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    Don't understand ...

    By moon50, Yesterday

    How Judge Judy can be so impossibly horrible, rude, disrespectful and belittling to people in her courtroom. She's an embarrassment, and Judge Wapner, a dignified gracious person who was the first judge on the show, said pretty much that once when asked about her. Have we as viewers sunk that much that we deserve her?

    Judge Alex, for example, had a great sense of humor, listened to those before him, and seemed to apply the law in a much more even way. But, he's now off the air, sadly. Judge Marilyn Milan thankfully is still going strong, and she seems to actually listen to the litigants and only loses it when seriously pushed, unlike Judge Judy who does it for sport.

    Why do so many people find it fun to watch people get bullied? And why the heck do people go on her show? I guess they do it so if they win they can collect, and if they lose they don't have to pay, but no $$ seems worth agreeing to be humiliated on national television by a sadistic judge.

    I get that it's an entertainment show, but the times I watched her, I was left wondering what the story of the other side even was, because she wasn't giving them time to give a few more details. It would be nice as a viewer to be able to actually learn something, but not only did I sit through cringe-worthy disrespect and behavior, but learned nothing.

    She decides who is lying and who isn't based on what makes sense to her, what decision she - or one of her kids/grandkids - would make in a given situation. But that ivory tower life experience is just not the same as many of the litigants before her.moreless

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    Someone tell the judge how relative velocity works and make her watch some billiard balls collide at different speeds and angles

    By max2025, Mar 12, 2015

    I generally like her and she makes sense, but when it comes to judging car crashes, she has no idea what she's doing. Being logical and right a lot does not make one a specialist in all aspects of life and, in this case, in classical mechanics. Frustrating to see people having to pay because of judge's lack of understanding in an area. She should ask for help from a specialist. Still, an entertaining show for the view into human nature and into how crappy real people can be. Amazing that all of them swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and then all pretenses drop...


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    judge joke judy

    By jdicus1, Mar 02, 2015

    People this is a tv show all about ratings and dollars!a scam show at is not a legal court of law but then again there are no legal courts in the unnazi states of america!

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    By winddancer1863, Dec 29, 2014

    When she told a man she didn't care if his mother was

    In hospice and died, how horrible. She must not have love

    and lost.

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    Joke !!!!

    By robinrenee1, Dec 28, 2014

    If she were in a real court room she would go to jail !!!!! What an idiot !!! No wonder this country is going to hell !!!!!!!!! Can't Hollywood do any better ?

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    Judge Judy tells it like it is!

    By factsdontchange, Dec 24, 2014

    She wants FACTS not BS and it is a legal COURT so you need to come prepared to be on her is FAIR and she wants the many people clearly LIE when they get there she has seen the complaints and knows already who is lying then she reads body show is awesome and I think she is the best Judge on others think so too she is highest paid in Hollyweird..

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    She is a misandrist

    By Celtics, Dec 24, 2014

    Judy's comments to men, most of them at least, but sometimes she's OK, is that he is wrong, and, she is a feminazi and a misandrist. SHE DOES NOT LIKE MEN and any idiot can see this; she is the most disrespectful to them--most of the time. She puts words in the women's mouths (like we are too dumb to see what she is doing. They must be all female producers/directors on the TV, program. She makes 40M per year, and does not deserve it. She is unjust, abusive (mostly to men), rude, insulting and aggressive.moreless

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    Judge Judy rocks!!

    By bjoh249, Dec 12, 2014

    We have become a society that wants to blame others for our troubles. No one wants to accept responsibility for anything anymore. No doubt, that idiot in the White House is contributing a lot to it. Thank God we still have a few good ones like Judge Judy. Keep fighting, girl!

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    terrible judge

    By tinaathompson1, Dec 01, 2014

    is a very rude person i'v never heard a judge talk to people the way she does,calling them liars, loosers,that is totally unacceptable,and to the one that said we are jealous,let me clue you in is a very mean,rude,degrating person,jealously no,disgust yes

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    The show is disappointing

    By KevalNonnie, Nov 29, 2014

    I used to like Judge. I could even say I have learned a thing or two about law. Lately however, I am disappointed. The show is becoming more and more like Jerry Springer show, except in this show, the Judge beats up on the litigants. If this show is getting ratings, it only shows how people are losing respect for other human beings.

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