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FOX (ended 2005)
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    Sins of the Father


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    Man Up


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    Diamonds & Guns


  • Cast & Crew
  • Franky G

    Jonny Calvo

  • Brennan Hesser

    Danni "Velvet" Stiles

  • GQ (II)

    Ed "Random"

  • Chris Bauer

    Douglas Stringer

  • Ritchie Coster


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  • Jonny Calvo's just finished serving his sentence for killing a man. Now back in society, he is determined to change his ways for good and reconcile with his ex-wife and son. However, going straight is tougher than first thought when his former employer, Garrett, seeks his services to return to his old ways, the FBI wants him to inform on Garrett and people he doesn't even know keep asking him for help.moreless

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  • Quotes (87)

    • Random: Where were you? Jonny: I was dealing with the bouncers. Random: By letting them beat you up?!

    • Garret: Tell a lot about a man from his friends, can learn even more from his enemies.

    • Jonny: I can't carry a gun. Garret: This is New York. You can't afford not to. Niko: I told you we should've got him that purse instead.

    • (Jonny is trying on a suit, being watched by Garrett, Tull and Niko) Tull: Feel like I'm watching 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'. Niko: Maybe we should take him to get his hair done next. Jonny: At least I still got some. Tull: Got ya. Niko: Maybe it's 'Straight Eye For The Queer Guy'? Four years in prison can change a man's relation. Jonny: You would know. (Niko laughs sarcastically)

    • Random: We need to bail Jonny and Kalise outta jail. How much money you got? Velvet: Forty bucks. Random: Man, we need twelve hundred and fifty. Dora: I could turn a few tricks. Velvet: (to Random) Forget it. Random: I didn't say anything.

    • Hooker: Hey baby. You look like you could use some lovin'. Jonny: You look like you could use a shave. Hooker: For twenty bucks, you can take a razor to my whole body. Jonny: For five, I'll use a hammer if you don't get outta my way.

    • Gloria: (to Jonny) You got fired from you last job, you're living with someone you don't even know, your hauling around somebody's baby. Sounds like a recipe for success.

    • Jonny: You should've gone to the police. Dora: I have an outstanding warrant for drug possession. Jonny: You still using? Dora: 'Course not. (Jonny turns her head) Jonny: The correct answer's "no".

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    Notes (53)

    • International Airdates: Denmark: June 1, 2008 on TV3+

    • Aired in Australia on February 5, 2007 on ABC TV.

    • Music in this episode included: "The Seed (2.0)" by The Roots "Cool With Cars" by Psykohed "Club Rich" by Kardel "Wepa" by Notch "Crazy Love" by Boomkat

    • International Airdates: Denmark: June 8, 2008 on TV3+

    • Aired in Australia on February 12, 2007 on ABC TV.

    • The original broadcast of this episode scored a 2.8/5 rating.

    • Brennan Hesser (Danni "Velvet" Stiles) doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Music in this episode included: "Breathe" by Fabolous "Among The Living" by Jet Set Satellite "Angel Tears" by Angel Tears "Narco Traffico" by Latin Soul Syndicate "Sangria" by IQ

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    Trivia (10)

    • The episodes were put out of order that why Jonny's son and wife think he's still not doing good.

    • Deshawn Wallace's details on his drivers license: DOB: 12-03-73 Address: 1178 100th St, Brooklyn NY 11230

    • Duke Valenti (Todd) was killed in the third episode, but he appears in this episode because FOX aired the episodes out of order.

    • When Aly pulls a gun on Jonny, it is visible but in the next shot her hand is not there.

    • In the last few minutes of the episode, someone's fingers appear on the lower left side of the camera as a silouette but it's hard to see as Garrett's jacket provides a camoflauge for them.

    • Jonny's number on his buisness card: 917-555-5664

    • Random finds out about his father's past.

    • When Nina answers the door you can hear the cop call her Nina Edwards.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Niko: Four years in prison can change a man's relation. Jonny: You would know. R.E Rodgers, who plays Niko, should know because he was a prisoner on Oz for 5 seasons.

    • The scene where Random is walking to the club is similar to John Travolta's walk in 'Saturday Night Fever' to the tune of 'Staying Alive' by 'The Bee Gees'. (Although the song is slightly modernized when Random is walking)

    • When Jonny rips Niko's shirt, he sees a swastika tattoed to his chest. Niko goes to explain he got it tattoed while in prison. This is another allusion to R.E. Rodgers who played the role of a white supremist in the TV series, Oz.

    • (About Jonny) Vincent: I didn't know he played chess. Random: Yeah, he's a real Bobby Fischer. Vincent: Who's Bobby Fischer? Bobby Fischer is an American chess Grandmaster and became the only US-born chessplayer to become the official World Chess Champion.

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  • Fox showed no love

    By bilbahr, Feb 20, 2015

  • Treated very unfairly

    By Ho_Man, Mar 02, 2007

  • Better than everyone leads it on to be.

    By rc8292, Mar 16, 2006

  • Come on, I thought it was great!

    By sushipit, Mar 05, 2006

  • Fun while it lasted!!

    By azz_youcansee, Nov 03, 2005