Judging Amy

CBS (ended 2005)
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  • S 6 : Ep 22

    My Name is Amy Gray...

    Aired 5/3/05

  • S 6 : Ep 21

    Getting Out

    Aired 4/26/05

  • S 6 : Ep 20

    Too Little, Too Late

    Aired 4/19/05

  • S 6 : Ep 19

    Revolutions Per Minute

    Aired 4/12/05

  • S 6 : Ep 18

    Sorry I Missed You

    Aired 4/5/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tyne Daly

    Maxine Gray

  • Jessica Tuck

    Gillian Gray

  • Richard T. Jones

    Bruce Van Exel

  • Amy Brenneman

    Amy Madison Gray

  • Timothy Omundson

    Sean Potter (Episodes 117-, recurring previously)

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  • show Description
  • Judging Amy is a drama starring Amy Brenneman as a single mother who has left New York behind to become a Family Court judge in Hartford, Connecticut. Judge Amy Gray is divorced and raising her young daughter, Lauren (Karle Warren.) They live with Amy's very opinionated mother Maxine (Tyne Daly), a social worker who is often at odds with her boss, Sean (Timothy Omundson.) Amy has re-established relationships with her younger brother Vincent (Dan Futterman,) her older brother Peter (Marcus Giamatti,) and his wife Gillian (Jessica Tuck). Assisting Amy in the courtroom are her Court Services officer, Bruce Van Exel (Richard T. Jones,) and her eager court clerk turned lawyer, Donna Kozlowski (Jillian Armenante). Judging Amy, based on the real-life story of Brenneman's mother, is about three generations of women living together as they confront the personal and professional dilemmas in their changing, challenging lives.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (328)

    • Amy: Yes, you nailed it. He's a cross-dressing serial killer.

    • Maxine: I know more about her ovaries than I do my own.

    • Vincent: This is what we call 'middle class angst.

    • Lauren: (talking about her book report) I was gonna do The Secret Garden, but I'm doing Everybody Poops instead. Amy: How about... 'Everybody Poops in the Secret Garden'?

    • Lauren: Why are they talking about us like we're not here? Amy: It's a family tradition, sweetie.

    • Bruce: Do you have a problem with me not being a woman? Amy: Not if you don't.

    • Vincent: She's asleep. Amy: She doesn't want me to tuck her in? Vincent: No. No, she's not interested. She says that she loves you, but that she's not in love with you. No, that was another conversation.

    • Lauren: That's ridiculous! Cars just don't start moving. Vincent: Please, Judge, give me a chance. I don't want to go to jail. Lauren: Well, what are you going to do for me? Vincent: I don't think Judge Barbie's supposed to say that. Amy: Ok, bedtime!

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    Notes (98)

    • International Titles: -Germany: Fuer alle Faelle Amy (Amy in any case) -Croatia: Sutkinja Amy (Judge Amy) -Denmark: Amys ret (Amy's court or Amy's rights) -Finland: Amyn lailla (Like Amy or With Amy's law) -Italy: Giudice Amy (The Judge Amy) -Portugal: A Juiza (The Judge) -Spain: La Juez Amy (Judge Amy) -Sweden: Vem doemer Amy? (Who judges Amy?) -Slovenia: Nasa sodnica (Judging Amy)

    • Nielsens ratings Judging Amy Pilot came in at # 2; Pulled in 19.6 million viewers.

    • Music: David Bowie did "Under Pressure" from his "Best of Bowie" cd; Stevie Wonder did "Higher Ground" from his "Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection" cd.

    • Judging Amy, Short Calendar was show again on 12/21/99, came in at #15 on the Nielsens ratings, pulled in 12.57 million viewers.

    • Nielsens ratings Judging Amy Short Calendar came in at # 29.

    • Trial By Jury was shown again on 01/04/00 coming in at #33.

    • Nielsens ratings Judging Amy Trial By Jury came in at # 12; bring in a total of 15.70 million viewers; season-to-date ranking for Judging Amy # 18.

    • Music: Shawn Colvin did "This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)" from her "Cover Girl" cd.

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    Trivia (52)

    • Goof: Amy is driving Bruce home and Amy talks to him about why he seems distant and quiet. As Bruce tells her to make the next right, they drive past a fast food restaurant, a Carl's Jr. There are no Carl's Jr.'s in the state of Connecticut where the show is supposed to take place. They are a west coast fast food establishment, primarily located in California.

    • Goof: The wide shot of Jodi playing a Nintendo 64 reveals that there's no game in the console.

    • Vincent said the steaks were spoiled. Frozen meat that is kept in a cooling freezer does not spoil in less than 12 hours. Additionally, the packages of steaks were not leaking blood-colored juice, as steaks usually do as they de-frost.

    • This is the last appearance of John Slattery as Michael Cassidy. The character would later be played by Richard Burgi.

    • In a later episode, Boys to Men, while Maxine and Jared are planning their wedding, Maxine tells Jared that her and Edward's anniversary is May 25th.

    • When Donna is visiting Vincent at Maxine's house, she is talking about the fetus liking heavy metal. She is proud that her baby is a little metal head. This is ironic since in later episodes Donna is totally into broadway musicals. Typically, the two do not mix.

    • Amy made decisions in court based on her instincts and biases. She saw a young boy and thought she had a crush on a neighber girl. She let him off with a warning. He returned to court after he threatened the girl with a weapon. She saw a teenaged male (white) as a victim of another teenaged male (black) attack, initially. When more of the story became apparent, she realized that the white male was as guilty as the black male, who died in the attack.

    • In a recent episode, Maxine states (twice) that her husband died 11 years ago. It this episode, she says that her husband died 10 years ago.

      In season six Lauren is doing a school project on grandparents and Amy says Maxine was 10 when her (Maxine's) mother died and Maxine snaps back "I was 11"!  Probably a reference to the mistake.

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    Allusions (80)

    • The title of the episode is, "Trial by Jury." This is an allusion to the saying "trial by fire," which means that a person or item is being tested without much training.

    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is "Victim Soul." This is an allusion to the phrase "lost soul," which refers to someone who cannot be saved.

    • Episode Title: The title of the episode, "Last Tango in Hartford" is an allusion to the "Last Tango in Paris."

    • Episode Title: The title of the episode is, "Witch Hunt." This is an allusion to the issue about the mother in this story practicing wiccan ways.

    • The episode is titled, "Impartial Bias," which is ironic. A bias makes one partial to one side or another.

    • The title of this episode, "The persistence of Tectonics" is appropriate. Tectonics refers to the constant but slow movement of the earth's plates.

    • Episode Title: The title of the episode is, "Spoil the Child." The allusion is to the saying, "Spoil the Child and Spare the Rod."

    • The allusion in the title of this episode is a common saying used in the car industry. How quickly can you get a car to 60 MPH? It relates to the performance of a car.

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    By VickiWalsh360, Dec 17, 2013

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    By hibiscusrose, Dec 02, 2013

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    By shuttlepod3, Aug 21, 2013

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    By charlesrobins3, Jan 28, 2013

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