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Quotes (32)

  • Vida: Okay Dana starting now you mess with Lauren your messing with me, you mess with any of our teamates your messing with me. Bottom line is we're a team.

  • Lauren: What is going on with you two? Alexa: Got an hour or three.

  • Vida's Brother: Hey Dad...... Vida's Dad: No!

  • Coach: Dana how was you off-season? Dana: I'm captain coach, there is no off season.

  • Freddie: Have you ever been on a team before? Alexa: Well not like this.......

  • Alexa: Look whatever you think of me at school at school is no reason not to take me seriously here.

  • Freddie: (sarcastically) Wait aren't you guys late for your meeting of Classic peoples popularity club? Alexa: No, thanks for your concern we changed it to 2:30.

  • Freddie: Ratcakes.

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Notes (75)

  • Whoopi Goldburg made this show since she didn't think there were enough show's about Soccer.

  • This episode was availible to watch on turbo nick before the show aired.

  • This episode was 4 minutes long and aired before the series aired.

  • Apparently, Freddie and Alexa were enemies at the beginning of the series.

  • We learn that Lauren's mom is over protective.

  • We learn that Chris is a paperboy.

  • Lauren's favorite snack is brown rice.

  • After this episode aired the full length version was availible on Turbo-Nick.

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Trivia (8)

  • Apparently Lauren has another crush besides Chris.

  • Pasta is Vida's favorite pre-game snack.

  • Vida is aware that she is obsessed with soccer.

  • Alexa met the Pizza Delivery Guy at summer camp.

  • We Learn that this is Laurens first sleep-over

  • Vida's Little brother is seen again in this episode.

  • Vida's little brother has a crush on Alexa in this episode.

  • Apparently Freddie has a grandmother named Lucy.

Allusions (8)

  • "The Right Size" is an allusion of the famous saying just the right size.

  • The name of this episode may be a reference to the song "It's My Party And I'll cry if I want to."

  • I Love Lucy was an old tv show staring Lucille Ball

  • "Sisters Before Misters" is an allusion of Age Before Beauty.

  • "We Aren't Family" is an allusion of the popular song "We Are Family."

  • The title is probably from "Charles in Charge."

  • This is probably a reference to "Waiting for Freshman."

  • The episode title for this episode is probably from the movie title "The Longest Yard".