Just Deal

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Quotes (59)

  • Dylan: I'm the lamest person in the world.

  • Dylan: (To Jermaine, after taking his dating advice) Dude, you suck!

  • Dylan: We've been here a half-hour. Restaurant Host: Lucky you. I've been here six years.

  • Ash: I am such an idiot! Naomi: You sounded like one, too.

  • Naomi: (To Ash) Are you like, missing female DNA or something?

  • Dylan: Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

  • Ash: You must be out of your mind! Dylan: Sanity is overrated.

  • Jermaine: Aren't you the same girl who told Naomi she was too concerned about her looks? Ash: She is. Jermaine: And you're not? Ash: This is different. Dylan: How? Ash: This is about me.

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Notes (74)

  • Dylan would be repeating a grade if he had not gone to summer school.

  • Hunter suggests that Naomi is too thin (aka anoxeric) and Naomi points out that Hunter spent the summer in jail. Hunter says it was a youth correctional facility and at least they ate.

  • Music: "Circumstance" by MXPX "Southbound" by MXPX "Monster" by Gerlinda Grimes

  • On the N-Channel, which began rebroadcasting Just Deal in January 2003, this episode was identified as being titled "The Unusual Suspect." See the note for "The Right Question" (episode #4) for more on the somewhat unusual history of this episode title.

  • In this episode it's mentioned that Ash's parents divorced when she was 11.

  • NBC originally announced that an episode entitled "The Unusual Suspect" would be broadcast on October 21, 2000. Instead this episode, "The Right Question," was shown on that date. "The Unusual Suspect" then became a sort of mystery among fans of the show, a suspected "lost episode" that had never been seen. Then in 2003 the mystyery was cleared up when the N-channel (Noggin) rebroadcast the episode "State of Emergency" (the one previous to this one, see the note on its page) under the title "The Unusual Suspect."

  • Music: "Bed of Pain" by Joe Davies "Clean" by Evan Olson "Coupleskate" by Joe Christmas

  • Music: "Have I Said Too Much" by Slick Shoes "Over There" by Pulse "Sun Days" by Concepito "Underground Goddess" by Shang Tsung

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Trivia (6)

  • Continuity error: When the list is passed around for guesses at what kind of plastic surgery Naomi is going to have, the first girl checks "Butt lipo." But when the next girl gets it, the check mark is next to "Breasts." That girl is then seen checking breasts for the first time, then butt lipo is seen being checked again for the first time.

  • Hunter notes that the Joffrey Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre are both in town, but we think it is highly unlikely that both organizations would be appearing in the same city at the same time, unless they were in a very large cultural capital like New York.

  • Ash says she doesn't believe in the soul living on after death, but later in the episode at the graveyard, she's concerned about visiting "the living dead."

  • Ash refers to the artist-turned-film director Julian Schnabel as "Schabel" on one occasion.

  • The team playing Washington in the basketball game the guys are watching is identified as Oregon, then as Oregon State.

  • Jewel Staite's (Laurel) last name was originally misspelled "Satie" in the credits. [We can sympathize. We've misspelled it several times--Ed.] It was corrected for later syndicated broadcasts.

Allusions (22)

  • Jermaine: You and Ash look like the American Gothic portrait. Grant Wood's American Gothic (1930) is one of the most recognized paintings in American history. It is a portrait of a small-town farmer and his unmarried daughter, but most people assume the subjects are husband and wife. The painting and the couple are often used as a simile for provincialism or being "square."

  • Jermaine: Hey, Dylan. Hey, Rudolph. Jermaine's reference compares Ash to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a character that was actually created by the Montgomery-Ward department store chain in 1939 and who was immortalized in song by Gene Autrey in 1947.

  • Dylan: Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful. Dylan quotes a line made famous by actress Kelly LeBrock in commercials she made in the late 1980s for Pantene hair products.

  • Benny: I'm going to give you some sage advice I leaned from Reader's Digest. Reader's Digest is a monthly magazine with a large circulation that has been in existence for decades. It gathers and prints articles on a wide variety of general interest topics.

  • Emily Gordon: She's an overbearing June Cleaver... June Cleaver was the mother on the classic American sitcom Leave It to Beaver (1957-1963). She was played by actress Barbara Billingsly. To many she and the show represent a perfect vision of Americana, but to others they are the epitome of the sterile, conservative, straightlaced, unemotional 1950's, where all traces of controversy and discord are repressed.

  • Jermaine: "'The Seven Comforts' by Favorita, a little band from Sweden."
    When Jermaine applies for the job at the Vinyl Frontier, Benny gives him a test, having him identify one artist after another from their recordings. Jermaine identifies the Flaming Lips (classifying them as "alternative"), Jimmy Cliff ("reggae"), Elvis Costello ("pop," he might get an argument there), John Coltrane ("jazz"), Garth Brooks ("in my opinion one of the signs of the Apocalypse") and Marvin Gaye ("a musical god"). Benny then gives him a "speed round," playing in order (but unheard by the viewer) the Pixies, Grandmaster Flash, Wham!, Radiohead, Ice Cube, Ice T, Vanilla Ice, AWOL 1(?), U2, the Three Tenors, the Four Tops and Jurassic Five. Finally he asks Jermaine how he would classify the box set "Our Poor" by the Residents (full title: Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses').

  • Hunter: The Joffrey or the American? The Joffrey Ballet Theatre of Chicago and the American Ballet Theatre are two of America's leading and most-respected ballet organizations. Both of them have touring companies that perform around the world.

  • Jermaine: "Limp Bizkit?" "'Respect' by Aretha." Jermaine tells Kim that he can guess what any customer in the record store is looking for, and he displays this talent by guessing that a couple is looking for something "trendy, with an edge."--Limp Bizkit. They are a Florida band who play an agressive brand of metal, punk and hip-hop with lyrics that offend some people at times. They gained great popularity in the last half of the 1990's. A few moments later Benny, the store manager, asks Jermaine to guess what tune is going through his head. Jermain's answer is "Respect," a number one hit for Aretha Franklin in June 1967. Nicknamed "the Queen of Soul," Franklin is considered by many to be the greatest female singer of the rock era. "Respect" was written by fellow soul singer Otis Redding, and he had a minor hit with the song himself before her million-selling recording of it. It is probably her best-known song.

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