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    The gem of TNBC Saturday morning programming.

    By PhantomFly, Aug 15, 2005

    This show premiered on NBC Saturday mornings when I was 14, and I loved it. The comedy wasn't hokey like other TNBC shows such as Hang Time and City Guys, and the drama wasn't as overdone as shows like Dawson's Creek. It was believable and at times poignant.

    TNBC in itself was probably an underappreciated gem; you don't see whole blocks of teen shows like that anymore, except perhaps on The WB. The "Discovery Kids" programming NBC now shows on Saturday mornings just isn't as good, and it also shows the rise of media conglomeration (ABC/Disney and CBS/Nickelodeon have followed suit with their Saturday morning programming, which is basically repeats of the cable shows).

    I'd like to see this show released on DVD or at least replayed sometime (I missed the reruns on The N).moreless

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