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    When it comes to mysteries, this show had the right stuff.

    By Maisy13, Apr 18, 2011

    I stumbled onto this show a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. I love how Jonathan reluctantly goes into a case, and still ends of solving it without breaking a sweat. With a few exceptions of course. I miss it terribly. It was well written, and had good characters. I was always curious as to why Maddy left, but I have to admit that I liked the addition of Carla to the show. I would have liked to see Maddy come back, and for her and Carla to face off for Jonathan's affections. I'm probably alone in this desire though. All in All, I loved the show, and I wish they would bring it back.moreless

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    The show follows Jonathan Creek, specialising in conjuring magic tricks who using his skills to solve some of the most baffling cases unsolved by anyone else.

    By bencoleman, Sep 10, 2010

    In my opinion if there was a word to describe this show it would be genius. The storylines are fantastic, the characters are lovable and even though it may seem silly every now and then it is pulled off very well. The episodes will keep you interested from the opening moments to the solving of the crime which are cleverly thought up and well disguised to throw you off to think something completely different. If you want a show that will excite you but also make you think and question but also scare you slightly, this is definately the show for you. Absolutely amazing.moreless

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  • 9.5

    An excellent and brilliantly cerebral show.

    By drdan2410, Sep 10, 2010

    The premise for this show is on the surface your standard murder mystery however the thing that sets it apart is the manner in which the crimes are commited. Essential the show is about Jonathan Creek a rather strange man who lives in a windmill and designs magic tricks for a living. From time to time he is called upon by an investigative journalist friend to help her investigate strange or impossible crimes using his lateral thinking mind.

    The show is fantastically writen with some very clever if overly elaborate plotlines. It is also superbly cast with Alan Davies as the title character.

    All in all this is a fantastic show and well worth a watch... just don't spend too long trying to figure out how it was done.moreless

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    "Bring that beat back to me" as Dave Matthews would say. This series is absolutely fabulous. It has it all a good crime comedy drama would need.

    By Delgada, Jul 20, 2008

    "Bring that beat back to me" as Dave Matthews would say. This series is absolutely fabulous. It has all a good crime comedy / drama would need.

    Those things are: 1st - my personal favourite - it is smart! It actualy has a plot and you have to think while watching it. 2nd - I am totaly crazy about British accent. 3rd - great British humour - this show is classic, like 'Allo'Allo or Monty Python had. Also the main characters are colorful and funny. Actors are extremaly well casted. Alan Davies - do I need to say more?

    I really like British humour and their way of making movies or tv series. This is a fine example!moreless

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    Jonathan Creek is definately one of the best television shows I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

    By mydevouredworld, Apr 09, 2006

    The classic mix of comedy, drama and mystery is what makes Jonathan Creek such a success in so many viewers eyes.

    Each and every season of this truely addictive English creation is jam packed with laughs and murder mystery to make you laugh.

    Each episode of Jonathan Creek entails some kind of mystery, usually murder, which the clever Jonathan manages to solve by the end of the show.

    Many a time will you find yourself watching Jonathan stare into space as all the pieces seem to come together in his mind, only to be left hanging for a result until the very end.

    Well know actors, comedian Alan Davies, Caroline Quentine, Anthony Head and Julia Sawalha, are the icing on the story-line cake.

    Amazing television. Jonathan Creek is the obvious choice next time you switch on the TV.moreless

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    Classic of (unintentionally) absurd English crime-writing

    By mickjames, Oct 11, 2005

    The conceit of this series--a professional magician solves "impossible" cases--is quite neat, the only problem being the cases are often still impossible at the end of the show--at least as Creek explains them.

    Just to give one example, in one "locked room" mystery a man walls himself up behind a brick wall--and then somehow manages to beautifully point the brickwork on the other side. In many episodes the motivation for murder is so slight you wonder why the perpetrators bother. It's no wonder the police give up with a shrug and stand back while Creek wanders all over their crime scene, discovering "clues" at the rate of one a minute.

    It's clear that they know what we can only dimly surmise. Creek is the murderer, but his magician's sleight of hand means they can't got any hard evidence. So they give him his head and hope he gets too arrogant and slips up. Dozens of corpses later, this strategy shows no sign of working...


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  • 9.6

    Unique drama series which will go down with the classics

    By Wezzo2005, Jul 29, 2005

    Jonathan Creek is an outstanding, unique show. It combines dark, macabre tales with humourous secondary stories successfully. It is excellently acted throughout. And most importantly, each episode has an outstanding resolution to the puzzling case featured throughout each episode.

    The focus of each episode Jonathan Creek (named after the lead character) is an unusual, dark tale - perhaps a murder, kidnapping or robbery - with one problem: it appears to be a situation impossible to have occured. Maddy Magellan (writer) and Jonathan Creek (magician's right-hand man; mastermind) are always on hand to help figure out what exactly happened. I can;t say too much more without revealing too much, but suffice to say each episode has a very unique conclusion to an otherwise incomprehensible tale.

    The secondary stories often feature magician Adam Klaus, to which Creek is a trick/set designer, getting into some kind of funny mishap. These stories are not usually the focus of the screen for most of the running time.

    The writing is consistently outstanding, each episode has a decent conclusion, and there's plenty of dramatic tension and humour mixed in.

    Crime/drama/thriller fans, this is highly recommended.moreless

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