Just for Kicks

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)
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  • show Description
  • Whoopi Goldberg, the five-time Kids' Choice Award-winner, presents a new live-action series about four young girls on a very successful girls soccer team. The players, however, are as diverse as you could think. One is a tomboy, one is an A+ student destined for an Ivy League college, one is a rebel, and one is a popular girl. This series chronicles their lives both on and off the soccer field, seeing how each deals with both personal and social issues.Developed by Goldberg, who has to her credit at least one of just about every prestigious award out there, including the Emmy, the Oscar, the Grammy and the Tony Award, she is also an executive producer, as are Tom Leonardis, David Brookwell ("Even Stevens") and Sean McNamara ("That's So Raven")."Just For Kicks" was originally scheduled to premiere in September 2005, but due to production delays, was moved to April 2006. The show will premiere on April 9th with a one-hour event from 7-8 pm ET/PT in Nickelodeon's TEENick programming block. The show then moves to its regular time, Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 13

    The Longest Yarn

    Aired 8/13/06

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Waiting for Fleishman

    Aired 7/23/06

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Alexa in Charge

    Aired 7/16/06

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    We Aren't Family

    Aired 7/9/06

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Out of Time

    Aired 6/18/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Katija Pevec

    Lauren Zelmer

  • Jerad Anderson

    Chris D' Amico

  • Jessica Williams

    Vida Atwood

  • Francesca Catalano

    Alexa D'Amico

  • Mallory Low

    Freddie Costello

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (32)

    • Vida: Okay Dana starting now you mess with Lauren your messing with me, you mess with any of our teamates your messing with me. Bottom line is we're a team.

    • Lauren: What is going on with you two? Alexa: Got an hour or three.

    • Vida's Brother: Hey Dad...... Vida's Dad: No!

    • Coach: Dana how was you off-season? Dana: I'm captain coach, there is no off season.

    • Freddie: Have you ever been on a team before? Alexa: Well not like this.......

    • Alexa: Look whatever you think of me at school at school is no reason not to take me seriously here.

    • Freddie: (sarcastically) Wait aren't you guys late for your meeting of Classic peoples popularity club? Alexa: No, thanks for your concern we changed it to 2:30.

    • Freddie: Ratcakes.

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    Notes (75)

    • Whoopi Goldburg made this show since she didn't think there were enough show's about Soccer.

    • This episode was availible to watch on turbo nick before the show aired.

    • This episode was 4 minutes long and aired before the series aired.

    • Apparently, Freddie and Alexa were enemies at the beginning of the series.

    • We learn that Lauren's mom is over protective.

    • We learn that Chris is a paperboy.

    • Lauren's favorite snack is brown rice.

    • After this episode aired the full length version was availible on Turbo-Nick.

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    Trivia (8)

    • Apparently Lauren has another crush besides Chris.

    • Pasta is Vida's favorite pre-game snack.

    • Vida is aware that she is obsessed with soccer.

    • Alexa met the Pizza Delivery Guy at summer camp.

    • We Learn that this is Laurens first sleep-over

    • Vida's Little brother is seen again in this episode.

    • Vida's little brother has a crush on Alexa in this episode.

    • Apparently Freddie has a grandmother named Lucy.

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    Allusions (8)

    • "The Right Size" is an allusion of the famous saying just the right size.

    • The name of this episode may be a reference to the song "It's My Party And I'll cry if I want to."

    • I Love Lucy was an old tv show staring Lucille Ball

    • "Sisters Before Misters" is an allusion of Age Before Beauty.

    • "We Aren't Family" is an allusion of the popular song "We Are Family."

    • The title is probably from "Charles in Charge."

    • This is probably a reference to "Waiting for Freshman."

    • The episode title for this episode is probably from the movie title "The Longest Yard".

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  • Fan Reviews (23)
  • If only good shows showed on T.V.

    By titan4lizife, Aug 01, 2008

  • Why did this show have to end so early? :(

    By jww047, Jun 22, 2007

  • See? This is exactly why I'm an animation fan!

    By Nicktoonsfan, May 02, 2007

  • This was a great show!

    By VGFreak8, Apr 21, 2007

  • Wow this was borring, stupid, and pointless!

    By kitty_girl_123, Dec 29, 2006