Ride Em Goliath

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Quotes (5)

  • JoJo: (singing) First you balance like this / Then you pedal like that / Watch Goliath, he's no fraidy cat.

  • Peaches: Remember, everything happens in its own time. Flowers bloom. (The squirting flowers squirt her.) Oops! Birds fly and little lions take off their training wheels.

  • JoJo: I fell a bunch of times when I got mine off. You just have to get back on. Goliath: Don't wanna fall.

  • Peaches: I'm just keeping my eyes on the pies.

  • JoJo: I'm riding my wacky cycle. It's kinda like a bicycle, only with one wheel.

Notes (2)

  • This was the second time that Playhouse Disney split up JoJo's Circus stories to theme programming around the character Goliath. The "Ride Em Goliath" airing was a part of a special theme week called Go Go Goliath and aired with "Chores Galore" on January 6, 2006. The first half of this episode, "Silly Silly Putt Putt," did not premiere until June 18, 2006.

  • JoJo learned in "Ride Em Goliath" that things only happen when you're ready.