Junkyard Wars

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Notes (10)

  • First crossover of the hosts between UK and USA versions of the shows.

  • Rene Pohl is from Germany, but he happens to speak Russian and joined the Russian Bears.

  • When this season aired in the UK, the title screen identified it as "Scrapheap Challenge USA" (previous seasons were shown under their original US title).

  • The High Flyers' team captain, Ed Schafer, is the former governor of North Dakota. In January 2008, he became Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.

  • In TLC's web site, it mentioned the second track of the Triple Track Challenge would be a figure-8 course, but the track appeared in the show is not a figure-8 course. In addition, the champion ship rule was changed from getting the highest score in all 3 races to winning the oval track race.

  • Starting with this episode, the 'Junkyard Mega-Wars' show title is used in regular tournaments.

  • Although TLC web site claimed it was a Junkyard Wars tournament, and the tournament followed the old Junkyard Wars rule, the show was titled 'Junkyard Mega-Wars' during its broadcast.

  • The Scrappy Races series has not been aired on TLC.

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Trivia (2)

  • A last minute safety addition required by the shows producers to one team's machine helped cause it breakage.

  • The Jet Doctors' expert is Greg Long of the Long Brothers team, US champions of Season 4, and World Champions from beating out the Season 3 champions.