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Quotes (6)

  • Jermaine: Uhh, about my first love? Mandy: Yeah? Jermaine: That'd be Kim. Don't tell anybody.

  • Dylan: (to Ash) I guess I can deal with losing my girlfriend, but I can't deal with losing my friend too.

  • Ash: (to Dylan) I'm really sorry about what I did. But, do we have to lose everything?

  • Ash: Because of him [Dylan], I tried things I never would have on my own. He helped me make a whole new life. He's the best friend I ever had.

  • Benny: Well, there's some people that can meet in high school that can stay together forever, I mean, look at Romeo and Juliet. Kim: They died! Benny: OK, bad example.

  • Ash: I'm not going. I may never go back to school. I might...take a year or two! I'll take a semester abroad. Emily Gordon: Oh, that's an option--in college, not high school.

Notes (5)

  • Despite his assertion that an 800 was a perfect score, the SAT's had been recentered in 1996 and while 800 (1600 on the SAT) remained the top score, it no longer guaranteed perfection. On the old, uninflated scale a score from a 1490 to 1600 could result in a 1600 on the new, inflated scale. So Jermaine's score under the uninflated system might have been as low as 750 or 745. Or it could have bee a true 800.

  • Jermaine says that he scored a perfect 800 on his PSAT (Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test).

  • Music: "Deadman" by The Dingees "You Are Me" by Elephant Band "S Is for Susan" by Park "The Closest Thing" by the Juliana Theory

  • This episode premiered Wednesday, July 24 on the Fox Kids network in Australia.

  • "Yearbook" was an early working title for Just Deal.

Allusions (1)

  • Mandy: This isn't Behind the Music! Behind the Music is a series of documentaries that have aired on the cable music channel VH1 since 1997. Made with the cooperation of those profiled, it takes a look at the careers of pop singers, rock groups and other musicians. Almost all of the installments feature up-and-down stories of huge career successes followed by hard times (frequently the result of drug use) and career rebuilding.