Judgment Day

G4 (ended 2005)
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  • S 4 : Ep 48

    War & Espionage

    Aired 12/23/05

  • S 4 : Ep 47

    Fear Factor

    Aired 12/16/05

  • S 4 : Ep 46

    Big Air

    Aired 12/9/05

  • S 4 : Ep 45

    Go All In

    Aired 12/2/05

  • S 4 : Ep 44

    Shoot To Thrill

    Aired 11/26/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Victor Lucas


  • Tommy Tallarico


  • Evangeline Lilly

    Hardware Girl

  • Sarah La Greca

    Hardware Girl

  • Michelle Kulas

    Hardware Girl

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  • All Verdicts are Final! Join hosts Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico as they rate and review the latest games and hardware for all platforms. Each is rated on a scale from 0 to 10 and the final segment pits two similar games against each other. And if you're lucky, you might find some buried treasure along the way. Just remember, don't expect them to hold anything back, Tommy never sugarcoats any judgment. Show Notes: - Judgment Day originated on Tommy and Vic's other show The Electric Playground. This show is technically a spin-off. - Outside of the U.S. the show is refered to as Reviews on the Run and has an additional 1 minute and 30 seconds added to the episode. - Yes, Lost's Evangeline Lilly did appear as a JD girl. - The show ended in the U.S. soon after the G4 network began to rely less on video game shows.moreless

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  • Quotes (113)

    • Tommy: Who sat down and approved this and said, "Yeah, that sounds pretty good. I like hearing that 400 times in a minute."

    • Victor: I'm gonna give it 7.5 out of 10. Tommy: Woah. Victor: What about you. Tommy: Ah man. You should eat that yellow snow.

    • Tommy: They're trying to do that whole 80s, trying to be rock and roll/pop music vibe, you know. (Singing) Sonic, yeah. Go Sonic. Giga Gee.

    • Tommy: I'm trying to kill aliens over here! I don't need this in my ear and this guy in this ear! Shut Up!!! I'm trying to kill!!!

    • Tommy: Steals your girlfriend. Victor: Steals your girlfriend. Marries your girlfriend. Tommy: I hate when that happens. Victor: And then he brings up all the undead creatures to help him sorta rule the world.

    • Victor: Most of the best sports games have been on other systems. So when you move over to the Gamecube and you pick up a basketball game, it is gonna feel a little bit weird.

    • Victor: None of the other EA Sports tracks sound like this game. Tommy: Thank God!

    • Tommy: Winning Eleven 8, 8? Victor: Yes.

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    Notes (135)

    • Buried Treasure: Tommy -Treasures of the Deep (PSOne)

    • Buried Treasure: Victor - Panzer Dragoon Saga (SEGA Saturn)

    • Buried Treasure: Comix Zone (Sega Genesis)

    • "Unbiased" Game Review Alert The Maximo game being reviewed had the audio produced by Tommy's Tommy Tallarico Studios.

    • Buried Treasure: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

    • Buried Treasure: Tommy - Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest (GBC)

    • Buried Treasure: Weaponlord (SNES)

    • Buried Treasure: Tommy - Wild 9 (PSOne)

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    Trivia (88)

    • Wardrobe Victor: Tan Coat Tommy: Black Trenchcoat Hardware Girl: Black "Silicon Valley or Bust" Shirt

    • Closing Credits - Outtakes Tommy attempts to make the no look basket.

    • Wardrobe Tommy - New York Yankee's #77 Pinstripes Jersey Victor - Purple/Green/Black Striped Shortsleeve Shirt Hardware Girl: White "Lara Who?" T-shirt

    • Audio Starting for the Maximo review, Tommy has a few noticible voice-over edits where his audio is cleaned up. These appear to have been added in post production.

    • The scoreboard reads: Visitor: 85 Home: 88 Vistor scores (85) Player #3 - Fouls: 2 Points: 5 Player #4 - Fouls: 2 Points: 8 Player #5 - Fouls: 1 Points: 30 Player #11 - Fouls: 4 Points: 5 Player #32 - Fouls: 4 Points: 7

    • High Scoring Games Victor gives Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox a perfect 10.0.

    • Clips from this show are usually shown in reference to Lost star Evangeline Lilly's early work.

    • Wardrobe Victor: Black long sleeve, Denim jacket. Tommy: Black sweater JD Girl: White "Lara Who?" T-Shirt.

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    Allusions (10)

    • Episode Title "Freak on a Leash" comes from the the title of a song by the heavy rock band Korn.

    • Episode Title Title refers to the 1987 movie Good Morning Vietnam starring Robin Williams.

    • Title: Punishment. Title refers to the game - based on a movie, that was based on a comic called The Punisher. The title may also refer to the "punishment" Vic and Tommy had to endure in playing two really bad, low scoring video games: Torrente and Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood .

    • Video Game The Hardware Girl is wearing a T-shirt saying "I Drive a Warthog". This is a reference to the vehicle driven in the Halo video game series.

    • Video Game The Hardware Girl is wearing a T-shirt saying "I Drive a Warthog". This is a reference to the vehicle driven in the Halo video game series.

    • T-shirt: I Drive a Warthog The Hardware Girl is wearing this T-shirt, which is a reference to the vehicle called a "Warthog" which is in the video game Halo.

    • Title: Come Get Some The title is a reference to a line from the Evil Dead movie series, "Come get some."

    • Victor: Are they wearing "Video Games Live" T-shirts in the game? Reference is to Tommy's 2005 "Video Games Live" concert tour. Essentially, they play video game music in a concert-like atmosphere at venues across Canada and the United States.

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