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  • Nina: (on Maya) She'll be gone by the end of the day. Dennis: Great. Just make it look like an accident. Nina: No, no, No. She's leaving on her own. Dennis: Got it. We never spoke.

  • Nina: Maya, dear, I understand you're writing this month's relationship column. Can I peek? Elliot: You peaked years ago, honey.

  • Elliot: Nina, you really have to stop hiring these waify models. Nina: Why? Elliot: Because I turned on the fan and she blew into the wall.

  • Dennis: Listen up, I just got the cyberskinny on our little friend, Maya: Stanford grad, dean's list, no current boyfriend, but she is on the pill. Nina: You got all that on the Internet? Dennis: Yeah, and rifling through her purse.

  • Elliot: Can we get started, please? Because I need to reshoot Noelle for that thong piece. Nina: Why? Elliot: Why not?

  • Maya: Hi, everyone. Nina: Maya, darling, were you in the neighborhood, or is this "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"?

  • Nina: (to Finch) One more crack like that, and I'll put the M&M's on the high shelf.

  • Maya: I once did a news report on the dangers of plastic surgery and do you know what the statistics say?
    Nina: Yes, that nine out of ten men prefer women with big boobs.
    Elliot: And the tenth guy preferred the nine other men.

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Notes (123)

  • The German episode title is "Bitte recht freundlich", meaning "Asking with Friendliness".

  • JSM's official Season One time slot was on Wednesday, but this show was originally aired the night before to give us a "sneak preview". More than likely, NBC wanted to ensure people saw the pilot by airing right after the high-rated Frasier to attract people's attention to the show so they would follow it into its regular Wednesday slot.

  • The pilot episode was reshot just before JSM premiered, but the original first scene was kept, which explains Laura San Giacomo's drastically different appearance in the rest of the episode (she had just given birth at the time the original pilot was filmed.) This works, since the first scene is set three months before, giving us some glimpse of Maya's "ugly duckling" past. The major change between the pilots was the addition of David Spade. Many who have seen the original pilot gave it abysmal reviews.

  • The German episode title is "Alles umsonst", meaning "All for Nothing".

  • George Segal is an accomplished banjo player, and he was well known for playing his banjo on the set during JSM's early days. That was incorporated into this episode and "In Your Dreams".

  • Veronica Webb becomes the first of several models to appear as themselves on the show.

  • With this episode, JSM assumed its regular Wednesday time slot. Official NBC photos were probably taken while this episode was being filmed, since Laura San Giacomo wears the same outfit she is wearing in her Season One photo.

  • The waitress jokes during the Leno segment refer, of course, to Bernard's role as Helen on Wings, that immediately preceded this episode's original airing.

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Trivia (37)

  • Maya says that her birthday (January 1), is 11 months away, meaning that this episode takes place in February. But no one is wearing winter attire. The clothes that everyone is wearing suggests that the episode takes place in spring or summer.

  • When Maya forces Jack to come out and attempt to apologize to Finch for upsetting him, a piece of paper stuck on the front of the phone on Finch's desk appears and disappears between shots.

  • On the DVD, in the scene where Jack and Dennis are sitting in Jack's office drinking scotch, you can see someone moving around at the bottom right of the picture.

  • This episode has the first reference of Nina's friend, Binnie.

  • Stephanie Romanov is on the Blush magazine cover.

  • Carmen Electra is on the Blush magazine cover.

  • The photo of Maya that is shown at the banquet is Laura San Giacomo's official NBC photo from Season One.

  • The photograph of Elliott's old teacher is actually Tom Maxwell, a writer and consulting producer on the show.

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Allusions (31)

  • The episode title is a play on Steven Vincent Benet's 1938 short story The Devil and Daniel Webster.

  • The episode title is taken from a 1969 song of the same name, by Jean-Michel Jarre.

  • King Lear The title and plot of this episode are taken from William Shakespeare's play. Jack is similar to the benevolent King Lear, Maya would be the fair Cordelia, Elliot and Nina would be the bickering sisters Goneril and Regan.

  • The episode is a parody of Woody Allen movies, Annie Hall in particular. Even the opening credits were done in Woody Allen film style. This and "A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn" are the only episodes which don't feature shots of Blush's cover story teasers to preface scenes.

  • The episode title is borrowed from Neil Simon's 1966 musical of the same name.

  • Finch's line: "The love you make is equal to the love you take" is a lyrics from "The End", the Beatles last song.

  • O. Henry's children's story "The Gift of the Magi" is referenced when Elliot says he sold his watch to buy a comb, and Maya says she sold her hair to buy a watch chain.

  • There is some controversy in the JSM and Seinfeld fan communities as to whether this episode contains a Seinfeld reference. At the tenant party, Dr. Kessler introduces himself as Kessler from 5B. On Seinfeld, Kramer lives in apartment 5B, and Kessler was the character's original name from the pilot, while it was still being determined if Kenny Kramer's real name could be used. (Records indicate the character was also called Hoffman at one point.)

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