johnny is excited by a visit from his sister Tina (Tony award winner Sutton Foster), but the Sprites have no idea what a sister even is. Johnny has difficutly explaining it to them, but comes up with the idea of singing a song to express his feelings about his sister. The Sprites understand and observe as Johnny spends time with his sister. Johnny expresses that he misses not being able to see his sister more often, but the Sprites remind him that he has family in the wood --- them!"Spritesgiving!"While Johnny makes balloon animals for Gwen, the Sprites all prepare for the most important Sprite holiday --- Spritesgiving. Everyone has a lot to do and Basil is in charge of preparing the vegetables. He's convinced that Spritesgiving will be great this year, but then discovers that the vegetables have all caught the forgetgful fungus. Johnny suggests asking Sage for advice, but it turns out that Sage gets the day off. Johnny decides to encourage Root, knowing that since Root is good at gardening, he may be able to come up with a solution on his own.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Carmen Osbahr

    Lily (Full Series Only)

  • Heather Asch

    Root (Full Series Only)

  • Jennifer Barnhart

    Featured Puppeteer

  • John Tartaglia

    Johnny, Miss Moldystew (Short Segments Only), Sage (Full Series Only)

  • Lara MacLean

    Additional Puppeteer

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Basil: Okay, now tickle that tomato. Yeah, that's it! Yeah, now more! More! Come on. Go, go!

    • Basil: I give up! (singing) This is gonna be the worst Spritesgiving Day we ever had. It's gonna be bad. (He faints.)

    • Basil: A purple cucumber? Tastes like dirt! It's an outbreak and it spreads really fast! So I want you all to search my garden.

    • Basil: Aah! Blue tomato! Oh, uh. It smells like onions --- and tastes like pinecones! I'm afraid these plants have the forgetful fungus!

    • Basil: It's not a time for viewing things, it's a time for doing things.

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    Notes (1)

    • Rick Gitelson wrote the teleplay for the first story and Richard A. Fernandes served as the director. Billy Aronson wrote the teleplay for the second story and it was directed by Hugh Martin.

    Trivia (2)

    • Leslie Carrera-Rudolph's arm can briefly be seen under Ginger in the scene in "Spritesgiving!" where she talks to Johnny about the chores they have to do for Spritegiving.

    • This episode featured two original songs --- "It All Adds Up to My Sister" and "A Fungus Among Us." The first song was written and composed by Gary Adler. The second was written and composed by Michael Patrick Walker.

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