Johnny and the Sprites

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  • 9.5

    Bring shows like this back to disney jr!

    By CristinaMccan, Apr 09, 2012

    This show is so cool I remember watching this show as a little kid.I saw most of the episodes and they are actuacly very good.This,Eeurikas castle(Even though I never saw it),House of the mouse and timothy goes to school have to be brought back big time or else I will never watch Disney Jr again.

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  • 9.4

    JATS are awesome!

    By Kelsica2, Feb 08, 2007

    The songs are very catchy. My personal favorites are the theme and Heads Up. But I also like all the other songs! On this show, they don't treat the kids like morons. They're never like, "Which one is blue? Can you find the blue one? Is this one blue? Why am I so stupid?" and that's what I really like about this show. Also, the sprites are really cute! My favorites are, in this order, Lily, Ginger, Sage, Root, and Basil. Anyways, this is a really great show for your kids (and maybe even you!)moreless

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  • 10

    A wonderful original musical show for kids,catchy intro that I can't stop humming.Characters are engaging and smart while sending a positive message to the younger viewers.

    By cliff602007, Feb 07, 2007

    I watch most of the shows my 6 year old watches with a practised air of enjoyment,this show however brings a smile to even my adult senses.The shows music is excellent,which makes the show pop.The characters are very appealing and the interaction between the sprites and the real world of Johnny make it very easy for your imagination to take hold and believe that everyone should have sprites in their back garden.Lilly and Ginger seem to have a special relationship that really makes you believe they are real and not just puppets,it's amazing how talented the actors are that perform them and they can sing too!!!!moreless

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  • 1.5

    By WeaselMaiden, Dec 27, 2006

    It's about a guy and these puppet things. I do not like this this useless crap one bit. Litle kids probably don't even like this show. This will be cancelled. The guy Johnny acts like sonthing he is not and I know it. The sprites look like the were thought of in 5 minutes and they are disturbing. This is the worst playhouse Disney show in the history of horrible playhouse disney, and nick jr shows. cancell this 5 minutes of torture. Watch things like Charlie and Lola, and all of the other shows that are better than this show.moreless

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